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                 02/20/2018 08:27 PM  
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11/23/2006 12:49 PM ID: 58492 Permalink   

Teacher Allows 11-Year-Old Boy to Lift Her Bra, Kiss Her Breasts


Police in Texas say special education teacher Kumi Houston has admitted to an improper relationship with an 11-year-old student, but her attorney, Robert M. Phillips says her admission is merely an interpretation of detectives working the case.

He said the complaint filed is "a conclusion of the officer when in fact what happened is the person made a statement. It may be an admission, or it may be just their version of what happened. That's not a confession."

The affidavit says Houston admitted Saturday to allowing the boy to join her in her bedroom last June, where she let him raise her bra and touch and kiss her breasts. Some question why the boy wasn't interviewed about the incident until last Friday.

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  Why didn't I ever have those teachers  
Worst part is how everyone will come down on this woman for having "hurt" this boy. This poor victim ... :-)

Sure - it's improper. It shouldn't happen for a lot of good reasons. But let's keep the crime in perspective.
  by: mberg     11/23/2006 01:08 PM     
Normally I would, but we don't know the circumstances behind it - this is not a simple case, we're talking a special education student initiating the action. Even so, I would normally be against it, but this one has a different feel about it, perhaps its just me but my intuition says that this was a much more about concern and affection than sexuality or lust. Puzzling why I get that feeling from this, but there you have it.
  by: lauriesman     11/23/2006 01:23 PM     
  It's rape  
It's raping a child! Child rape is worse than murder!

She should get life for robbing the child's soul from him, he can never recover from that, oh my god, you insensitive people, don't you understand how this damages someone, please

this is so wrong

She should burn in hell because now the boy will

  by: Hollywood   11/23/2006 02:12 PM     
  You know...  
I'm sick of this crap. Last it was some 14 year old student sleeping with a babe who posed for Playboy... Now it's 11 year olds getting good ol' breast play...

Where the hell where these tutors when I was bored in Math's class?
  by: BFGiles   11/23/2006 02:32 PM     
  hes fine  
Take it from someone who know what its like to be male (me). Hes fine. Wish it happened to me when i was 11
  by: bl4h2   11/23/2006 03:22 PM     
Actually the context of the ordeal points to something other than rape. Rape is typically defined as forceing someone to commit a sexual act, however, the woman merely allowed the boy to lift her bra. Now, the state of his illness defines whether or not he was mentally aware of his doings. Thus it wouldn't be right to assume she raped the child, as we dont know whether the boy was willing or not. The ordeal is complicated, if anything.
  by: m.i.a.elite     11/23/2006 04:10 PM     
  ah, but you people won't be so "eh" if....  
a male teacher allowed a 11 year old girl to join him in
bed where he lowered his pants and allowed the girl to
kiss his penis.

you know your attitude wouldn't be the same. don't
even front...
  by: hotrock11     11/23/2006 04:34 PM     
  Rape is not worse than murder...  
Sorry to tell you this, but in the hierarchy of bad things, rape is down one notch from murder. Always will be too, no matter how much fake outrage you show.
  by: lobo69   11/23/2006 04:40 PM     
  @ hotrock11  
I agree. But he didn't kiss her genitals. He kissed her breasts. So it'd be along the same lines as a girl lifting a mans top and kissing his chest.
  by: BFGiles   11/23/2006 04:49 PM     
It would be more like dropping his pants and licking his balls ;\
  by: SatanicPenguins   11/23/2006 05:49 PM     
  Sucked her nipples?  
My vision is not so good.
Last time I tried that it was a tick.
  by: White albino   11/23/2006 06:49 PM     
  i'm confused  
if he asked for it and he was OK with it, who cares! bet he enjoyed it just the way she did.

but if the teacher made the boy do such acts, then it's rape.

anyways, wonder where did human's conscience go? even if the boy asked for it, or if she was 'horny', she must have stopped herself. But, no one's conscience is present anymore.
  by: King|of|Queens     11/23/2006 08:26 PM     
  wake up  
It doesn't matter if he asked for it or not.
It is rape.
If it had been a male teacher and a female student it would be rape and it is rape in this case.
Anybody over 2 knows that a woman's breasts are percieved differently then a man's in our society.
That's why you don't see a lot of topless women at the public swimming pool.
  by: davesnews   11/23/2006 08:44 PM     
  From statutory rape wiki  
"Some critics contest the legal characterization of unlawful, non-forced sexual contact as 'rape' or 'sexual assault.' In addition to being seen as an incorrect use of those terms, critics believe the absence of a distinction diminishes the severity of actual (forceful) rape. Furthermore, they argue that charges and punishments should reflect the presence of force, so as not to suggest that actual rape is no worse than, for example, non-forced sexual contact with an adolescent."
  by: caution2     11/23/2006 09:14 PM     
It's molestation - no intercourse occured, but sometimes things aren't just that blank and white. How would I feel if the genders were reversed? I don't know, as in this case I'm running on an intuitive feeling that this wasn't even about sex, and that there are hidden layers to what happened. Normally, I'd say it was wrong and exploitative - and have done so in the past, regardless of gender.
  by: lauriesman     11/23/2006 09:49 PM     
  It would be different  
if she was good looking and it wasn't a sped student... For all we know he has the brain of a 5 year old
  by: ToofDogger     11/23/2006 10:12 PM     
  The real issue is...  
...was he a pre or post pubescent?

