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                 02/26/2018 04:06 AM  
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01/11/2007 02:32 PM ID: 59444 Permalink   

A Goths Dream Come True


For a mere $78 million Bran Castle, home of the Dracula legend, could be yours. Put up for sale by the Habsburg family, the classic 15th century Transylvanian castle has become too much of burden for the family to maintain.

The family hopes to sell the castle to the government to be used as a tourist attraction but government officials are complaining the price tag is too high. The family just wants the castle preserved for the family and the town.

Being the biggest tourist attraction in the area fears are that the castle might be turned into a theme park tarnishing the pristine countryside. The infamous Prince “Vlad the Impaler” is reputed to have spent only one night at the castle.

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  just trying to preserve it?  
Bull. Your just trying to recover your gambling dept. Its a bitch to sell a castle and you thought you could unload it off on the government. Sic
  by: shoezacks   01/11/2007 04:53 PM     
Are you insinuating that members of the Habsburg family are habitual gamblers?
  by: Hollywood   01/11/2007 05:32 PM     
Are you off your meds again? Every comment of yours I have read lately screams delusional paranoia or schizophrenia. Are you OK?
  by: Valkyrie123     01/11/2007 08:38 PM     
Vlad *might* have spent one day there, and it's "Dracula's Castle"? Just you wait until I offer up my apartment for sale as "Gorbachev's Retreat"!
  by: Volkova_Nova     01/11/2007 08:41 PM     
  Add to cart?  
Wheres the button to add it to my shopping cart? If I had the $78 million I'd think about it, but another castle just sold for a $14 million. The Habsburg family is asking way to much. $30/$40 million may be more reasonable price for a castle that size.
  by: Whiskers   01/11/2007 10:05 PM     
Gotta agree with everyone so far actually. Aside from Shoezack's little gambling comment. Anyway yeah, that's far too much for that castle. Cut the price in half like Whiskers suggested and they would probably be in serious talks with the Government by now instead of arguing publicly about how much their castle is worth.
  by: NicPre     01/12/2007 01:16 AM     
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