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                 01/16/2018 10:26 PM  
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11/09/2006 06:09 PM ID: 58237 Permalink   

War Crimes Filed Against Donald Rumsfeld


Michael Ratner, the president of the Center for Constitutional Rights, is currently flying to Germany to file a new case charging outgoing Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld with war crimes for the authorization of torture at Guantanamo Bay.

The Center for Constitutional Rights previously filed a criminal complaint in Germany in 2004 on behalf of several Iraqi citizens who claimed that a group of U.S. officials committed war crimes in the country.

Current German legislation concerning torture and war crimes allows for the prosecution of suspected war criminals wherever they may be found.

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  Scapegoat Anyone? n/t  
  by: fballer23   11/09/2006 06:14 PM     
  This should be interesting to see  
how this pans out. I know the US usually gets the UN and many nations to back us in trying to make US citizen exempt from being prosecuted in the ICC. I guess this may just be in Germany though. IMO I dont think any nation should ever be exempt from having people be prosecuted for breaking international law. However I do think that the nation the person resides should take the first steps and if they do not then it is up the the ICC.
  by: slavefortheman     11/09/2006 06:29 PM     
Good luck, Michael Ratner.
  by: Mister crank     11/09/2006 06:56 PM     
The outcome of this will be very interesting, if they charge him, what will happen to Bush?
  by: captainJane     11/09/2006 07:08 PM     
  Doubt this will happen  
Bush will fight till the death.
  by: classy   11/09/2006 07:08 PM     
Charged!!!?? ( Kinko backing out holding his breath from laughter)
  by: kinko     11/09/2006 07:14 PM     
  sensational but nothing more  
nothing is goin to happen to rumsfeld.. dont be nieve and dont hope that the world is different than it truly is
  by: kuritzaa   11/09/2006 07:37 PM     

Since when is war NOT a crime against humanity?
  by: backin1775     11/09/2006 07:51 PM     
  If convicted  
it could severely limit his travel outside the US. Nice. Time to pay the piper.
  by: Valkyrie123     11/09/2006 08:21 PM     
Humans have been waging war ever since we learned to throw rocks.
  by: hunt3r   11/09/2006 08:21 PM     
  won't matter  
the US doesn't recognize the ICC and it will do everything it can to pressure the ICC prosecutor not to go through with this anyways. There's just no way any American will be convicted by the ICC.
  by: bane39   11/09/2006 08:40 PM     
  Cautious Optimism  
*dances a little jig*

  by: ChaoticVengeance     11/09/2006 08:49 PM     
  sorry to spoil your happiness but  
he won't get charged for this. He may be a war criminal but there is no way he's going to be tried like Saddam.
  by: ke1n   11/09/2006 08:51 PM     
  Damn Straight  
No way would my boy GW allow this to happen.

/awaits inevitable flaming.
  by: keanu1982     11/09/2006 09:06 PM     
Yes you are right. Plus the US like to pressure other nations to ensure that US citizens are exempt from being tried as war criminals.

But lets suppose on an off chance he has charges brought up and in his absence is given a guilty verdict. All he has to do is stay within the US and nothing will ever happen to him. He just wont be able to travel to certain countries. The US has many war criminals that have been convicted in foreign and international courts that live within US borders that the government does nothing about. Ex: Luis Posada Carriles is a known terrorist yet the US government protects him from being sent back to Venezuela to serve out his sentence for blowing up a Cuban civilian airliner with 73 passengers aboard. So Rummy will always be safe and sound within US borders...
  by: slavefortheman     11/09/2006 09:07 PM     
"for the authorization of torture at Guantanamo Bay."?!

Surely Bush also had to authorise it? If not, he surely KNEW about it! Certainly that makes him just as guilty.
  by: p_g_chris   11/09/2006 09:12 PM     
  I would think they would be  
bringing charges against Attorney General Alberto Gonzales since he was the one who helped write up the document on torturing people for the Bush admin.
  by: slavefortheman     11/09/2006 09:43 PM     
  impeachment is risky  
Impeachment; I don't think it's worth it. At least not yet anyway.

Wait for the '08 election to finish. Once he's out of power, then he's fair game. No special status to protect him from the myriad of charges that can be brought against all three of them; from war crimes to embezzlement and extortion.

Drag his sorry ass through the courts and stip him of all the ill-gotten wealth from Halliburton while our troops were dying to pave a way for the Carlyle group.

I am quietly, hoping after '08, when people least expect it a charge of Indictment will fly out of the blue and zap Cheney, Bush and Rumsfeld.

