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                 01/17/2018 09:08 PM  
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12/27/2006 01:37 PM ID: 59171 Permalink   

Owner of the Million Mile Saab Given a New One by the Manufacturer


Peter Gilbert, a travelling salesman from Wisconsin, has been given a brand new car by Saab after he drove his 1989 Saab 900 all the way to 1 million miles. Gilbert says the new car was "exactly the car I wanted".

The Swedish car giant initially only gave Gilbert a t-shirt when he donated his car to the Wisconsin Automotive Museum but after media from around the world picked up on the story they decided to give him a new car.

Saab plans to display the million mile car at the North American International Auto Show in Detroit. The manufacturer says that it will give a free car "to anyone who puts a million miles on their originally owned Saab."

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he probably cheated leaving the car running in the air or sumthin XD
  by: lordclone   12/27/2006 02:19 PM     
even that is a great thing, imagine how much gas it cost to him!!!
  by: apc123   12/27/2006 02:37 PM     
I wonder if i drive my brand new Saab in reverse for a mile...
  by: rickead   12/27/2006 07:17 PM     
ummm... why does it have to be cheating? coudln't it be possible?
  by: BeatBlaster   12/27/2006 11:30 PM     
  Very Possible  
1,000,000 in 18 years (just an estimate on how long he owned it.) that would be 55,555.55 miles a year. Not to hard to do actually. I put about 30,000 a year on my work vehicle, and only drive it within a 200 mile radius.
  by: csimmyak   12/28/2006 02:40 AM     
good for that guy! I'd be excited for a new saab! wEEE!
  by: melissamiranda     12/28/2006 03:25 AM     
  I've said this before  
And I'll say it each time this comes up. It's not that impressive. There are many GM trucks with 500,000+ miles on them. All it takes is regular fluid changes and good maintenance.
  by: Dark_Stang   12/28/2006 03:36 AM     
  sadly nothing else GM  
Your not going to see a GM car get that much mileage. And I hardly beleive a GM truck would do it. GM sucks.
  by: insomniac84   12/28/2006 04:29 AM     
  Travelling Salesman?  
They do quite a bit of driving! But that's pretty neat, he must have treated his car well!
  by: Bob Shinoski   12/28/2006 06:18 AM     
I think GM kicks ass. I have a Cavalier with over 200,000 miles on it and it's running like it did when my dad first got it. SAAB and Chevy both have pretty good engines when maintained.
  by: shoezacks   12/28/2006 06:35 AM     
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