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                 01/23/2018 11:08 AM  
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01/18/2007 01:47 PM ID: 59590 Permalink   

Canadian Muslim Sitcom Gets Rave Reviews


A new, controversial sitcom in Canada, "Little Mosque on the Prairie", has aired to rave reviews from Muslims. The idea of having a sitcom based on the Muslim ideal first caused ire among the Islamic community.

Muslim Imam Alaa Elsayed said: "A lighthearted comedy that portrays the Muslim community in a manner that is evenhanded is definitely a welcome change from hearing about Muslims as terrorists, as jihadists."

The first episode aired to ratings of 2.1 million viewers, which is huge for Canadian broadcasting. Canada's top-rating show averages 1.6 million viewers an episode.

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  anyone know offhand if this is broadcast in theUS?  
too lazy to go look it up now. i guess torrents will have it either way
  by: kaminari   01/18/2007 04:48 PM     
  it's thoroughly inoffensive  
It's an ok show but I don't find it all that funny. It's totally inoffensive and safe like one of those older family sitcoms. I prefer my comedy with a little edge.
  by: bane39   01/18/2007 04:59 PM     
  Why do they hide behind these carpets  
<deleted by admin>
  by: tyrannosaurus   01/18/2007 05:54 PM     
Either you have a horrible sense of humour or you're horribly ignorant...

One way or another... you're an idiot.
  by: ironic   01/18/2007 06:31 PM     
I agree...tyrannosaurus - you are a smelly douche bag.
  by: turkman   01/19/2007 01:06 AM     
"It's totally inoffensive and safe like one of those older family sitcoms"

I think that's what they were aiming for, a show for the whole FAMILY to enjoy.
  by: nzmam     01/19/2007 01:25 AM     
I'd have to agree, tyrannosaurus is clearly ignorant.
  by: NicPre     01/19/2007 02:50 AM     
  When I was very young....  
They used to have a program called
"Curry & Chips" on the ABC channel on the telly.Whatever happened to that show?(It was about a pakistani family in London)
  by: cavador   01/19/2007 04:53 AM     
the majority of muslims are not extermist.
  by: ironic   01/19/2007 04:20 PM     
Ya know, some Jews actually have a hook nose. Some ARE money grubbers, and chizzlers.
And some Blacks are criminals, and some are violent.

... There are over a billion Muslim people in the world... If they were all terrorists, then we'd be dead by now.

you're just plain ole wrong.

How many Christian ministers use the pulpit for extremism (Fred Phelps anyone)? How many politicians use stupid blind religious folk as pawns in their political games?

This is not a muslim thing, this is a human thing...

Geez, I bet if I asked you what a muslum looked like you'd probably describe an Arab guy.

  by: dal   01/19/2007 04:43 PM     
The average muslim is white, likes porcmeat, drinks alkohol, likes jesus christ and the trinity.
He is very fond of human rights for women. Hates scarfs and has nothing against his daughter loving and marrying a jew, or buddhist or christian.
He hates terrorism and would instantly call the police if he got notion of a terrorist plan by hearsay.
He loves barbecues in the neighborhood and loves his wife communicating with his male christian friends. He dislikes special rights, is humble and does not want to overcrowd this country with mosques.

  by: tyrannosaurus   01/19/2007 05:16 PM     
  User tyrannosaurus:  
If you would like to indulge in intelligent, meaningful discussion, then I welcome you to the Shortnews community. If you would rather make bigoted and trolling remarks, incite flames and anger, then I would ask that you find another site other than this one to post on.

Thank you.
  by: Polaris     01/19/2007 05:45 PM     
  Dear Polaris  
Sorry, but I did not offend anybody personally and I'm not interested in cyber wars at all.
Please explain to me if it's forbidden here to critisize appeasement strategies?
Or is it a question of political correctness?
What do You think about the links I posted above? In my personal view these are horrifying.
I am seriously concerned about these preachers.

  by: tyrannosaurus   01/19/2007 06:38 PM     
  User tyrannosaurus:  
It is not about mere criticism of strategies. This is not a matter of being politically correct, either. It is a matter of presenting your opinions with a minimal degree of tact, something you aren't currently doing. Your comments were deliberately engineered to be offensive and rude, that is why your post above was truncated.

With regards to those youtube links you post, here is what I think. Please keep them off the main discussion threads; you may open such a thread on the main forum. This is accessible by the tabs near the top of the page. Click "forums" and the rest is self explanatory.

If you have any further questions, I invite you to ask them.
  by: Polaris     01/19/2007 10:29 PM     
  Dear Polaris  
By now let us speak frankly.
Are You a muslim or are You biased?

The way You answered my honest question gives me the notion that there is little chance for a dialogue.

What do You mean by "user t..."

Didn't Your parents teach You any manners and to have have respect for other human beings?

You seem to play the guitar, but I can feel no music in Your words.
You did not answer my question at all.

I've been curious about shortnews but by now I feel it's more a prison.

  by: tyrannosaurus   01/19/2007 11:47 PM     
  Dear T-rex...  
It's not a matter of political correctness... I'm about the least PC person you've met. However, you *imply* in several of your posts that you believe that most Muslims are extremists.
I think that's why everybody (including myself) got our backs up. I have a bunch of muslum friends, and they're normal 20 something guys.

I would even agree that it appears that arab muslums are more likely to become terrorists than your average arab christan or arab athiest. But I don't think that there are any accurate statistics either way on that one (so I might have devloped that opinion from TV).

Your postings lacked balance, they appear to say *all* or *most* are extremists. When I think everybody knows that they're normal people with normal families.

Be careful. Sometimes it takes an extremist to know one.
And I'm pretty sure that everybody here would have had a nice conversation (read: debate) if your original posting was a little more balanced.


  by: dal   01/20/2007 12:40 AM     
  Für dal  
<deleted by admin>

  by: tyrannosaurus   01/20/2007 01:11 AM     
  Please ensure that all posts  
are submitted in English. German is not a language that most people on this site are likely to understand. For users who wish to participate in German, they may visit this site's German counterpart at

Thank you.

  by: Polaris     01/20/2007 01:39 AM     
... Damn... I read a bit of German. And I was really interested to hear what the reply was.

c'est la vie

I think we're the only 3 interested in this thread anymore.
  by: dal   01/20/2007 10:13 PM     
i'm still interested. I was hoping t-rex would admit that his beliefs were wrong.
  by: ironic   01/21/2007 01:57 AM     
'were' is supposed to be 'are'
  by: ironic   01/21/2007 01:57 AM     
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