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                 01/21/2018 07:20 AM  
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01/16/2007 10:35 AM ID: 59541 Permalink   

Mom Uses Her Body to Teach Son Sex Ed


Mrs. Zhang of Hubei province, China decided to teach her son all about sex by using her own body as an example.

Last Thursday Zhang brought her son along to her gynecology exam and let her son inspect at all the parts of her body. He watched as she explained the process of sex and birth.

Zhang said this was the correct way to teach her 14-year-old son about the facts of life.

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I fail to see the issue with this.
  by: splicer   01/16/2007 10:59 AM     
my god... hopefully she did not show him the practical side of sex by asking him to participate *pukes*
  by: thedark1   01/16/2007 11:42 AM     
  by: f3nd3r   01/16/2007 01:59 PM     
I am impressed. When did people start properly educating their children?
  by: robbob     01/16/2007 07:52 PM     
  I think  
the mother is treading a very fine line here. There are other methods of teaching your children about the body and how to give birth etc. All parents did not show their bodies to their children to teach them about sex. I have a problem with this practice. I mean I would be shocked to hear a father showing his daughter his body. We would all recoil in horror. I would even go so far as to say the father would be reported to the authorities. I can only imagine the furor this would cause.
  by: sleeky     01/16/2007 10:30 PM     
  I admit  
this to be shocking, but they were at the gynecologist office, not a porn studio set.
  by: melissamiranda     01/17/2007 02:32 AM     
I'm sure that boy will not be so interested in sex for a while.
  by: vant   01/17/2007 10:29 AM     
Agreed. When one has been taught something, one thinks back to it when doing it for himself. If that thing is mom's naked body, I would think that would REALLY kill the mood.
  by: MomentOfClarity     01/17/2007 06:43 PM     
It is a tad bit "radical"; but the main thing is that she was trying to teach her child and was interacting with him.
  by: fedex   01/17/2007 06:55 PM     
  Sorry fedex  
I still have a problem with this sort of 'interaction' Parents and children should have certain boundaries that should not be crossed and this is being crossed in my humble opinion.
  by: sleeky     01/17/2007 07:30 PM     
  I suppose it's admissable but ...  
My stomach did want to hurl for a moment there.

I'd imagine this is one of those 'backwater' provinces. But I agree; this sort of measure should be a last resort when School SexEd, porn videos aren't available.

Heck, I'm not sure if the kid's school would have it in their curriculum. I bet he won't forget it anytime soon - scarred more like.
  by: redstain   01/17/2007 08:19 PM     

Let's just say...he wanted to know how her breasts felt...or how the inside of her vagina felt. If the article stated that, would it still be acceptable???

No, there are other ways to teach your kids
  by: hotrock11     01/17/2007 08:33 PM     
  @hotrock11: your imagination is partially to blame  
Some of my family are in the gynae field. They tell me it's pretty cold and clinical there.

I've been in one exam (work experience, don't ask) and the Doc, the lights, stirrups and patient's assless shawls put's no-one in the mood.

I think people and media's imagination make it bigger than it is.
  by: redstain   01/17/2007 08:47 PM     
  Again I must say  
teaching your children about the body and giving birth etc by showing your body oversteps the normal boundaries that society has in place even in a doctor's surgery. Still uncomfortable with this I must say.
  by: sleeky     01/17/2007 11:49 PM     
  What is the Problem?  
Being a nudist I can empathize with her completely...big deal.
  by: owlafaye   01/19/2007 04:20 AM     
you male or female!?
  by: zmethod     01/28/2007 03:57 AM     
"I'm sure that boy will not be so interested in sex for a while.

That could wreck his life she has most deffo over crossed the line there, hope he does not do the same to his children.
  by: captainJane     02/07/2007 10:08 PM     
When -she- does it, it'll be seen as a radical/interesting way of teaching it.
If -he- does it, he'll be called a pervert and jailed.
  by: fballer23   02/07/2007 10:52 PM     
  Nothing wrong here  
My father taught me nothing about sex and I was so isolated my cock was getting hard and I didn´t know what to do with it. I have never been told anything. I had never heard anyone talking about it. I had never seen any x-rated stuff. You got to tell your kids at about 12 or so what to expect. With her showing him he won´t have to figure it out for himself. More people should required to do it. He´ll remember his mother showed him what to do. I mean she could have used someone elses body I guess. IN fact they could have viewed a video. There is a good video this woman shows you everything about it and that might have been more appropriate.

[ edited by patreiot9878 ]
  by: patreiot9878   01/13/2013 07:29 PM     
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