If he is pre-pubescent, then its rape. But if he is post-pubescent then its a lot more gray area. Most would argue that once nature makes the decision to turn on puberty, then the laws of man are pretty much the door.

The real problem with our laws trying to dictate when people start having sex is, that no two people go through puberty at the exact same time. So one girl may become fertile at 12 and another at 15, one boy might become fertile at 10 and another at 14.

Assigning an arbitrary age to when people are allowed to have sex is an exercise in futility.
  by: lobo69   11/23/2006 10:38 PM     
  If it was  
Male teacher playing with 11 year old special needs girls breasts, you'd all be calling for his head.

Sexist pigs.
  by: GogeVandire   11/23/2006 10:45 PM     
Sex is fun, safe, and natural...

Coersion is bad, rape is bad... But sex is good.

WFT people, we all enjoy it. And I would've enjoyed it when I was eleven almost as much as 20.

Stop being such closed minded puritans... it's JUST sex.

  by: dal   11/23/2006 10:55 PM     
Or he might be autistic, or have a learning disability, or difficulty connecting with people.
  by: lauriesman     11/23/2006 11:22 PM     
Not when it involves a minor. Then it is wrong.
  by: davesnews   11/24/2006 12:19 AM     

Can you explain to me why it is wrong...

...It's wrong in the same sense as drugs are wrong.
(because, and only because, you said so)
  by: dal   11/24/2006 12:43 AM     
why'd i never get a one of those
  by: HAVOC666     11/24/2006 12:48 AM     
It's not really about physical sexual maturity, but in an ability to understand and comprehend not just their own actions but the consequences those actions can have for their and others lives.
  by: lauriesman     11/24/2006 02:12 AM     
I agree with you; I think putting a certain magical age number that you can start legally having consensual sex is just plain ridiculous. Some individuals at 15 will be FAR more mature than those at 17. Instead of putting an age cap, there needs to be an 'acceptable' level of maturity, rather than age, when it comes to sex. If we've seen anything (especially from the internet) age does NOT mean maturity by any stretch of the imagination. While there does need to be some age limit (based on body’s ability to handle such chemical influxes/changes involved from becoming sexually active), I think it’s much more important to have some sort of gauge for maturity (if that’s at all possible).
  by: vash_the_stampede     11/24/2006 02:13 AM     
And there-in lies the problem - how DO you judge a persons mental and emotional sexual maturity? And how do you do so, at a level that can be used by the average person when meeting someone they are interested in?

The AGE based system is basically a heuristic, a rule of thumb that is intended to protect the greater number of children.
  by: lauriesman     11/24/2006 03:16 AM     
The Age system isn't even agreed on in the states; it's 16 in some states, 17 in others. It's 14 in some states with parental consent... it used to be 14 in Hawaii w/o parental consent not that long ago (or is it still?). They can't even decide on what a good age for kids or 'young adults' rather to start having consensual sex legally.

I ay it's time to start looking for a new system that goes beyond age itself and starts assessing mental maturity, along with a baseline age (that’s based on scientific reasoning rather than religious morality).
  by: vash_the_stampede     11/24/2006 06:26 AM     
  And how  
do you apply that to the real world?

Unless you can every police officer, QC/DA, Judge ect to all thiunk the exact same thing, its just not going to work consistantly.
  by: GogeVandire   11/24/2006 07:30 AM     
Not just that, but removing the age limit is a can of worms for the average 18-19 year old dating a girl a bit older.
  by: lauriesman     11/24/2006 07:35 AM     
It's wrong because children are easily influenced, they are supposed to be able to trust adults.
But if you have freaks that think it is okay to have sex with kids, those adults can't be trusted, and the children need to be protected.
So you think doing drugs and having sex with children are equal?
  by: davesnews   11/24/2006 08:21 AM     
If the kid had consentual sex with another 11 year old would it be rape?

But because it's with an older person it's classed as rape... why?

The kid still consented...

I'm not saying its right or wrong - just observing the facts...

