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                 01/18/2018 03:18 AM  
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12/16/2006 07:36 PM ID: 59015 Permalink   

"Show Me the Money" and "Day Break" Canceled


ABC announced that it had canceled William Shatner's game show, "Show Me the Money" and Taye Diggs' crime drama, "Day Break." The two shows were being aired back-to-back in "Lost's" time slot, but were getting dismal ratings.

Reruns of comedies "George Lopez" and "According to Jim" will replace the canceled shows. "Lost" was put on an extended break to keep from airing reruns of the show and upsetting loyal fans.

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well show me the money was totally stupid, i never seen daybreak so i cant comment on that.

but i did see SMTM once and ll i saw was this old man dancing with contestants and the models after they lost lol, it was pretty gay
  by: groomsy     12/16/2006 11:32 PM     
  Day Break  
is a bad-ass show. Love it. Taye Diggs is the bomb. I cant imagine though the plot continuing on for more than the 11 weeks it was slated for. I like it better than Lost. The lead character in Lost is always crying about something.
  by: John E Angel     12/17/2006 12:57 AM     
  Guess what  
As part of the inagural summer craptacular lineup of fill-in shows for our non-ratings period which happens to be where most people watch tv.......we'll get all the 2nd rate US shows ie. Show me the money.

+ Laguna Beach
Vanished - Cancelled

Many others...
  by: mr-anderson   12/17/2006 02:47 AM     
I always suffer the TV shows they subject you poor guys to whenever I'm there. Laguna beach should vanish lol
  by: zmethod     12/18/2006 05:51 AM     
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