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                 02/22/2018 05:47 PM  
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01/10/2007 01:14 AM ID: 59417 Permalink   

14-Year-Old Becomes the Youngest Person to Sail Solo Across the Atlantic


14-year-old Michael Perham from Britain has become the youngest person ever to sail solo across the North Atlantic. His 3500-nautical-mile voyage started just over six weeks ago on the island of Gibraltar.

While on the voyage he kept a log and did homework. At one point he had to jump into shark infested waters to make repairs to his vessel, the 'Cheeky Monkey'. His father trailed him in another boat, staying in constant contact.

Deputy Prime Minister and former merchant seaman John Prescott said, "Michael has proved himself another hugely successful sailor in the great British maritime tradition." Michael now plans to become the youngest person to sail solo around the world.

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How is it solo if you have your father trailing along behind you?
  by: StarShadow     01/10/2007 02:20 AM     
I dont honestly believe his father did not interact when they were far out to sea. With no one watching it would have been easy.
  by: ssxxxssssss   01/10/2007 02:28 AM     
  "Cheeky Monkey"?  
He should be stripped of the title just for naming his boat that. (j/k)

Dad was probably trailing behind him because he's still a minor, and by maritime law probably wouldn't be allowed to do something like this without parental supervision. Still, kudos to him.
  by: Volkova_Nova     01/10/2007 02:35 AM     
  I always  
wanted to travel around the world. I thought it would be cool to get a job on a ship or boat and sale to europe, hike on foot all the way down to South Africa and then sail to India, go through China and then off to Australia, finally to South America and hike back home to Michigan.
  by: datsuncaptain1     01/10/2007 06:02 AM     
  good luck  
hopefully he doesnt run into pirates on his way around the world.
  by: jocksteeluk   01/10/2007 08:29 AM     
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