Personally when i was 11 i would have loved to give a few of my teachers a stuffing :)
  by: dook   11/24/2006 10:34 AM     
Is an 11 year old boy mentally and physically equipped to handle father-hood? What about understanding STDs? The reason its rape is because an 11 year old cannot understand the consequences and the mental state is far different to that of an adult.
  by: lauriesman     11/24/2006 11:12 AM     
We're not talking about fatherhood here we're talking about sex... I've been having sex for about 8 years... I'm not a father...

An 11 year old understands the concept of sex better than you give credit to them for... When i was 11 i knew all about sex i mean granted i probably wouldnt have been the best lover and can't understand why a 30 year old would want to have sex with an 11 year old, but an 11 year old knows all about sex and the consequences of sex and to deny that is just ... well denial.. lol
  by: dook   11/24/2006 11:31 AM     
Who defines the age limit of though? Is it 13? Is it 15? Is it 16 (like in some states)? Should age alone be the ONLY factor involved? Why is it then some kids can be put tried and put in prison for the majority of their adult life, or even some sentences to death, for killing someone? Surely if a young adult can’t choose a simple thing such as who he or she wants to have sex with they can’t possibly understand the ramifications of something complex as murder!!!!!!

… yes it’s silly on the latter part of what I said. Of course young adults understand full well the implication of murdering someone, and if a young adult can be tried as an adult then there needs to be a similar system in place for allowing them to choose to have consensual sex at the adult level. I don’t know what the ‘magic number’ minimum should be when it comes to age. At a BARE minimum they need to make the age universal; as it stands now if you travel over state lines and have sex with a 15 year old you may be breaking the law, where-as in your own state you may be legally sound.

I’ll be the first to admit that at 13 I wasn’t ready to have experiment sex – that doesn’t mean some aren’t. Hell I really wasn’t ready to start having sex until I was 18 or 19, and I fully admit that. Some mature (mentally) much faster than others and can comprehend the consequences of their actions. If states are prepared to start putting young ‘kids’ in prison and some to death, yet at the same time are saying that those same ‘kids’ can’t make up their minds on who to have sex with… we truly have to rethink our systems ASAP.
  by: vash_the_stampede     11/24/2006 02:04 PM     
  I SAY  
Thats one lucky kid!
  by: chrisharbin   11/24/2006 06:38 PM     
  Is no one  
looking at the fact that the lawyer is trying to get her off after she admitted to it by stating that her addmission is not a confession?

I think the lawyers have finally reached the summit. This is like looking at a candy bar and going this is only a candy bar to your interpation, to me its really a stick of heart and fat deamons.
I mean what the hell?
  by: xloner12     11/24/2006 07:30 PM     
you got the "What the hell" part right... :P
  by: dook   11/24/2006 09:08 PM     
I assume you've been using protection of course, or that some other method of birth control, or it could be some issue. That doesn't mean it can't or won't happen - in fact in can, will, and has.
  by: lauriesman     11/24/2006 10:09 PM     
But i remember very clearly being 12 and having sex with 12 year old girls and we wouldn't even go anywhere near sex without a condom... infact i was more prone to use a condom then than now.. i think that says it all really.
  by: dook   11/24/2006 10:33 PM     
heh south park is awesome
  by: RoBBoB     11/24/2006 10:45 PM     
I think it does say it all, dook. And it's certainly not a compliment.
  by: lauriesman     11/25/2006 12:45 PM     
  Aww nuts!  
Why couldn't this happen to me when I was 11!?
  by: zmethod     11/28/2006 01:02 AM     
  pretty in ink  
i am a teacher, and i teach special ed--kids with behavior issues. i cant tell you how many of my students have been sexually abused (and this IS sexual abuse) by caretakers--parents, siblings, clergymen, mentors, relatives. in some of the cases, the abusers saw nothing wrong with what they did (and i am not only talking about molestation or rape.) the one thing that each of these kids has in common, no matter the degree of sexual abuse, is a disruption in normal, healthy adolescent emotional development. some of the kids have become sexual predators at very young ages, some are currently involved in the courts system because of inappropriate behavior, and some have attempted suicide. ripple effects of that type of boundary violation go on for years, and affect more than just the child involved. they affect families, friends, future relationships, future children. it goes on and on. there is nothing 'innocent' about such contact between adult and child. curiosity between children is one thing---predation by an adult is another. as a teacher, she perhaps should have told the child that what he was feeling was not something that she could appropriately address with him. i am convinced that her actions met HER needs more than they met his.
  by: pretty in ink   11/28/2006 03:32 AM     
  @pretty in ink  
Thank you for entering with the voice of reason.
  by: davesnews   11/28/2006 11:05 PM     
and pretty decent grammar for this board. Could have used more line breaks but hey, I am impressed.
  by: RoBBoB     11/28/2006 11:09 PM     
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