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                 01/23/2018 11:06 PM  
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03/06/2007 08:04 PM ID: 60741 Permalink   

Sixth Graders Have Sex in Class


Two sixth-graders had sex in a classroom full of students, in front of at least ten witnesses, while the teacher was present. While this happened last November, it was kept a secret until a tip from a resident was sent to a local news station.

Warren Township Associate Superintendent Jeff Swensson confirmed the story as true, replying in part, "We have investigated the matter and taken appropriate action. The school corporation considers the matter closed and will have no further comment."

Associate Superintendent Jeff Swensson said the teacher didn't know what was going on because one of the students was acting as "look-out". The two students were recommended for expulsion, but there is still no word what action, if any, was taken.

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People at my school at least went to the broom closet.
  by: Dark_Stang   03/06/2007 08:12 PM     
  All things considered..  
It probably wasn't a sex-ed class...
  by: StarShadow     03/06/2007 08:15 PM     
  forgive my ignorance but  
how old/ youn are six graders? as a sixth grader i don't think i even had a woman's body yet!
  by: DarkAngelJG     03/06/2007 09:04 PM     
Around 11-12 years old.
  by: StarShadow     03/06/2007 09:09 PM     
  can a guy  
pull it up at that age?!
wow, i am impressed... what do you feed your kids?
  by: DarkAngelJG     03/06/2007 09:14 PM     
  @darkangel: hormone-laced beefburgers  
"what do you feed your kids?"
Doesn't sound so surprising now does it.
  by: redstain   03/06/2007 09:57 PM     
  @ red  
guess its good i don't eat meat...i would be giving birth to an already pregnant daughter!
  by: DarkAngelJG     03/06/2007 10:07 PM     
  in 6th grade...  
we were doing big things...and didn't have no problems at all.

  by: hotrock11     03/06/2007 10:48 PM     
  @ DarkAngelJG  
".....i would be giving birth to an already pregnant daughter!....."

LMDAO !!!!

That was priceless.

:) : ):)
  by: Discarded Vet   03/06/2007 10:49 PM     
I'm going to guess the two weren't practising safe sex, that's just a gut feeling.

  by: lauriesman     03/06/2007 11:03 PM     
"we were doing big things...and didn't have no problems at all."

I guess you were doing those things while skipping English class.
  by: djcll6121   03/06/2007 11:21 PM     
Don't be ridiculous, teaching them about birth control would only encourage them to have sex...oh wait...
  by: StarShadow     03/06/2007 11:52 PM     
  @age of students  
It just said they were in the 6th grade. Given the state of American schooling, the kids could have been any age. I had class with a 14 year old 6th grader back in the day...
  by: psycobob     03/07/2007 02:43 AM     
its pretty historically common to fool around at around 10, but then gain modesty during adolescence
  by: Syoware   03/07/2007 04:49 AM     
  Just a thought  
When a goverment spokesperson says "We have investigated the matter and taken appropriate action. The school corporation considers the matter closed and will have no further comment." usally means that have protected thier butts and that nothing has been done to anyone in thier group.
If ten people saw it that should read 11 students were suspended and one teacher fired.
  by: Lunatic_fringe   03/07/2007 06:48 AM     
  sorry professor  
i should have used "any"....because obviously you have
to type liked a professional geek in every post

get that shit outta here!
  by: hotrock11     03/07/2007 07:19 AM     
let's hope they don't gain any screaming things too before adolescence!
  by: DarkAngelJG     03/07/2007 12:23 PM     
Do 6th graders even know how to have sex? It's not a very easy act to hide, so I'm guessing either it happened incorrectly and quite awkwardly, or the teacher supervising is a complete incompetent and needs to be fired.
  by: bnpcollege   03/07/2007 04:57 PM     
That sounds like one of the children's parents has some politicians in their back pocket.
  by: f33rx   03/07/2007 07:15 PM     
some people can hide it well!
what amazes me is their age!
  by: DarkAngelJG     03/07/2007 07:50 PM     
  its actullly disgusting  
to think where the kids would get ideas from.. kinda like the joke how the kid find outs the the mommy and daddy are having sex and the mom tells him that their hugging
  by: maryjane <5   03/07/2007 09:01 PM     
why is it disgusting? i believe that if we didn't have such a social stigma these types of things would be happening much more often. It also probably wouldn't be in the news. IMHO, this really isn't news, it's nature. Sex is a natural part of life.
  by: banshee9898     03/07/2007 09:09 PM     
  @ banchee  
Definately. It's natural for kids to experiment with these things. And heck, I was masturbating at 12, and thinking about having sex at 13, so it's not entirely unbelievable to think they might be curious about going the whole way.

and @ bnp college:
What do you mean, "do they know how to have sex"? Of course they do - it's like eating and breathing, you're born knowing how to do it. How do you think people knew how to do it before sex ed came around?? They certainly didn't learn from THEIR parents.

