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                 04/24/2014 04:27 PM  
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01/11/2007 03:55 PM ID: 59445 Permalink   

Montserrat Rumbles


The Soufriere Hills volcano, the Caribbean’s most active, rumbled back to life with an explosion that sent a pyroclastic flow racing 3 km down the side of the mountain’s northwest flank.

The few residents near the area were told to evacuate as seismic activity has increased along with steam vents from the lava dome. Officials see this as a warning of an impending full scale eruption.

Experts fear a dome collapse is imminent and the resulting flows would destroy anything in its path. Glowing streaks could be seen at night trailing down the mountainsides. A 1995 eruption killed 19 and half the inhabitants fled the island.

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  Pack you crap quick!  
Why are there people still living there? At the first signs of Impending Doom, they sould have a had a ticket out of there.
  by: backin1775     01/11/2007 06:04 PM     
  Oh my god  
This is bad, very very bad for the people of the Caribbean (myself included).

Where's Britain when you need em? Get your colonial arses down here now!
  by: keanu1982     01/11/2007 07:10 PM     
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