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                 01/20/2018 12:38 AM  
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01/04/2007 07:02 AM ID: 59322 Permalink   

Next Aircraft Carrier Will Be the USS Gerald R. Ford


The Pentagon has confirmed that the Navy will name the next United States aircraft carrier the USS Gerald R. Ford after the former president who died recently. Gerald Ford served in the Navy during the second World War.

The plan was made public when Donald Rumsfeld said during Ford's eulogy, "How fitting it would be that the name Gerald R. Ford will patrol the high seas for decades to come in defense of the nation he loved so much."

The Navy hadn't been planning to release the information at this time, but said that it would announce the name officially in several weeks. Between now and then they will be planning the ceremony with Ford's family.

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Will W even get a rubber dingy named after him!?

  by: zmethod     01/04/2007 11:12 AM     
Part of the reason is Gerald Ford served in the Navy. Bush has a somewhat less clear military record. Perhaps we could name a weapon of mass destruction after him?
  by: ixuzus     01/04/2007 11:20 AM     
  there already is a uss bush  
there's already a George H.W. Bush, so would it really be that surprising if there's a George W. Bush someday?

After all, the 'defense' industry owes a lot to this president.
  by: bane39   01/04/2007 04:13 PM     
  I dont  
think jr will get one. Clinton has a better shot!
  by: Emp3r0r     01/04/2007 06:14 PM     
  @U.S.S. Bill Clinton  
Loose lips sink ships! LOL!
  by: Hollywood   01/04/2007 07:00 PM     
  The USS Bush will be a decoy ship  
and a feeder of disinformation to the enemy. But it probably wont work properly and the enemy will see right through its anticts of half baked seamen and respond to the real target. Basically it wont be very good at its job and will get a lot of people killed.
  by: AccessG     01/04/2007 07:11 PM     
  they could possibly use  
for a ship named after Bush:

Uss Hairy bush - because bush is a c*** or just simply the uss moronic.
  by: jocksteeluk   01/05/2007 12:58 AM     
  Oh my gawd  
you people are horrible.

I dont see anything wrong with a USS George W Bush. It sounds good, better than USS Bill Clinton.

It would be the 'decider' ship.
  by: keanu1982     01/05/2007 05:00 PM     
A USS George W Bush would be great, while all the other Aircraft Carrier would be off in war zones (possibly still trying to find those pesky WMDs or Osama, or maybe even Senator Obama), the USS George W Bush would get itself assigned to National Guard and spend it's time in Alabama
  by: Heresy   01/05/2007 05:26 PM     
  The problem with a ship named after  
Ford , is that out at sea, it will fall over quite a bit....
  by: Jediman3     01/05/2007 05:57 PM     
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