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                 01/17/2018 10:21 AM  
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01/04/2007 12:41 AM ID: 59311 Permalink   

Broccoli Thief Strikes Again: Trailers Full of Asparagus, Cookies Disappear


Chicago police are scratching their heads after a massive produce theft yesterday saw the disappearance of a 20 foot and a 40 foot trailer full of asparagus, chocolate cream cookies, and fungicide powder.

A week ago, a similar theft saw the disappearance of US$50,000 worth of broccoli [SN Reported]. Police are now searching for a total of four missing tractor trailers. Speculation has it that the thieves are after the trailers, not their contents.

"What is someone going to do with that amount of produce?" said a police detective. "Unless the thief is a true vegetarian or something, I don't think the broccoli was the motivation." The investigation is ongoing.

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Now someone needs to give them a truck full of Mylanta and gas masks.
Either that or we have a group of athlete vegans with PMS.
  by: TaraB     01/04/2007 12:49 AM     
  Here in Oz  
Asparagus is pretty pricey this time of year. Black market produce maybe?
  by: sleeky     01/04/2007 01:18 AM     
Not the chocolate cream cookies!
  by: fballer23   01/04/2007 01:53 AM     
Somebody has a serious appetite! Honestly, getting rid of the produce could be fun because that's a little more than you can stick in your roadside bin and take it from someone who knows, old broccoli is not a great odour.
  by: ixuzus     01/04/2007 06:22 AM     
  There was no spinach left  
so they took the asparagus, right discarded? but what about the cookies? why the cookies?? oh and i guess stealing the fungicide powder is also pretty weird.
  by: melissamiranda     01/04/2007 02:22 PM     
they are really heros. Think about the amount of E. Coli cases that are being prevented. I vote we canonize them for saving lives.
  by: darkrom666   01/04/2007 07:43 PM     
  i hate titles  
At least they are sending a good message to kids who steal already, steal healthy things, not liquor or cigarettes.
  by: sp00ky187   01/04/2007 08:25 PM     
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