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                 01/17/2018 06:20 AM  
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03/23/2007 07:52 PM ID: 61263 Permalink   

Microsoft Crashes PlayStation 3's European Launch


Last night's launch of the PS3 in Europe turned out to be more than Sony had bargained for when some uninvited (none the less expected) guests showed up just in time for Sony's PR Announcements.

In the UK, Microsoft handed out chairs to those waiting in line that had a web address pointing to a "Too Late" message from Microsoft. In Paris, a barge with the phrase "XBOX 360 [hearts] YOU" could be seen going up and down the river all night.

Reports also circulated that Microsoft employees stood on top of buildings blowing whistles in the direction of Sony's Public Relations speeches in an attempt to drown their competition out and hinder the PS3's launch.

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  by: vant   03/23/2007 08:25 PM     
I'm not a huge fan of Microsoft, but this is a really funny story. Guerrilla Marketing at it's best.
  by: EyesOnly   03/23/2007 08:40 PM     
Now that's funny.
I know it's almost blasphemy to say this but... Go Microsoft!
  by: Svengali   03/23/2007 08:41 PM     
  M$ must really be worried  
to have done this...
  by: caution2     03/23/2007 09:21 PM     
I'd say Greedy. 360 Has already FAR outsold PS3 and Wii - Even Wii is doing better money-wise than PS3. 360 just wants to keep Sony in their place.
  by: NicPre     03/23/2007 09:23 PM     
You have some source to prove that 360 has outsold the Wii by far? Last I checked the Wii was dominating.
  by: Hellscript   03/23/2007 09:28 PM     
You're thinking of the monthly sales. The Xbox360 was out a year before the Wii. The total sales of Xbox360 are still higher.
  by: bane39   03/23/2007 09:40 PM     
  So far the Wii  
has not had many huge technical issues. PS3 has the compatibility issue and 360 stops reading disks (or completely dies altogether) after a short amount of time. Nintendo simply wasn't rushing and it is paying off.
  by: datsuncaptain1     03/23/2007 10:55 PM     
Im still gonna by myself a PS3, Microshaft could go to hell Have microshaft ever designed anything of value? and the Wii is just a gimmick. Friggin Nun Chucks. lol gimme a break

Id say PS3 is by far the better system to buy.

Its a sad day when MS have to resort to these kinda antics.
  by: keanu1982     03/23/2007 11:16 PM     
  If they tried this in boston...  
two words, Bomb Scare.
  by: UhThatGuy   03/24/2007 01:22 AM     
  dat, keanu  
my xbox 360 hasn't given me any grief whatsoever. and i bought it shortly after launch.

and the wii a gimmick? you obviously haven't played one (or were forcing yourself to not enjoy it).

ps3 is the weakest system so far (so far). and overpriced at that, but what else would you expect from sony.

but back on topic... this is friggin hilarious, picturing dark figures on building tops peeking over and blowing whistles hhahahah. as childish and immature as it is, i can't stop laughing at it!
but i would be MIGHTY pissed if i were sony, hopefully this will lead to the having a slap fight.
  by: hamstertube   03/24/2007 01:37 AM     
  it's funny  
i've got an opinion about the ps3 even though i haven't read any specifications, touched one, barely even seen a picture.

wonder if it has anything to do with the massive smear campaigns..
  by: pornohippy   03/24/2007 01:45 AM     
  Dirty Politics in Gaming  
Losers shouting at losers... kinda comical.

Funny that Nintendo has never had to resort to any sort of "yellow marketing", and they're the ones with higher console sales numbers.

Still, even months after launch, it's difficult to find a store with any Wii's on the shelves...

Oh, probably because most sane people wouldn't drop $600 US (probably even more in Europe) for a box with little fun software to play on it.

Mario FTW. :-D
  by: chrysmevalesco   03/24/2007 02:11 AM     
  i don't have a 360  
but i want that barge banner....bad
  by: pixx   03/24/2007 03:35 AM     
  PS 3's in shops now  
the day after release... I still cant find a Nintendo Wii almost 1/4 of a year after they were released
  by: koultunami     03/24/2007 03:41 AM     
  Give it time  
the ps3 has only been out what, 4 months now? 5? its a very powerful system, and i do understand the successes by nintendo and microsoft are posing an extremely huge challenge to sony in terms of providing the highest level of entertainment for the lowest price. i remember when the ps1 launched, and the ps2 as well, how the games really didn't take advantage of the hardware for at least a year or two. there is a lot of potential with the ps3, but it will take a lot of talent and money to bring it out, something i hope works in their favor because if it does, we could see some see some really kick a** games.
  by: ezanto   03/24/2007 11:16 AM     
Lets face it.

The PS3 is a failure. The launches of PS1 and PS2 were great in their times, the PS3 is probably the worst thing ever to happen in console history.

The Wii is a great console, it really brings families together and I think thats why it is selling so well! I don't think it will overtake 360's huge lead anytime soon, but I do think it will be a huge threat to Microsoft.

Sony is now a miniscule threat in the console industry. Most of the people who bought the console, also bought another.
  by: vant   03/24/2007 08:00 PM     
Amen. Those Boston freaks... Sheesh, what has this world come to?
  by: NicPre     03/25/2007 06:32 AM     
Nintendo has the higher sales? Are you kidding? Show me one graph that supports that. 360 is winning on all fronts.
Even supports what others say, 360 has sold 8 times what PS3 has, and double what Wii has - So I have no clue what you're speaking of.

  by: NicPre     03/25/2007 07:25 PM     
  The 360 has also been out  
3 x as long as the WII, at least.

If the WII is a gimmick, why did sony rush out 6 axis, which is a gimmick...

Theres plenty of PS3's in the UK, you cant find a WII though...
  by: Gogevandire   03/27/2007 12:19 PM     
  I'm with Keanu1982  

Whatever. I'm still going to get a ps3, before even thinking of buying a Wii or a 360.
  by: Danish989   03/31/2007 04:38 AM     
" 360 is winning on all fronts."

No 360 is only winning in overall sales. That would be one front. The Wii is the top seller per month since its release.

On a side note all console's are being outsold monthly and total sales by nintendo DS.
  by: jamiehackl   04/04/2007 09:37 AM     
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