I'm not saying it's necessarily RIGHT for them to be having sex at this age, but I certainly don't think it's necessarily wrong - though they obviously have some interesting ideas about taboos and such and don't respect their bodies very much, nor their privacy. It's an interesting scenario - does this happen often in the states? Cause I certainly don't remember hearing of anything like this happening in NZ...
  by: ETT   03/07/2007 10:40 PM     
What's wrong with it is that they chose to do it in class, in front of their class mates. That is not pure and natural self discovery of sexuality - its tainted.
  by: lauriesman     03/08/2007 12:40 AM     
I disagree with you. People are not "born knowing" what sex is. I had to have my parents explain it to me. Granted, as we get older it becomes more of a natural instinct. These children are experiencing sexual desire at a very early age. Not only are they having these desires, they are acting upon them... in public places. If this is anything other than odd and/or disturbing to you, you might want to rethink your justification.
  by: bnpcollege   03/08/2007 05:02 PM     
  just wrong...  
how the heck can the teacher not know that kids are having sex in class, when 10 other kids were watching, what was the teacher doing not to notice this? if it kept quite like this then something is very wrong with the school, if i was one of them parents at that school i would be all over them to fire the teacher.. and charges should brought against the teacher of the room..
  by: monster212   03/08/2007 08:08 PM     
  nothing wrong with it wdf is wrong with u  
imagine u had a 12 year old girl or boy and was having it with a diffrent kid during class how do they know how to do it if they cant even find the right place to do it its a bunch of underaged kids gone without parent hood like ppl like u think its okay
  by: maryjane <5   03/08/2007 08:18 PM     
I've been attracted to girls for as long as i can remember starting with my kindergarten sweetheart. I didn't know how to have sex however until sex ed in 6th grade. At the time i was only obsessed with their faces and boobs, lol.

Call it right, call it wrong, doesn't matter. Opinions aren't real things. IMO there's no need to debate over something imaginary.
  by: banshee9898     03/08/2007 09:00 PM     
  @ banshee9898  
Um, what are you referring to as "imaginary"?
  by: Discarded Vet   03/08/2007 09:22 PM     
  Discarded Vet  
  by: banshee9898     03/08/2007 09:29 PM     
  @ banshee9898  
OK, got ya :)

I think my Lysdexia snuck up on me, lol.
  by: Discarded Vet   03/09/2007 01:01 AM     
I think the more pertinent question is why we think it's wrong to have sex in front of people?
Personally, no, I wouldn't have sex in front of other people (particularly not at school) and do I think it's wrong? Well, yes, I do - I think there are certain rules that are put in place in social situations that help keep the peace and encourage healthy individuals (and not having sex in class is one of those rules), and so based on that, I think it was wrong for them to do that.

However, most of the comments made were about how young they were and how "wrong" it was that they should be having sex at that age. What's so wrong about it? That's what I was questioning.

Also, I'd like to look into the whole "I didn't know until my parents told me" concept. Because, while I realise we're all born with sexual desires, we are social creatures, and do learn most what we do through other people (whether that's watching, or being told). So perhaps we do need to be taught? Either way, they obviously haven't reached one of either social maturity or sexual maturity (or both) so it's not an issue as long as they realise what they did isn't acceptable in our culture (I'm refraining from saying it's "wrong" because I think it would be completely in our nature to accept a culture whereby that was deemed entirely normal, if we were brought up in it).

I don't think the issue is about whether they were having sex or not - I think it's about the situation in which they were having sex. Obviously, you're welcome to debate this with me, but I think it all goes back to our basic sexual desires, because at the end of the day, to an adolescent who hasn't quite got the social code sorted out (at least in terms of sex) that's what it all comes down to - their in-built brain and body chemistry.
  by: ETT   03/09/2007 02:03 AM     
  the "well" structured US society!!!  
murder at schools, sex at schools, pregnancy at schools, suicide at schools, drugs, pedos....the list goes on...
  by: Palestinian   03/09/2007 11:47 AM     
  @ Palestinian  
No society is perfect. We all suffer these problems or even worse.
  by: DarkAngelJG     03/09/2007 05:40 PM     
  I'm sure  
all americans wish there schools were as good as palestines...
  by: Gogevandire   03/09/2007 05:43 PM     
goge, that was under the belt...
can we just learn to stop pointin fingers?
  by: DarkAngelJG     03/09/2007 06:33 PM     

  by: keanu1982     03/09/2007 07:23 PM     
  You all miss the point  
How many have kids?...Ok put your hands many are at home while you are at work?...Ok put your hands down...How many have CABLE?...Ok...Internet?....Hmmm...Older brothers....OK...Now those joining the class action suit against Jerry Springer, Rikki Lake, Montel, Jenny, and the rest come to the front of the class....good. Alright anyone live within 10 miles of public housing?....a Catholic Church?...a bus route?....I see...Ok how many kids went to summer camp? the Catskills doesn't count...Ok the MTV petition is over here..yes it is translated from Ebonics, the dance study group will differentiate between the Macarena and the habla? The Lorena Bobbit analysis id finished...something about spiting your face I believe...Hold on's the babysitter....Got Milk?....Just do it! now 1-900-rep rest ..when everything they see and hear is targeted to make them salivate what could you possibly expect?
look but don't touch....Catwoman has cleavage, girls gone wild...male enhancement, drink this beer and poof...a gorgeous 36-24-36 genie will appear on your lap, long as you are buying of course.

We've left them no imagination, only woods to go play in, only malls, no camerauderie, only envy and competition,... what could possibly be left of them after we cover them in the stench of corporate feces and P.C. confusion. When as parents we fight in retail cesspools over the last poorly made imported piece of crap, that "all the kids gotta have" we accelerate the velocity of mediocrity. This is the future...till the riddlin generation sterilized itself.
  by: machiavelli     03/11/2007 05:23 PM     
Exactly. don't blame a kid for doing exactly what we have taught them is most important in life. Don't let this stuff happen in schools, don't cover it up when it does and take a good look at the world from their perspective. good call machiavelli.
  by: Shikiko   03/12/2007 05:33 AM     
Agree totally.
  by: lauriesman     03/12/2007 05:42 AM     
Well said!
  by: StarShadow     03/12/2007 05:44 AM     
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