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                 02/21/2018 02:09 PM  
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01/02/2007 11:46 PM ID: 59291 Permalink   

Red Bull Plus Booze Can Equal Death


Mixing stimulants and barbiturates is not a good thing, some doctors say. However, the growing trend of mixing energy drinks loaded with stimulants and alcohol has many concerned. It can lead to a variety of health problems, and even death.

Shortness of breath, dizziness, rapid heart beat are just some symptoms; impaired judgment due to mixing high doses of caffeine with alcohol can make you feel less drunk than you actually are. "It's {sic} gives me a quick buzz." says one co-ed.

Denmark and France have outright banned the drink, while Sweden advises consumers to not mix it with booze or drink it after exercising. In the USA, the FDA cannot ban the drink, considered a diet supplement, unless it is proven to be harmful.

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someone has to outright die before something is done.
  by: sleeky     01/02/2007 11:59 PM     
  how the hell...  
can you ban Red Bull?!?!

I drink it all the time... never done me any harm...
  by: dook   01/03/2007 12:01 AM     
  red bull = vomit  
No matter what you mix it with, all you taste is Red bull, which tastes like sugared gasoline to begin with. If you can't follow one of your most basic instincts (tastes bad? don't drink it!), you take your life in your hands no matter what.
  by: Volkova_Nova     01/03/2007 12:20 AM     
  Ban, Ban, Ban, Ban  
Ban It all! Ban it quick!
Ban the glue on postage stamps, because if you lick 100 stamps, you feel nauseous!

Ban Taco Bell because it will give you heart disease!

Ban Taco Bell quick, before they claim another victim!

Ban caffeine! Ban Alcohol!

Ban everything except Corn!

No Wait! Ban Corn because you could get overly constipated!

Sigh.... Just cause some moron hurts them self being a moron, doesn't mean that all will follow that moron.

What's moronic is stamping "BAN THIS" on everything that a moron uses to do something moronic.
  by: backin1775     01/03/2007 12:29 AM     
  No Need to Ban  
Just use common sense. Read about the effects of caffeine and then decide if you still want to be trendy and popular before drinking horsepiss.
  by: John E Angel     01/03/2007 12:42 AM     
how this any diffrent from drinking a scotch and cola?
  by: stonedwookie   01/03/2007 12:56 AM     
yes i agree redbull is gross.
theres alot of better tasting energy drinks out there.
  by: stonedwookie   01/03/2007 12:58 AM     
Looks like no more jager-bombers.
  by: inthemode   01/03/2007 01:13 AM     
My favorite drink , the Jager-bomb is actually deadly? I drank a fifth's worth of Jager-bombs last year for New Years, and the worst that happened to me was a slight headache.
  by: chaoticvengeance     01/03/2007 01:58 AM     
  Oh, and  
an extreme craving for Taco Bell.
  by: chaoticvengeance     01/03/2007 01:59 AM     
  Stronger stimulents than red bull  
some of people go to the club on alot stonger stimulents than red bull and still get drunk and dont die. we need to stop banning and scare mongering over every thing that knocks off some geneticly weak individual when the majourity of us will be fine and suffer no more than a hang over from doing the exact same thing.
  by: veya victaous   01/03/2007 02:01 AM     
  These Bans are Insane.  
Whats up with these backward European countries. Dont these people realize their rights and privledges are being slowly take away. Theres even been talk of banning multi vitamins in Europe, now thats sad.
  by: Drudge   01/03/2007 02:08 AM     
  Re: Ban, ban, insane  
moved to 'one of these european countries' from the states, because people are stupid everywhere. It's better if certain things ('sugary gasoline' - nasty), don't tax the social system with additional death costs [from direct and indirect, i.e. lost of production] and medical costs.

