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                 01/20/2018 09:52 PM  
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12/13/2006 02:45 AM ID: 58950 Permalink   

Airbus A380 Airliner Certified Airworthy


The U.S. Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) gave their seal of approval to the Airbus A380 airplane and deemed it safe to fly commercial services in a special ceremony at the Toulouse headquarters.

"It’s a great day for aviation ... The size of this aircraft is indicative of just how big dreams can be,” FAA Administrator Marion Blakey said, before handing over “type certificates” for the plane to Airbus.

This celebrates six years of development for the airliner that was bogged down by delays in deliveries to customers. Critics have called the huge plane the wrong jet for today's market. Boeing opted to build a mid-sized twinjet for long-haul travel.

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Spruce Goose


Mhh 'nuf said
  by: Hollywood   12/13/2006 03:53 AM     

Actually it is a very impressive piece of engineering. "Critics" probably haven't done the research that Airbus has and airbus already has plenty of buyers.

Boeing is pinning their hopes on an all composite fuselage. Now that will be revolutionary technology! It could bring Boeing back out of the doldrums wrt commercial aircraft. (sure they've got the US government wrapped around their proverbial.)
  by: jendres     12/13/2006 04:40 AM     
  I live 30 miles  
From ths Spruce Goose.... biggest plane to date! Also an SR71 Blackbird.
  by: caution2     12/13/2006 11:22 AM     
  The Goose  
Has the largest wingspan, and is as tall as the A380, but it's only the 4th longest (behind the 747, A380, and AN-225 (the one that carried the Russian space shuttle)).

Comparison chart:
  by: p_g_chris   12/14/2006 02:58 AM     
With reagards to your comment about Boeing having the government wrapped around their finger. While I don't disagree, remember that Airbus' parent company, EADS, has been the reciepient of multiple bail outs by European governments. At least the money Boeing gets from the government is in return for services or products such as military aircraft, upgrades, etc.
  by: testeng     12/14/2006 04:58 PM     
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