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                 04/19/2014 07:03 PM  
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12/29/2006 05:09 AM ID: 59204 Permalink   

Spain May Compensate Persecuted Homosexuals


Homosexuals persecuted in Spain under the dictatorship of General Francisco Franco may be compensated and given a pension of 800 euros per month. Last year the Spanish government legalised same-sex weddings and adoptions.

During the Franco era being homosexual was criminalised. Gays were either sent to prison or to "correction camps" where they were electrocuted and forced to watch heterosexual pornography.

Even with the fall of Franco many homosexuals were left in prisons or institutions. Some gays had 'criminal records' as late as 2001. A survivor of the era welcomed the move saying it was about remembering those who suffered under unjust laws.

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  Just curious.  
This is nice and all, but how many straight guys are going to claim gayness in order for those 800 euros?
  by: fballer23   12/29/2006 07:41 AM     
  holy macaroni!  
"...they were electrocuted and forced to watch heterosexual pornography."

This is pure torture...I wouldn't like it to happen to me and then they force me to watch gay porn =(
  by: Pas Content   12/29/2006 09:39 AM     
as long ans they dont exspect the EU to fund this, spain gets enough money as it is from the EU coffers.
  by: jocksteeluk   12/29/2006 11:28 AM     
i'd assume they have records of who was sent to the camps.

"Some gays had 'criminal records' as late as 2001."
  by: hamstertube   12/30/2006 12:13 AM     
  fk the rcc  
Jeeze. Read the article. 'nun goes straight to police'. Oh, and they were unhappy when Spain legalized ss couples and adoptions. Effemenent men 'a threat' to machos? Sounds like some people with real insecurity issues. Typical fascists.
  by: yo   01/03/2007 02:25 AM     
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