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                 02/25/2018 12:31 AM  
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02/01/2007 10:55 AM ID: 59917 Permalink   

Public Smoking Ban Takes Effect in France


As of today, it is illegal to smoke in schools, airports, train stations and government buildings across France as the Health Ministry's smoking ban comes into effect. Cafe's and pubs may voluntarily ban smoking, and must ban it by December.

A lot of French culture is tied up in smoking a cigarette and having a coffee, but the majority of the French are supportive of the smoking ban, 70 per cent in fact, as well as the majority of French smokers.

Those caught smoking in banned areas face a fine of €68.

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  Viva la fumée!  
  by: specialcharacter   02/01/2007 09:03 PM     
I'm sick and tired whiny smokers talking about their rights being trampled upon.

Here's a simple analogy to help wrap your head around this:

Let's say I enjoy snorting powdered asbestos. Not only do I snort it at home, I also go to restaurants, and throw great handfuls of powdered asbestos into the air people breathe. But after the government passed a law banning people from throwing powdered asbestos into the air in public places, I immediately start a campaign to repeal the ban as a violation of my human rights.

Now, would this make me a champion of equality, or just a first-class a-hole?
  by: Volkova_Nova     02/02/2007 12:36 AM     
Well guess what...

Paul Joseph Watson who writes for Alex Jones @ proclaims that smoking is better than fascism... >>>>
that's to say he feels that people should have the freedom to smoke and suffer the consequences..

This F#$king blew my mind..

I'd thought at least he'd try the Tobacco + Government billion dollar profit angle.

This guy doesn't have my support on this one.
  by: Mr-Anderson   02/02/2007 02:44 AM     
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