It sends a simple message. "You though we forgot about you, eh?"
  by: redstain   11/09/2006 09:47 PM     
  @ captainJane  
i seriously doubt anything will happen to him, but if he is charged... be patient my dear, big boy's turn will be coming!
  by: DarkAngelJG     11/09/2006 10:34 PM     
Germany, holding Americans on trial for war crimes. We need an ironic tag on here!
  by: caution2     11/09/2006 10:51 PM     
stick him like a pig, confused old fart
  by: pornohippy   11/10/2006 12:20 AM     
  USA does not recognise the ICC  
So nothing will happen unless he travels internationally without diplomatic immunity status. Which he wont do, he has no need to.
  by: ssxxxssssss   11/10/2006 01:24 AM     
  2 points for the people!  
hope that turns to 3 in two years (or 4, if they also manage to impeach dubya)
  by: deadmeat     11/10/2006 01:30 AM     
Typical, yanks can grab who they want from any other country and jail them (for example the uk hacker that got into the pentagon, and the online casino guy) but wont have any of theirs banged up for breaking laws in other places.

(in some cases they encouridge the breakage of laws in other peoplescountrys, like in china)

  by: GarouNova   11/10/2006 01:33 AM     
  It's really only..  
.. 1 point for the Dems. The Senate and the House together = Congress, the legislative branch.

The exectutive branch is still Republican, worse it's neo-con.

The Judicial is pretty neutral IMO. yeah Bush got to make some nominations there, but the SC appointments seem pretty moderate to me, or at least willing to not rule from their own personal convictions.

Just as it should be if you ask me -- an impartial judiciary and a diametrically opposed legislative and executive.
  by: Dedolito     11/10/2006 01:45 AM     
  Not the ICC  
Just to clarify a few misconceptions here.
this is not filed with the ICC, it is filed within the German legal system.

Similar to some claims that are made against foreigners within american and other courts.

I personally think trials in absentia are a travesty of justice.
  by: jendres     11/10/2006 04:22 AM     
Let the Hitler name calling begin!
  by: mr-anderson   11/10/2006 06:31 AM     
IF they go through with prosecuting Rummy Senor Bush wont have much to say since he will have a Senate controled by the good ol dems and he will have to be more willing to play nice now so that things are actually acomplished. Bottom line Rummy may be f***ed.
  by: juggalotoka   11/10/2006 06:38 AM     
a real class act, ya gotta do what ya gotta do kinda guy, plz send reagan, clinton & bush up here eh, we could use some real comical leaders here, anyways, im high, back too chewing my hockey puck eh
  by: Molsy   11/10/2006 07:40 AM     
^ regan has been dead for a while buddy.

they might have something as far as gitmo because that is part of the *war* on terror, as far as iraqi stuff. the president claimed a while ago that war in iraq is over(major combat ops) and now we just occupy it.
  by: DREKK   11/10/2006 08:09 AM     
  OK the US don't recognise...  
...the ICC, I recommend extraordinary rendition, see how he likes it!

(Not everyone who suffered extraordinary rendition was a 'terrorist' or guilty)
  by: ozric   11/10/2006 09:59 AM     
  he's gone now, let's move on.  
We're like a bear chewing on a jacket discarded by a fleeing camper.
  by: redstain   11/10/2006 11:50 AM     
We are in judgement day, of days. noted-(06:09)

I feel that Saddam will be a great example of the message of god, for that his enemies will also serve the same terms of judgement.

The whole world is equally under the spotlight. To strife from it is to deny your freedom of righteousness to redeem and salvation to find happiness.

We must not forget that 'all power corrupts' and without god's might, we have no will for goodwill + godspeed.

God shall judge the righteous and the wicked.
--Eccl. iii.
[1913 Webster]
  by: unitybeing   11/10/2006 12:58 PM     
majikmage is that you?
awww, we missed you!
  by: DarkAngelJG     11/10/2006 01:03 PM     
If this is majikimage, I need my money that you borrowed.. Comeon now cough it up.. Thanks DArkangel, for smoking him out.....
  by: kinko     11/10/2006 02:39 PM     
  It's not going to happen  
The trouble is that the German chancellor is a true "crawl bush into da butt" politician.

Once again that will lead to all charges against Rummy being dropped without even been read - and justice will once more be absent.

My guess is that the official statement will be that Rummy could also get charged in the US so the Germans don't have to do this.

When do we finally see that this is just another victory for those who try to abolish justice and peace and freedom? If we let it happen that politicians can drop charges because they don't want to upset Bush & Co - and let war criminals walk free, the "other side" has already won.
  by: scrut999   11/10/2006 04:01 PM     
  This guy  
should have been sent to jail back in the 1970s for blatantly lying to the American public over the soviet threat to increase their hold over the public. But this is America, land of the free where only the poor and non-famous do time
  by: jameswaring2000   11/11/2006 11:48 AM     
  Sorry web site  
This is a Sorry Web site.
This web site is a hopeless loss. Not much news but a lot of bash.

The people who post here are PRESIDENT Bush bashers, SP and PC duds. Probably went to one our upstanding universities that brain wash young adults.
They sound like the write in to hillary get their talking points cause they all sound the same.
  by: proudconservative   12/14/2006 08:15 PM     
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