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                 01/21/2018 07:34 AM  
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03/22/2007 07:43 PM ID: 61228 Permalink   

Dead Naked Man Found in Owl Cage


Workers at the Moscow Zoo made a bizarre and tragic discovery when they found the body of a man wearing only boxer shorts in the owl cage.

The deceased, Alexander Luparev, apparently at some point in the night snuck into the cage of a Siberina long-tailed tawny owl. His clothes were scattered around the cage, and a half-empty litre bottle of vodka was also found.

"The owl is still in a state of shock," zoo spokeswoman Natalya Istratova said Wednesday. She added that the owl was not eating or drinking and that she feared for its life.

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i always knew those owls are evil, but damn!
  by: maccheese   03/22/2007 08:45 PM     
  Daily Show Quote:  
John Oliver: "For a minute I really thought these deaths were suspicious."

Jon Stewart: "You're saying they're not suspicious?"

John Oliver: "Please, this is Russia. It's hard to live hear and NOT perish early and strangely."

  by: opinionated   03/23/2007 12:19 AM     
  Home Invasion  
Well now what the h#ll did that bad man do that poor owl anyway?
  by: techrat999     03/23/2007 09:30 AM     
  Name that Owl ‘Darwin’  
Out here in the back woods we know better than to f#@k with an owl. This guy was an idiot, Darwin has saved us from him.
  by: Valkyrie123     03/23/2007 02:18 PM     
Why was the man naked? Why is the bird not eating? Did he do something extremely nasty to the bird and the bird killed him? This is a highly disturbing newsline.
  by: Jon_Hall     03/23/2007 06:16 PM     
  Who. Who.  
Did it?
  by: walter3ca   03/24/2007 08:24 PM     
He popped his clogs and not the poor owl.
  by: captainJane     03/25/2007 04:20 AM     
o rly?
  by: koultunami     03/26/2007 03:33 PM     
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