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                 02/23/2018 01:40 AM  
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01/16/2007 04:35 AM ID: 59535 Permalink   

Adultery in Michigan Punishable by Life in Prison


A ruling by the second highest court in Michigan has indicated that state lawmakers have inadvertently made anyone who commits adultery guilty of 1st-degree criminal sexual conduct which carries a maximum sentence of life in prison.

The law states that any sexual penetration "under circumstances involving the commission of any other felony" is 1st-degree criminal sexual conduct. Adultery is still a felony in Michigan but there have been no convictions under the law since 1971.

The unusual combination of laws was discovered when the state attorney general successfully appealed the decision to drop CSC charges against a married man who was trading drugs for sex with several women.

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  Uh Oh  
I live in Michigan I think I will save this for the husband to read in the morning haha.

Seriously I think that Mike Cox, the AG, needs to get his head out of his rear. Now someone will be on the sex offenders list because of adultery? Would it show up as that? And how it would possibly ruin his or her chances at many jobs for being on the list.
  by: TaraB     01/16/2007 06:08 AM     
  Oh come on!  
What'll they do when all the politicians are locked up?
  by: mcink2   01/16/2007 06:14 AM     
Thank you for giving me the biggest laugh for today.

We can safely say thinking and politician aren't usually in the same sentance. :)
  by: TaraB     01/16/2007 06:18 AM     
Good thing Bill Clinton didn't live there!
  by: hellblazer     01/16/2007 06:19 AM     
speaking of bill clinton, i have a nice little picture of the welcome to arkansas sign with another little sign under it that says "In accordance with megans law, the above is a known sex offender." heres a link
  by: Phobos_anomaly     01/16/2007 08:37 AM     
Didnt the AG just find out the crazy combination when he appealled for charges to bedropped, therefore he was against them?

Stll there are many nutty laws out there no one even remembers about anymore.
  by: AccessG     01/16/2007 04:34 PM     
I do believe he did. This is also a state that has a law which says that a woman can not get her hair cut without her husbands permission.

I actually voted for this AG, but sometimes he uses antiquated laws to push his agenda. Same as many politicians to be fair.
  by: TaraB     01/16/2007 04:46 PM     
  By that logic...  
I should be serving multiple life sentences.
  by: zmethod     01/16/2007 10:53 PM     
more christianity bs making american laws woohoo. Next will be bible reading everyday or be jailed for 5 years.
  by: GarouNova   01/17/2007 02:40 AM     
  Other weird laws  
In WA, there is/was a law making it illegal to have sex with a virgin.

Guess you have to cross the state line the first time.
  by: Whiskers   01/17/2007 07:20 AM     
  Co-habitation also a LIFE Sentence  
750.32 Adultery; cohabitation of divorced parties.

Sec. 32.

Cohabitation by divorced parties—If any persons after being divorced from the bonds of matrimony for any cause whatever, shall cohabit together, they shall be liable to all the penalties provided by law against adultery.

With adultery now a 1st Degree CSC, it is about time to put an end to the government tolerance or indifference to this crime. Many obvious criminals can finally be put in prison. Unlike simple adultery, no requirements for "spousal" complaint appears to exist for "cohabitation" of divorced parties.

Seems pretty simple, look into the social work records, court records, school records, and even police records. Use the information in the vast databases to help prosecute these monsters. Finally force medical and mental health professionals to turn in these adulterous animals when information about 1st Degree CSC is revealed in medical exams or therapy. And, finally get these creeps off the streets and behind bars where they belong!

Landlords need to be reminded that knowingly allowing divorced people to cohabit ate is also a crime since owners of properties that knowingly allow criminal activity to occur on their property are subject to prosecution too. And certainly public schools teachers or other public institutions that receive tax monies should have to report suspected 1st Degree CSC when children of such unions or children exposed to these home environments are being forced to live with such monsters.

Protecting children is the most important thing a government can do. The poor kids experiencing the degradation of living in a house where such perverted criminal activity happens need to taken away from these unfit parents and put into the loving and caring hands of Michigan's foster care system.

The number of willing confessions to all forms of adultery and related cohabitation seems to provide excellent opportunities to increase the prison populations, improve employment opportunities for probation officers and other correction-related careers not to mention help boost the job opportunities in most law enforcement and social work fields. This seems like JOBS creation program anybody can get behind.

Besides, now that the government is re-affirming that adultery is as bad as rape, it is time to seriously consider chemical and even physical castration as perfectly appropriate punishment. I just hope that legislature does not miss the opportunity to fund a thrust to imprison these sexual offenders.

Communities can benefit, obviously, by cleaning up neighborhoods where known perverts reside, but communities can also come together to fight this scourge. Churches and community activists can sponsor "anonymous" reporting drives. Everybody can be encourage to turn in somebody they know is guilty. And, of course, who can object to that?

Getting these monsters on the Sexual Offender List, out of public housing, and into the consciousness of every community resident seems like just the best thing that could have happened in Michigan. Finally, law that makes sense.

2007 is turning out to be a very good year in Michigan.
  by: monger_truth   01/20/2007 02:48 PM     
  Another foolish law  
In Boston, Ma it is illegal to own a dog that stands more than 16 inches at the shoulder. Boston cat lovers got this law passed many years ago. Not enforced in my lifetime.
  by: white albino   01/22/2007 05:09 AM     
  Just Chop Their Winkle off  
Life in prison is to harsh,after all if you just chop it off, they can not give out all this aids and whatever,just a thought, why stay with someone if you want to sleep around, what in hell is the point, as the Old royal Lizzy the 1st, would say, off with his head, why not take that to another dimention. Ha ha.

If Only I ruled the world. Sigh.
  by: captainJane     01/24/2007 03:35 AM     
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