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                 01/17/2018 09:03 PM  
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11/09/2006 05:48 PM ID: 58236 Permalink   

Large Quantity of Common Pain Killer Being Withdrawn from Market


Several million bottles of a popular pain reliever are being recalled by the manufacturer due to metal fragments being found inside the medicine.

The Perrigo Co, a manufacturer of non-prescription drugs, found varying sizes of small pieces of metal inside about 200 tablets of acetaminophen during a quality control check.

The deliberate recall is rated a Class II. This means that the recalled product may cause a temporary health threat if ingested. Users may suffer from stomach discomfort and small cuts to the mouth and throat.

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Nice up-to-date info. Prescription is spelled "pescription"; also the medication is not being withdrawn from the market, it is being recalled.

Other than that nice job on the news!
  by: GZAdmin   11/09/2006 08:31 PM     
"The contaminated pills included metal fragments ranging in size from 'microdots' to portions of wire one-third of an inch long."


  by: caution2     11/09/2006 10:46 PM     
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