France banning anything except wine or cheese makes me laugh. I remember a story about stringent anti-drug law enforcement: interests don't want french residents getting high on anything but French wine.
  by: yo   01/03/2007 02:37 AM     
  What's the point?  
They try to ban smoking and yet idiots still smoke!
  by: cavador   01/03/2007 03:05 AM     
  that's funny  
because all the clubs, and most bars here in canada are stocked with red bull.
it says right on the can not to mix it with alcohol, but they do it anyway.
  by: hamstertube   01/03/2007 03:08 AM     
  yeah well  
What can you do, everything is deadly.
  by: RoBBoB     01/03/2007 04:54 AM     
  Loath It  
Awful stuff.
  by: captainJane     01/03/2007 06:51 AM     
  Truth in advertising  
It really can give you wings. ;)
  by: LuxFestinus     01/03/2007 07:08 AM     
  Never drank that stuff...  
nor anything like it, red bull shit!
Ban the damn thing I say.
  by: zmethod     01/03/2007 08:48 AM     
  Here IN Oz  
Kids in grade five and six buy it on their way to school inthe morning and the another in the afternoon. Is it any wonder that they a jittery and hard to handle. Poor parents and teachers who have to deal with a child on Red Bull or similar.
  by: sleeky     01/03/2007 09:19 AM     
  I am a hypocrite, but...  
... I can't stand energy drinks. The last one I tried was the Mountain Dew entry into that market- made me gag. Sugar and caffeine.

I sometimes drink HUGE amounts of caffeine. I'm not as bad as I used to be, however-- I always get ill when I drink alchohol in the same time period.

What about all the other 'supplemenants' these companies throw into the drinks? That's some nasty stuff.
Kids are already drinking lots of soda pop in addition to drinking this stuff. College kids drink a HUGE amount of Red Bull type drinks, plus take in a lot of caffeine from soda and coffee. Is there any suprise today's students are harder to teach? They're all spending 6 hours a day playing XBox and chugging Red Bull and Vodka while eating bags and bags of potato chips and ordering pizza!! Damn youngins'. (Yes. I am jealous.)

And people still try to blame obesity on bacteria. hahaha.

The source article, by the way, mentions that it's a potential deadly cocktail because people with exercise-poor lifestyles are at risk for heart disease.
  by: theironboard     01/03/2007 10:17 AM     
"Whats up with these backward European countries. Dont these people realize their rights and privledges are being slowly take away."

- I'm going to guess from your stupid ethnocentric remarks, you are American.

Sweden, Denmark and France are backwards countries? Don't be so retarded.

The three countries you mentioned have a longer life expectancy, lower infant mortality rate, and a higher literacy rate than the United States. They have fewer people in jail per capita, and a lower homicide rate.

These same countries are kicking our ass in education levels. They have a better understanding and acceptance of evolution. They are making more efforts to combat global warming.

You want to talk about bans? America just banned online gambling. That's right, in a free country American's are banned from playing poker online. America is even taking steps to censor the Internet to prevent links to online gambling sites. The latest law the passed allows the government to bully credit card companies into refusing online gambling transactions.

When it comes to drinking, America bans adult Americans from drinking until they are 21. Three years living as an adult, but no legal right to alcohol. Is that called freedom too? How about the fact that America routinely makes over the counter drugs prescription only so that greedy insurance corporations can get rich?

Oh and consider too that American media is more censored than all three countries mentioned in this article.

Why don't you and people like you really stop and think before attacking progressive modern countries, and labeling them backwards. It is America that is losing freedom right now. Bush has been slowly eroding our freedom one 'anti-terror' bill at a time. While other countries are being more progressive, we are moving in the opposite way.
  by: ZCT     01/03/2007 02:32 PM     
double vodka and red bull is my drink! i have it everytime i go out! aint done me any harm. now im off to lick the windows clean...
  by: scarlettandcraig   01/03/2007 03:38 PM     
Ive had sooo many jager bombs youd think if there was any risk it wouldve affected me, but so far so good.
  by: zepfan109   01/03/2007 04:55 PM     
  Red Bull  
is on sale in France, i have been there a few month ago and they had Red Bull Cans there everywhere.
  by: kraut   01/03/2007 05:52 PM     
I believed most of what you said up until the online gambling thing. It is not banned in the US. I live in the US and play on 4 different poker sites. Certain companies shut down, others moved to britian or canada or other countries. It is still legal, it is just your method of deposting money that was deemed illegal. Most of the other things you said were right on the money though.
  by: confed   01/03/2007 06:16 PM     
That may be the case, but I only summarised the news. I've seen it all over Europe as well. However, it is not so popular like it is in the States.
  by: theironboard     01/03/2007 06:20 PM     
It is all but banned. 270 days after Bush made the bill law, you will find it almost impossible to play online. Neteller has already agreed to stand by the final version of the American law. This will happen this summer. The only hope is that the Democrats force the bill to be watered down.

