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                 01/16/2018 10:07 AM  
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01/25/2007 01:06 AM ID: 59751 Permalink   

Singapore Looking to Build a Robot Army


Singapore's Defense Science and Technology Agency recently announced that they will pay anyone who can submit the best design for a "robot that can operate autonomously in urban warfare conditions."

The requirements for the 'Terminator' style robot is the ability to open and close doors, move in and out of buildings, and most importantly "search and destroy targets like a human soldier." They have also hastily set an entry date of May this year.

Robert Richardson from the University of Manchester, UK recently commented that such a "competition could present a major challenge to even the most sophisticated robot." The government of Singapore is offering a S$1 Million (USD$652,000) reward.

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  Excuse me  
I have to go out and apply for a job at Skynet.
  by: Valkyrie123     01/25/2007 01:25 AM     
  @ Valkyrie123  
Haha, and the government of Singapore must be retarded if they think they can get a robot capable of this stuff by May... Especially when the most advanced robot in the world can't even walk up stairs!
  by: NicPre     01/25/2007 01:28 AM     
  The mechanics permit it now  
It remains only for someone to develop appropriately sophisticated algorithms.

It can be done. It will start a new arms race, one that is now overdue and destined to happen.

I hope someone successfuly builds one.
  by: Hollywood   01/25/2007 01:51 AM     
  625k US$  
It's obviously too small an ammount,
that's half how much each would cost... and that's not counting research.

in any case, IMHO, I hope noone makes them any time soon.
If it's an autonomous robot, I dont want it to be armed. (but AI is so crap nowadays, that those wont be coming in any time soon..)
If it's a human controled robot.. think of lag!
"oh I killed a hostage instead of the the perp because of freaking lag!"
Imagine that.
  by: deadmeat     01/25/2007 02:07 AM     
  Well the end is near  
who would have thought the terminator movies were a profacy? when do we see the first wave of robot attackers sent back to kill the human rebellions leaders?
  by: ssxxxssssss   01/25/2007 02:57 AM     
  These sorts of projects are full of crap.  
I think they will do what everyone else has done and reject my design. Not one single country is interested in my 'laser-pointer-pen-guided-elastic band-propelled-marble-shooting-lego-spider' powered by the command & concquer + unreal tournament AI's. I defy anyone to come up with a solution better for $625k. I dunno why they reject cus the spare parts are easy to get a hold of.
  by: AccessG     01/25/2007 04:17 PM     
That clip looks like a motor failure not really a big deal especially when you consider its true potential:

Have a watch at this Public Demo. It's good news really, these things will be doing all sorts of tasks in the next few years.

But Rambo Asimo lol... Nah maybe not. Maybe some kind of remote control version using its walking capabilities
  by: spacechimp     01/25/2007 04:47 PM     
COOL!! It's about time. I got news for them tho. It will not be easy. I say just make a really tough Exoskeleton and let the soldier do the work of deciding who to kill. the USA has been working on it but it looks like a money pit that never really plans to get anywhere as long as the cash flows in. Bring on the 50' tall robots that can tear a building open and kill who's hiding inside.
  by: Shikiko   02/20/2007 09:58 PM     
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