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                 01/17/2018 09:05 PM  
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04/27/2001 10:00 AM ID: 5935 Permalink to Offer Tasteful Pornography


In what could be seen as a desperate attempt to stave off bankruptcy, has announced that it will offer soft porn as part of its premium pay services.

The company, which calls itself a "leading Internet media company" has underscored the tastefulness of its offerings, by calling them "galleries of erotic art and photography."

And that won't be all of the special content it will offer pay subscribers. Salon is also featuring a new section which is made up of "Salon's opinionated daily roundup of the exploits and mishaps of President George W. Bush and his administration."

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  at least  
it sells?! although i dont understand who bought the shares after having read this announcement.

  by: Ludmila     04/27/2001 10:34 AM     
  just one question  
what is tasteful pornography????

i thought that was an oxymoron....
  by: newsmaker     04/27/2001 11:13 AM     
I don't think it is a contradiction. I think that there can be a real distinction between a lovely, erotic photo and just another group of three guys and a girl with their private bits hanging out. Don't you?
  by: SandraG     04/27/2001 11:16 AM     
  ive noticed  
people have very different ideas of what pornography is.
to me, naked people certainly are not, unless they are pictured when having sex.
and taking tasteful photos of people who sweat and moan and tuck their body parts into weird places... i dont know if thats possible...
  by: Ludmila     04/27/2001 12:20 PM     
"Tasteful pornography"? That's an oxymoron that will go down in history.
  by: 8 bit Orgy   05/01/2001 06:25 PM     
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