Just because you can play online now doesn't mean you will by the summer. The law does not really even take effect until then anyway. There has even been talk about Harrah's not allowing poker site buy in's to the WSOP in '07. This accounted for some 4,000 entries in '06.

America has almost gone for prohibition, and is only one step away. If you, as I do, enjoy playing I suggest you join the Poker Players Alliance, before Bush and his retarded moral police outlaw it altogether.

Even though the new law does not actually ban the act of gambling, my guess is that that is just one more pro-Republican election away.
  by: ZCT     01/03/2007 06:32 PM     
I have to agree with scarlettandcraig. Redbull and vodka is usually my first drink of the night. I've a friend who only drinks them. Neither of us are any worse for it. Bottom line - things in our lives may kill us, and no matter how many laws are passed, we cannot ban death.
  by: MomentOfClarity     01/03/2007 06:54 PM     
Caffiene with booze of course is potentially dangerous, as is each one alone. However "potentially dangerous" is definitely no reason to ban it.

My question: What do barbiturates have do with this? First of all, the word never appears in the source. Second, barbiturates (Quaaludes, Seconal, truth serum) are a class of drugs that have been almost entirely replaced by benzodiazepines (Xanax, Valium, Kilonopin, Halcyon). While the depressant effects of barbs are sometimes compared to booze, they sure don't seem to have anything to do with this article.
  by: reverend j roach     01/03/2007 06:56 PM     
Yeah really. Until they have banned all forms of tobacco, Red Bull should not even be on the radar. And let's face it you could make a case for trans fat, MSG, and that chemical that we know causes cancer that is in our food (forget the name).
  by: ZCT     01/03/2007 07:11 PM     
  BAN RED BULL????  
I think not red bull in and of itself is not dangerous. but alcohol is dangerous even when its not mixed with drugs/ energy drinks.

People need to quit being mmorons and read the labels on everything the ingest.

A big red Skull and crossbones on the top of the can with alcohol in a red circle with a slash through it.

"DANGER DO NOT TAKE WITH ALCOHOL" real easy solution.
  by: Papa_Chubby   01/03/2007 07:17 PM     
I guess Red Bull really can give you wings..
  by: Illuminated_Night   01/04/2007 04:29 AM     
  man this is bull  
This is pure Bullcrap. All you need to do is rely on your self instead of the government, and you'll be fine. Instead of banning the drink, the individual(s) consuming it just need to make sure they are hydrated. It's that simple. The b vitamins in these energy drinks are also great for hangovers. Personally I like Rockstar juiced with alcohol, is has milk thisle extract to detox the liver.
  by: shoezacks   01/04/2007 07:23 AM     
  ? wtf  
why the hell are people trying to ban absolutly everything, are they going to ban parks because children fall over, cover paths in bubblewrap?

come on be serious, next thing we'l all have to wear masks outside to protect from pollution!

I have never known a government to be this thick, i grew up with everything they say is dangerous and I'm fine, in fact I'm thankful that I know what not to do and so does everyone else, so government: SHUT THE F**K UP!
  by: x_krissi_x   01/04/2007 10:35 AM     
LOL. Lay off the sugary-caffeine beverages, potty mouth! ;)
  by: theironboard     01/04/2007 11:12 AM     
1. Swearing certainly doesn't get your point across any faster.

2. " come on be serious, next thing we'l all have to wear masks outside to protect from pollution!"

I am guessing you never traveled out of your country, to say like Taiwan?
  by: RoBBoB     01/04/2007 03:33 PM     
  Natural Selection  
The stupid die off and the smart ones live on to drink responsibly.
  by: C45UL7Y101   01/05/2007 05:51 PM     
That...that was an awesome post. :)

Still though, banning Red Bull? What the crap? Are they going to have Red Bull black markets now? ;)
  by: fballer23   02/05/2007 11:24 PM     
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