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                 02/24/2018 08:59 PM  
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11/28/2006 03:32 PM ID: 58583 Permalink   

Iraqi Groups Claim They Shot Down a US F16


The Mujahideen Army and the Mujahideen Shura Council have claimed in a joint statement that they shot down a US F16 to avenge Iraqi citizens killed by the United States army. The plane apparently came down north of Fallujah.

The US military did confirm that an F16 went down on a combat mission but declined to comment on the claim made by the two groups. An Iraqi journalist who was able to film the wreckage said the pilot did not survive the crash.

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  I dont see how  
they could have done this without the use of a shoulder fired SAM. Either that or a very lucky RPG shot. Al Jazeera's web site said the plane was traveling very low so it could be possible that it was something other than a SAM. If it wasn't... well that just spells more trouble for the US occupying forces.
  by: slavefortheman     11/28/2006 04:19 PM     
was the F16 flying that low (in the range of an RPG)??

Im baffled?

Its things like this that make the US appear weak(er) in the eyes of the International community.

  by: keanu1982     11/28/2006 05:50 PM     
  It's called  
The Golden BB (or bullet.) Fire enough rounds in the air and chances are one MIGHT hit something vital.. Looks like this one did.
  by: CaveHermit   11/28/2006 07:01 PM     
depends what the jet was doing.

Roughly half a million shoulder launched surface to air missiles and 50k launchers are floating around, be they cold war era blow pipes and stingers, or newer clandestinly sold models from china/russia.

If it was very low, a heavy machine gun could have brought it down.

Could also have just crashed.
  by: GogeVandire   11/28/2006 07:57 PM     
  A different report .....  
CNN said this morning, before anyone laid claim to it, stated that the plane was doing low flying strafe attacks in a current combat zone north of fallujah when it was shot down.

The footage CNN was showing had rounds about 3inches in diameter and about 6inches long, and they were speculating that one of these rounds brought the plane down.

I was gonna report this one this morning but didn't feel there was enough information available yet to do so.
  by: netwerk     11/28/2006 08:20 PM     
  Al Jazeera info:  
According to Al Jazeera they reported that witnesses claimed to see rockets being fired at the plane.
  by: slavefortheman     11/28/2006 09:21 PM     
  If its  
gone in for low level strafing, anything from a rock to a guided missile could have been used,
  by: GogeVandire   11/28/2006 09:24 PM     
I worked in a missle factory and I have seen some counter measures that would easly combat that threat.

F-16 can scramble the signals sent to a missle using infra red scambling or if that does not work there is allways another system to do the job.

My friend used to work for the goverment and one year they were shipped to a secret location within norther island to make a electrial shield for a helicopter.

It works by allowing a missle to come close enough be when it comes within range all the missles circuitry gets overloaded and the missle either detonates a safe distance away from the vechicle or the missle just flys off course.

Of course I was not allowed to keep any paper work from this place.
  by: si182uk   11/29/2006 01:00 AM     
thats called ECM (eletronic counter measures) also for a jet to fly in low and to um strafe with what? it doesnt have the auto cannon on the nose, it has a vulcan cannon just past the nose but why the hell would they send a jet to shoot bullets at whatever?

it couldnt of dropped a bomb unless it had a parachute attached to it so the jet wouldnt get caught in the blast which means the iraqis or any civi's there would of reported a building getting leveled and they didnt so who knows what it took aim at.
  by: DREKK   11/29/2006 02:54 AM     
Mechanical failure equals downed plane. Happy <deleted> extatic and make up story of shooting down an American plane with black powder thats a funny story.
  by: Drudge   11/29/2006 06:57 AM     
  @: keanu1982  
The f-16 was probably just flying over a wedding :-)
  by: Hugo Chavez     11/29/2006 12:31 PM     
I was an AT in the navy and I worked on ecm and such. It is pretty reliable at altitude against smart missles and radar and such, but it is useless against some of the primitive ground fired missles proported to be "floating around."

If he was low enough to make a strafing run then he was low enough to be hit by a TOW! The do NOT rely on heat or a lock on the craft - they are guided from the ground.

I doubt we will ever know what really happened - our government lies as much as they do, so which liar do you believe?
  by: twisted_mister   11/29/2006 12:51 PM     
  Oh what the heck  
I'll stur the Iranian pot..

Perhaps an imported Iranian weapon that brought it down? From the Shia-majority for the Shia-majority...?

Or it crashed and they concocted a story.

Or a heavy machine gun.

Crashing doesn't seem the most likely. As annoying that must sound to all the ex's here.

But give me a government ready to confirm anything and back it up.
  by: mr-anderson   11/29/2006 02:36 PM     
They shot down the shittiest plane we've got right now, they should be proud.

If I see this happen to a f-21 then that'll be an accomplishment.
  by: splicer   11/29/2006 02:46 PM     
I read somewhere it crashed.

And of course rockets and bullets would be flying at a low flying jet. Hell I would be throwing everything I had within means to bring down an enemy jet!
  by: DesertRebel   11/29/2006 05:51 PM     
The f-16 was probably just flying over a wedding :-)

That was totally uncalled for!

I refuse to laugh.. lol
  by: keanu1982     11/29/2006 06:29 PM     
  Doesn't have to be SAMs  
In the late 80's the Soviets conducted many exercises involving using ATGMs (Anti Tank Guided Missiles) as SAMs. They fired off quite a few AT-1/SNAPPER and AT-3/SAGGER missiles in their tests. The results were mixed. But, typical ECM will not effect the fire by wire ATGMs.

The U.S. look-down radar is still crap (and always has been), so the likelyhood that an F16 Jockey could see anything coming, let alone react to it during low level ops is extremely unlikely. If targeted and acquired during low level ops, he's going to be toasted.

Because of all of the activity in Afghanistan over the last 20 years, there probably still a lot of AT3s & SA-7s floating around.
  by: Zpravodajec     11/29/2006 07:56 PM     
  Except that  
You probably wouldn't have time.. .these jets are moving FAST, what's your reaction time, how good are you at leading your target, too slow, it's past you, climbing and banking for another run, if you ever hit it, it's pure fluke.
  by: lauriesman     11/30/2006 05:31 AM     
which is why it almost never happens, however it is possible

There could have been a guy who just ahppened to be in the perfect place to take the shot.
  by: GogeVandire   11/30/2006 07:43 PM     
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