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                 01/17/2018 08:05 AM  
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01/04/2007 03:03 PM ID: 59331 Permalink   

1 in 3 S.C. Pedestrian Deaths Caused by People "Lying Illegally in Road"


2006 was a dangerous year for pedestrians in South Carolina with 122 killed, the most since 1993 when that total was bettered by 1. Pedestrians account for 1 in 10 traffic deaths in the state.

Most pedestrian deaths occurred at night and a third were caused by the victims "lying illegally in road", often due to alcohol consumption. Police have been directed to warn pedestrians walking in an unsafe manner.

Richland County Sheriff Leon Lott said, "The main thing is people just not paying attention. In our education, we target both -- drivers and pedestrians. If you can get one of them to be careful, you've been successful."

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  bad publicity  
for inbreeding isn't it?
  by: mcink2   01/04/2007 04:13 PM     
  I hope you don't mean all Carolinians...  
I'm a Charlotte native and it's pretty safe to say that I've *never* seen a drunk lying out in the middle of the road here. Most of the vehicular manslaughter around hear comes from drunk *drivers* and illegal immigrants without licenses....
  by: otaku77302000   01/04/2007 06:24 PM     
  typing too fast...  
should have said "around here"
  by: otaku77302000   01/04/2007 06:26 PM     
  no matter what...  
I don't care whose stats you show me I will never believe that 1 in 3 N.C. pedestrian deaths are caused by people lying illegally in the road unless you tell me that no more than 6 pedestrian deaths have happened.
  by: darkrom666   01/04/2007 07:29 PM     
  Wrong State  
COLUMBIA, S.C.-- Last year may turn out to be one of the deadliest on record for pedestrians in South Carolina.
  by: Discarded Vet   01/04/2007 08:02 PM     
  Article Adjusted.  
  by: Polaris     01/04/2007 08:08 PM     
  “people just not paying attention”  
How do you not know you are lying in the middle of the road? Is the whole state paved? Are these people cold blooded and are trying to warm up lying on the asphalt? This makes no sense.
  by: Valkyrie123     01/04/2007 08:46 PM     
  This is natural selection... its best.
  by: TheSureshot   01/04/2007 09:37 PM     
  In Myrtle Beach....  
...during Spring Break, Bike Week and Summer there are tons of drunks, some of which end up walking on the roads at night while shit-faced. I lived there for a few years and damn near splattered a dumb drunk one night. A few years back my cousin DID kill a drunk that was stagering down the road.
  by: Le_Creep   01/04/2007 10:39 PM     
  @ Valkyrie123  
Well, I know this one thing about you for sure ...... you've never been truely drunk :)
  by: Discarded Vet   01/05/2007 03:22 AM     
Here where I live they have given pedestrians the right to walk infront of your car without looking for traffic. if aomeone is on the street corner or approching one you must stop or get a ticket. another RESPONSIBILITY people do not have to bother with anymore.

When I was little we were taught to STOP AND LOOK BOTH WAYS before crossing. when did this basic safety issue drop off the radar? We wer also taught to not play in the street.

maybe they should make their drinking laws stricter.

  by: Papa_Chubby   01/05/2007 05:45 AM     
  @ Papa_Chubby  
Where is this pedestrian right of way?

Sounds a bit twisted to be fact.
  by: Discarded Vet   01/05/2007 06:02 AM     
"you've never been truely drunk"

Nor do I care to be. :)
  by: Valkyrie123     01/05/2007 02:10 PM     
I think that everytime I go to the mall.
  by: Svengali   01/05/2007 04:26 PM     
I know exactly what you mean about Myrtle... while I've never actually *lived* there, my girlfriend's family has a beach house at Myrtle, so I'm there often enough. I can't stand to be there during Bike Week, although Black Biker Week's not so bad, just due to all the T&A hanging out from the bike whores. Seriously though, their place is fairly close to the strip, and it's bloody hard to sleep with all the idiots racing down it at 3 in the morning.
  by: otaku77302000   01/05/2007 07:33 PM     
  It's fun!  
Lying in the middle of the street while drunk is a great experience. Even sober I enjoy it. Something about lying there gives me a strange feeling. Of course I always check to make sure that there are no cars around and I would only do it if I have my friends around me haha.
  by: Yheti   01/06/2007 11:37 PM     
  What I'm about to mention is not current news  
but it does go along with the topic of this thread.
Four years ago, during summer, a young couple traveling along the Long Island Expressway out from New York City apparently decided to shock passing motorists by having sex in the passing lane. They parked on the center strip, undressed and went at it on the freeway.

Not for very long, though. The next tractor-trailer to come along flattened both of them.

I live in Connecticut, a bordering state, and this incident was talked about on the local news stations.

If Charles Darwin were still alive he'd be dying of laughter in his coffin.
  by: White Albino   01/07/2007 11:09 AM     
  Pardon me for asking....  
Is Carolina near Floriduh?
  by: cavador   01/07/2007 12:55 PM     
  Pedestrians Have the 'Right of Way'  
In Chicago, pedestrians always have the right of way, you can step out from between 2 parked cars into traffic, and if the driver strikes you it's his fault.
There are several different tickets/charges for it depending on the level of personal and property damage. Bicycle riders traveling in the road way adhering to the rules of the road as they are applied to bicycles, are considered pedestrians as well in the event of a vehicular accident. However when they strike a pedestrian they are considered a vehicle.

And wasn't the lying in the middle of the road thing in a movie, bunch of kids thought they were invincible, can't remember the name of it right now.
  by: netwerk     01/07/2007 12:58 PM     
  Discarded Vet  
In Wisconsin
  by: Papa_Chubby   01/08/2007 06:29 AM     
  What the hell  
has the legallity of lying in the road got to do with this?! Why would someone even make that law?!?!
  by: dook   01/08/2007 07:30 AM     
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