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                 01/23/2018 11:08 PM  
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03/12/2007 02:45 PM ID: 60924 Permalink   

Jealous House Cat Hospitalizes Owner


One is enough! That was apparently the thoughts of black and white house cat that attacked his owner, biting her over 20 times, requiring hospitalization. On Wednesday, a neighbor had come in with another cat which sparked the ruckus.

In Hailey, Idaho, an ambulance had to transport the 60+ year old woman to the hospital with 'pretty serious puncture wounds.' It has not been disclosed whether than woman had been released as of yet.

The assistant fire chief commented that the owner stated that that's the last straw for the shelter-bound feline, as he's shown the propensity for violent temperament before.

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  If I can't have you to myself.....  
  by: crosimoto     03/12/2007 03:03 PM     
  Dogs Win Again  
I keep telling people dogs are better than cats... and cats leave me with no shortage of ammunition.

Takes a lot more than another dog visiting for a dog to bite the hand that feeds.
  by: chrysmevalesco   03/12/2007 07:47 PM     
  Dogs win?  
So, what you are saying is that some dogs do not show the exact or even worse behavior such as this? How least cats have enough intellect to only lash out when they get to their breaking point...unlike some dogs who would bite and wreak havoc at the most minimal trigger.

Not to mention the sad truth = domestic dogs have no independence, they live at the owner's beck and call...cats on the other hand...well, you know what I mean.
  by: bkraul   03/12/2007 08:35 PM     
  Not to mention  
you can't train a dog to do his/her business in the same place every time like you can a cat.
  by: caution2     03/12/2007 09:45 PM     
  limited experience  
I've dealt with both and it seems to me, A certified pet specialist </joke> that dogs love to love their owners, cats love their owners to love them when they ask for it.
  by: crosimoto     03/12/2007 09:51 PM     
  ....and further more  
you're right, dogs aren't perfect, they make mistakes on the floor and in that, you have to forgive forgive is divine. Therefore I conclude that dogs help in sptiritual elevation. Cats think they are divine
...I think I could go on and on with this
  by: crosimoto     03/12/2007 09:54 PM     
  Oh really...  
What about this story?

  by: djdanx     03/12/2007 10:14 PM     
The Cat just wanted some attention lol, if it was my cat it would kill the other cat and not me
  by: groomsy     03/12/2007 11:05 PM     
  Like apples and oranges  
I’ll take both. Dogs love you because you are so wonderful. Cats love you because they feel sorry for you. You get all your emotional needs met. I make sure I get my daily recommended dose of pathetic.
  by: Valkyrie123     03/13/2007 01:30 AM     
  Aww kittys got attitude  
How cute...

Being a Leo I don't like sharing much either.
  by: Zmethod     03/13/2007 04:30 AM     
  Crossover Story  
Perhaps this cat is the poster kitty for the reason Americans are putting their pets on drugs? lol
  by: cyphercrash   03/13/2007 10:28 AM     
  @ caution2  
My dogs do... they have a little patch covered with bark at the bottom of the garden, they're trained to go there :)
  by: dook   03/13/2007 10:43 AM     
  in mycountry they say  
that a dog will sit by hes owners grave and die there waiting for the owner one day if they treat him nicley.all u have to do is love him. for a cat they couldnt do anything expect shit on ur grave and walk away
  by: maryjane <5   03/13/2007 08:11 PM     
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