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                 04/24/2014 12:08 AM  
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02/03/2007 06:08 PM ID: 59972 Permalink   

Italian Soccer Games in Limbo After Riot


After a riot Friday night at a soccer match between Sicilian sides Palermo and Catania, the Italian soccer federation threatened to call off games indefinitely. More than 70 people were injured and a police officer killed in the rampage.

League matches for this weekend were on hold and Wednesday's exhibition match between Romania and world champion Italy was canceled. According to Commissioner Luca Pancalli, they will meet Monday to discuss "drastic measures" to allow a restart.

“Violence of any sort is unacceptable, and it has absolutely no place in the game of football — we do not condone it, we must not accept it and we must act to eradicate it,” UEFA President Michel Platini said in a statement.

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Take the family along then have a good fight after and se how many people yopu can kill.

What a bunch of plonkers, why are they not in prison for this?
  by: captainJane     02/03/2007 06:29 PM     
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