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                 02/26/2018 04:24 AM  
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03/11/2007 09:51 AM ID: 60870 Permalink   

Toxic Wife Syndrome on The Rise


Journalist Tara Winter Wilson, who recently wrote a newspaper article warning against the signs of Toxic Wife Syndrome, is angering many who say she is betraying feminism and is a misogynist by claiming women try to trap men who will pay their way.

She says signs of a toxic wife are large legal settlements; giving up kids to boarding school after outgrowing nannies; she demands a maid; housework, cooking is a no-no; and having to live in a large house in the country that makes the husband commute.

She said, "I have had feedback from readers around the world recognising the syndrome. In America, many people wrote in about their toxic wives." Although divorced, she says her children are "unbelievably sane, happy and confident."

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  Why are feminists offended?  
some feminists are way too sensitive and pushing for superiority rather than equality.
Unfortunatly there are women like this and i don't see anything wrong in warning men about them as many men are hormone driven and can think with the wrong head.
  by: DarkAngelJG     03/11/2007 12:51 PM     
  I have to agree with her  
Marriage is about equality, not about one person in the union being the dominant person. There is such a thing called a compromise. My wife and I both work in two different places and we are both looking for a house in which our commute would be essentially equal at this time. We both pitch in to do laundry, house work, etc. I tend to do most of the cooking and cleaning around at times given that I stink at finances, so my wife tends to do the finances, but when push comes to shove we both give equally and take equally...thats what makes a good marriage... if my wife started making all sorts of demands i'd have to check to see if she had a fever...
  by: Jediman3     03/11/2007 03:37 PM     
  Oh, this is not what I expected  
After reading the title I thought this article was about women becoming toxic from consuming too much sperm while trying to cure their depression or improve their teeth.

This is just a description of gold diggers. They've been around forever.
  by: Valkyrie123     03/11/2007 04:31 PM     
How about no?

Anyway. The problem is huge here in the US. Feminism went a little far and women have way to much control. It is one of the most remarkable things in modern society to see a beautiful woman who has a higher social status than a successful doctor because of the way she looks.

The problem in marriages nowadays is that the woman is trying to play the same role as the man which is not her natural biological or historical role. It is completely incongruent to relationships. Oh well there are probably books written on this so I won't bother here.
  by: kuhl   03/11/2007 06:22 PM     
  I don't..  
Think I would consider those who were offended to be real feminists. I could be wrong but from what I understand, real feminists want full equality, which is a position I fully agree with. However, there are some who just want 'to turn the tables', they want to reverse things and make men the '2nd class gender', and that I disagree most strongly. I figure the 'offended feminists' fall into the latter group.
  by: StarShadow     03/11/2007 08:54 PM     
  @ star  
i couldn't have said it better!
  by: DarkAngelJG     03/12/2007 12:23 AM     
Feminism is fine, and very valuable in it's contributions to social and philosophical discourses even if you don't particularly agree with it. However, it is misleading to call something like this "toxic wife syndrome," because it gives it a kind of medical authority which implies an unbiased, ungendered, depoliticized fact. This is not that. Plenty of husbands do this, too, but are excluded from the syndrome on the basis of their gender. Also, what about unmarried couples? Homosexual couples? This is a jab against married women, and framed by an amateur psychologist who probably dropped out of junior college. Not to say there's not some truth there, though; obviously, any JC dropout can see it plain as day.
  by: nharper   03/12/2007 09:07 AM     
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