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                 02/26/2018 04:17 AM  
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12/01/2006 01:22 PM ID: 58656 Permalink   

Robot to Explore Further Mysteries of Cheops Pyramid


Archaeological teams from Egypt, Singapore, Britain and Hong Kong will send a robot inside the largest pyramid in Egypt in an attempt to discover what lies beyond two doors discovered in 2002.

At that time robots were sent down two narrow shafts leading away from the Queen's Chamber in both directions, but the robots were blocked after about 65m by "a stone wall or door" that had copper handles on it.

The robots drilled a hole and inserted a camera revealing a chamber with an inner door or wall opposite. It is hoped that the robots will be able to look beyond this barrier. Archaeologists hope to find clues to the final resting place of Cheops.

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  drilled holes? drilled holes?  
instead of preserving it they drilled holes? why don;t they just send humans or robots who can open the door instead of destroying it?
  by: DarkAngelJG     12/01/2006 03:30 PM     
  Dark Angel  
I might be able to answer that. Probably for the same reason that they occasionally use a robot to inspect a package for explosives instead of risking life and limb
  by: old man   12/01/2006 04:54 PM     
  real answer  
Actually I CAN answer that. The shaft is to small for a human being, and the door is not meant to be opened, it was sealed shut after they build the pyramid.
  by: davesnews   12/01/2006 05:21 PM     
it's about time they go back down there. I remember seeing the hole drilling on tv many years ago.
  by: Amaze   12/01/2006 05:22 PM     
  And what if the robot just runs off with it all?  
Next thing you know, we are all slaves to a super race of egyptian like robots.

Have they really thought this through?
  by: CrisW   12/01/2006 07:00 PM     
Just great. They're probably going to tick off the ancient gods and will unleash the horror of a thousand horrors on our world. Thanks a lot, robot!
  by: caution2     12/01/2006 07:09 PM     
  @ caution  
ummmm, you don't really believe in that do you?
  by: DarkAngelJG     12/01/2006 07:15 PM     
Maybe this time they will look around a bit instead of just taking one shot and then leaving. If they find a small hole in the corner of the chamber then that Egyptian powerplant guy will be happy.
  by: Fratley   12/01/2006 07:34 PM     
  Wouldn't it be awesome  
if we found an alien skeleton down there. You know, one of the aliens that helped the Egyptians build the pyramids?

God, would THAT open a can of worms.
  by: daniel2508     12/02/2006 02:39 AM     
Any links to the previously mentioned story/show where they found the doors?
  by: CaveHermit   12/02/2006 03:32 AM     
  @ Daniel...  
best comment ever left on thank you. wow.
  by: foreu2envy   12/02/2006 05:10 AM     
(Sorry to anyone who feels this is off topic but I felt it was necessary to address Daniel's comment.) Do you have any idea how ridiculous that theory is? I know it's hard to believe that humans could have built such wonders but the FACT is, aliens are evolved humans that have traveled back in time to OBSERVE modern man. They would have never interacted and helped a civilization as that would have changed the future and jeopardized their very existence...dumb ass.
  by: koenig32   12/02/2006 10:13 AM     
hey, another theory is that aliens are different creatures from another planet who evolved like us but a bit faster or started to exist before us. Don't trash daniel's theory, it can be as valid as your and any other alien theory until proven otherwise.
  by: DarkAngelJG     12/02/2006 11:39 AM     
  It probably wasn't that hard  
Saw this a few years ago. I have no doubt we pulled it off sans ET.

I asked Wally once if he ever found evidence of his method in heiroglyphs and said no, but said that it may have been thought of as a "trade secret" and wasn't something they wanted to advertise. But, he said there IS an object in a museum in Cairo that looks just like his round road tool that allows blocks to roll.

More at his site
  by: caution2     12/02/2006 04:22 PM     
this is so interesting!
hmm, what would out great great great ... grandchildren say when they see the stonehenge we currently have and the michigan one. will it be like us wondering how come there are pyramids in more than 1 location in the world?
but wow... seriously; the guy is talented.
  by: DarkAngelJG     12/02/2006 06:46 PM     
I was just kidding around :D
  by: koenig32   12/02/2006 08:17 PM     
sorry forthe delay in getting it!
=P ;)
  by: DarkAngelJG     12/02/2006 09:32 PM     
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