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                 01/23/2018 11:10 AM  
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12/02/2006 02:11 PM ID: 58668 Permalink   

Four-Year-Old Scares Off Armed Robbers


On Friday night a man forced his way into the home of Jennifer Long's apartment in north Durham while a second man held a gun on her boyfriend outside. The robber forced Jennifer, another woman, and several children to lie on the floor.

Stevie, a four-year-old boy, slipped out of the room and changed into his Power Ranger costume. He re-entered the room waving a plastic sword and screaming, "Get away from my family!" The thief then fled with only some items from Jennifer's purse.

Heather Evans, Stevie's aunt quoted a counselor as saying that Stevie's distinction between fantasy and reality needed to be improved. According the aunt Stevie believed he morphed into a Power Ranger. His little sister has experienced nightmares.

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Cute little kid saved his family! :D
On a side note- four is still really young, I don't think there's anything abnormal about a little kid reverting to fantasy under extreme stress.
  by: EyraGarou   12/02/2006 04:19 PM     
go go power rangers!!
  by: dook   12/02/2006 04:37 PM     
Maybe the costume should come with a warning - 'Warning: Costume does not give super powers to the wearer'.
  by: Rixie2k6   12/02/2006 06:16 PM     
  Good Story  
And one great Kid, way to go big guy. :)
  by: philigs     12/02/2006 06:22 PM     
  Uh oh...  
Anybody else think that this kid should never be allowed to play the GTA series?
  by: Dark_Stang   12/02/2006 06:26 PM     
  Scared off by a kid waving a toy sword  
I bet a warning shot would have stopped that nonsense.

<just kidding!!!!>
  by: lĀ“anglais     12/02/2006 06:27 PM     
  Dumb counselor!  
Who can say for sure that he didn't morph into a Power Ranger? He never got to test it out to know for sure?!?!?! :-)
  by: steiny_33     12/02/2006 09:40 PM     
i agree with EyraGarou ... i never had it but i know many friends/ relatives who had imaginary friends/ power fantasies when they were kids.
  by: DarkAngelJG     12/02/2006 09:50 PM     
  come on people  
like the story-give a good rating. you are more generous than that!
  by: DarkAngelJG     12/02/2006 09:52 PM     
i agree...except i'm not kidding
  by: pixx   12/02/2006 11:31 PM     
Yea, we'd better get Jack Thompson on the case to ban Power Rangers so that robbers can be safe. j\k
  by: Stryc9   12/03/2006 12:14 AM     
when i was four, i used to talk to absent acquaintances... see things that weren't there... had an over-active imagination....
  by: rcavi     12/03/2006 04:58 AM     
Mighty Morphing Power Rangers FTW!!!
  by: pas content   12/03/2006 06:47 AM     
  It could have been staged!  
You know...the little boy staged the robbery so he could go morph into a Power Ranger and save his family and become a hero!

(Yes I'm kidding)
  by: Whiskers   12/05/2006 04:46 AM     
when i was liek 4 the 2nd batman movie came out. I got this costume from it, and it had the torso plate thing. A warning on it read "warning does not protect against bullets."
  by: shoezacks   12/06/2006 07:05 AM     
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