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                 01/23/2018 11:08 AM  
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11/10/2006 07:31 PM ID: 58256 Permalink   

Lines Formed for PS3 Release


Only 16 hours to go until the Sony PS3's formal release to the public in Tokyo, Japan. The store did not want lines to form too early and forced would-be customers to the opposite side of the street.

Many other stores in Japan have taken to a lottery system to figure out who is allowed the chance to buy the new console.

The Sony PS3 will be released to North America, Hong Kong and Taiwan on November 17th. According to Sony, Europe won't be able to purchase a system until March, 2007.

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So people are willing to wait a week? lol those people are crazy.
  by: steme   11/10/2006 07:50 PM     
16 hours. read it again. 16 hours until its release over there. a week for the US.
  by: robplatt   11/10/2006 08:05 PM     
I thought it realesed on the 17th there lmao
  by: steme   11/10/2006 08:07 PM     
Talk about idiots.
This console isn't worth the boards its printed on.
  by: Jediman3     11/10/2006 11:01 PM     
  @ Jedi  
Well considering you can't get a blu-ray player for that price (and it outputs 1080p) I beg to differ. It’s like buying a cheap blu-ray player then getting a free gaming console built-in.
  by: Vash_the_Stampede     11/11/2006 12:28 AM     
yeah, but I am sure you couldnt buy a betamax cheaply at first either.
  by: ssxxxssssss   11/11/2006 01:41 AM     
  Sorry for the double post  
but also if they want any chance of winning the console wars they have to produce a player soon for no more than $250 US that gives 1080p and full digital sound. Anything less and they will lose.
  by: ssxxxssssss   11/11/2006 01:42 AM     
Can anyone help me freeze myself - lfmao

Viva United Atheist alliance! lol j/k
  by: mr-anderson   11/11/2006 02:29 AM     
Wii videos are out over at gamespot. That stuff looks fun as hell.

Better then over priced chunk of plastic.
I'll go 360 first.
  by: xloner12     11/11/2006 02:44 AM     
And you want a blu-ray player because... ?
  by: Fratley   11/11/2006 05:30 AM     
  by: Vash_the_Stampede     11/11/2006 05:32 AM     
  People are already forming lines in America  
  by: steme   11/11/2006 06:12 AM     
Apparantly so he can watch X-Men
  by: jameswaring2000   11/11/2006 11:50 AM     
  all ur base are belong to us  
i already have 2 ps3s in my hands the 17th, started by endeavor some time ago and found a connection 1 for myself and another for family member for christmas, and like other guy said your getting a blu ray player as well, jealousy seems to be the reason behind some post, anyways SONY has been in the console game longer than M$ and i own a 360 as well and have to send in TWICE already, but overall good system and if u add the HD player its price is same as Ps3, i got Gears of War thursday, good game but more Hype than anything, I game on PC more than consoles though, BF2, CS:s, and DOD:s mouse and keyboard FTW!!!
  by: Peligro   11/11/2006 03:18 PM     
Ha I know what Blu-ray is. My question still stands. I seriously doubt it's going to get the market share it needs to not be a total failure. Besides, the PS2 was a terrible DVD player, so I wouldn't expect the PS3 to be any better at what it does, despite the ridiculous pricetag.
  by: Fratley   11/11/2006 09:52 PM     
  same thing can be said for  
HDTV and Plasma TV's, but ppl buy them and what goes better with them then Blu ray and HD players, so yes the money will be spent, its more a question of will it be a standard like the move from VHS to DVD, now DVD>BluRay or DVD>HD only time will tell. but besides that Gamers, epsecially fanatics are gonna be all over the ps3, for its titles and because they are loyal ps2 fans matter how much u knock SONY, u have to give them credit for the TECH inside the Ps3 and previous work eg: Playstation, Ps2, Psp, and now the Ps3, the Cell Cpu and Gpu are nothing to shake a stick at, the 1st gen titles wont be top notch, but some of us already know this.the developers have some work, and fun on the horizon.
  by: Peligro   11/12/2006 02:48 AM     
Well, first of all, people buy HDTVs because a lot of shows are broadcast in HD. It is a big innovation from earlier styles of broadcasting, in more than one way. It has nothing to do with future disc formats. The fact is there is no real reason to switch to either of those formats, and if people don't think it will become a standard, then it won't.

Secondly, it's true that a lot of people will buy a PS3, but that doesn't change the fact that Sony hardware is pretty much junk. Expensive junk to be sure, but that's why they get criticized so much. And why people make fun of these dorks who actually line up to get one of the first run consoles. I hope they enjoy their housefires. :P
  by: Fratley   11/12/2006 06:43 PM     
  Only time will tell  
It's all easy to talk big about what you guys have heard and read from second hand reports and reviews and such, but once it comes out, there'll be a different opinion for every person! Lets let the consoles speak for themselves when they come out instead of these fanboy fights, eh?
  by: Bob Shinoski   11/12/2006 08:41 PM     
  PS3 isn't that bad people!  
I am a computer programmer and do not own a gaming console. I play all my games on my pc, up until now. I am not going to stand in line to get a PS3 but the new playstation does 3 Teraflops/second and has a advanced physics engine... thats like a supercomputer for $700 and it runs linux so you can do whatever you feel like with it.........
  by: manu   11/13/2006 03:23 PM     
  kids no where it's at!  
PS3, Blue Ray who cares the kids no where it's at. Check out Zelda on the Wii.
Not only dose Nintendo have the games we want it also has the controls plus most importantly price. How many of you are about to buy your console on a already out of control credit card.
Not me I have saved up all my pocket money.
  by: littlejohnny   11/13/2006 11:31 PM     
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