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                 12/22/2014 10:15 AM  
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05/04/2001 10:24 AM ID: 6133 Permalink   

All Internet-Enabled Computers Vulnerable to Hack


Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT) has found a flaw in the standard used to regulate how computers communicate over the Internet, which means that basically all net-connected computers are vulnerable to hack.

The flaw lies in TCP (Transfer Control Protocol.) "TCP was designed to be a reliable protocol, and to insure that it was designed to be somewhat predictable," said a CERT official.

However, because of this predictability, it might be possible for hackers to predict which ISN number would come next, enabling them to steal emails or listen in on chats, for example. However, it is not easy to take advantage of this flaw.

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I'm glad that it's difficult to use this flaw, but doubt that it's beyond the intelligence of some of these power-hackers out there!
  by: dubster   05/04/2001 11:34 PM     
  Not Difficult  
Apparently it's not very difficult, just one more step than some of these ultra-easy hacking tools, like the one used by the creator of the Anna virus, who knows nothing about programming at all! :)
  by: Chara     05/07/2001 08:34 AM     
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