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                 02/24/2018 09:00 PM  
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11/14/2006 07:16 PM ID: 58336 Permalink   

Brits Name Their Beloved Car have annouced details of a survey of British drivers. It seems that British drivers love their cars so much that 30% give them a name. The most popular names being Betsie, Freddie and Babe.

Men are more likely to name their cars than women.

The survey also revealed that 50% of UK drivers give their cars either a female or male status.

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  Not just the Brits  
I've named every car that I ever owned.
And it is always the same - "Useless Piece Of Cr*p"
  by: Zpravodajec     11/14/2006 07:34 PM     
the british are so cute!! ^-^
  by: DarkAngelJG     11/14/2006 09:04 PM     
  Bill the Cleo  
My car's a boy car called Bill! i thought everyone named their car? My friend has the same model(but in a different colour) called Sarah.... apparently our cars are going out with each other and mine's the young toy boy! My friend is very odd. -shrug- i'm British by the way!
  by: mako_majic   11/15/2006 02:51 PM     
  Someone was bored....  
Really why all the useless surveys? Its nearly as bad as that survey that reported that most strippers don't use their real names. I'm thinking, um gee ya think?

So some people name their cars, why bother collecting a survey about it?
  by: Whiskers   11/15/2006 06:22 PM     
  I named my bike  
Shes a girl, called libby.

I just feel more comfortable saying I rode libby hard for three hours, than, I broke every speed limit from here to wales.
  by: GogeVandire   11/15/2006 06:49 PM     
  id realy love to know  
where they make these stats up
  by: JOCKSTEELUK   11/16/2006 09:23 PM     
  not to be off topic...  
but after seeing the name mako_majik I wonder what ever happened to that one guy MajikImaje or however its spelt :-P

I still say someone was having some fun ;-P
  by: luc1ddr3am     11/17/2006 02:34 PM     
I used to advertise that "Handyman and his truck Maurice were available 24 hrs. per day for emergrncies" The customers loved it. "That convinced me to call" they would say. How about "Katie the Snowplow" remember her?
  by: owlafaye   11/28/2006 04:28 PM     
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