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                 02/22/2018 06:03 AM  
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02/26/2007 11:00 AM ID: 60544 Permalink   

Ralph Fiennes' "Mile High" Partner may be Pregnant


The Qantas flight attendant who lost her job after it was disclosed she had sex in the plane toilet with actor Ralph Fiennes has revealed that the pair did not use protection in their interlude and that she may be pregnant.

It is unlikely that Lisa Robertson, 38, would react kindly to a positive pregnancy test who said she would "probably have a nervous breakdown" if she was found to be carrying the actor's baby.

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  You know...  
I hear the best way to avoid pregnancy is unprotected sex with some stupid actor I've never heard of. Seriously, what did she expect? 9_9
  by: PariahPoet   02/26/2007 01:56 PM     
It's an interesting story to tell the kids >_>
  by: rajah   02/26/2007 02:14 PM     
  It could be worse...  
I mean seriously... a kid (super!) money (super!) It's win-win if you ask me.
  by: carmex4thesoul   02/26/2007 03:21 PM     
"...with some stupid actor I've never heard of...."

I take it you never watched the whole Hannibal set, Silence of the Lambs, Hannibal, Red Dragon, and the new one, Hannibal Rising..... This actor was in Red Dragon....
  by: robplatt   02/26/2007 05:24 PM     
And I guess a bunch more that I didnt even recall. Shindlers List, Harry Potter...
  by: robplatt   02/26/2007 05:26 PM     
  He was good in Strange Days  
  by: zmethod     02/26/2007 11:25 PM     
  I guess thats cool  
a famous actor expecting a child. I think that i remember hearing that the actor " Ralph Fiennes " was going to shot a film or something like that up north..... But i could be wrong. I prob heard wrong. But i think its cool that the actor might be expecting a child. Good for them.
  by: @ngel   02/27/2007 02:15 AM     
  @ @ngel  
they're not a happy couple planning a family. They had sex in an aeroplane toilet while she was on shift in the first class section of a Qantas flight. This is what happens when one embarks on casual sex.
  by: NuttyPrat     02/27/2007 09:19 AM     
  @ nuttyprat  
ohh. well, i guess its not the first time that it happened. It was their choice to make it happen.
  by: @ngel   02/27/2007 09:25 PM     
  so whats the news....  
agree on havin the family? or what?
  by: @ngel   03/03/2007 01:44 AM     
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