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                 01/23/2018 11:05 PM  
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12/01/2006 09:45 AM ID: 58651 Permalink   

Fijian Military Postpones Coup to Play Rugby


Fijian Military Commander Frank Bainimarama has extended the deadline for his demands to be met until after a rugby match. Bainimarama has threatened to stage a coup if the government does not 'clean up'.

Originally he gave the government until midday Friday but has now said that he won't move on the government until after the annual military versus police rugby game scheduled to be held in Suva at 4:00 PM.

Many countries have expressed concern and warned their citizens against travelling to Fiji. If successful the coup would be Fiji's fourth in 20 years. Australia has sent 3 naval vessels to the area to evacuate it's citizens if the coup goes ahead.

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  Good one Ixuzus  
You have to love it don't you. To postpone the coup for a rugby match, got to get up off the floor soon but still rolling around laughing my head off!!!!!!!!!!!!
  by: sleeky     12/01/2006 10:24 AM     
Christmastime football n/t
  by: Hollywood   12/01/2006 03:33 PM     
  this was pritty smart  
no doubt both sides used this as an opportunity to make sure they are on the same side, nothing worst than going for a coup and not being only to find out your not all on the same page
  by: jocksteeluk   12/02/2006 08:21 AM     
Thanks Psycho Frank, if it weren't for your mood swings a few of our SAS guys wouldn't be dead. They'd be home.
  by: mr-anderson   12/02/2006 02:38 PM     
Ha, my father was just bugging me to watch that movie yesterday. Supposed to be pretty good.
  by: fiebre   12/04/2006 08:55 PM     
Rugby 7s or full sides of 15? Fijians love their rugby 7s! Damn good at it too.

The basis for all this is that the commodore argues that the leaders of the last coup should be punished. He has a point, I mean if you don't punish coup leaders what stops him from doing the same?
  by: jendres     12/04/2006 11:18 PM     
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