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                 01/22/2018 09:19 AM  
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03/30/2007 02:50 PM ID: 61412 Permalink   

School Remains Untouched by his Noodly Appendage


A school in North Buncombe, North Carolina, has created controversy by suspending one of it's students for wearing a pirate costume which he insists is part of his religion. The student is a Pastafarian - a follower of the Flying Spaghetti Monster.

Pastafarians believe that the world was created by a touch from the noodly appendage and that global warming is caused by the decline of pirates. Pirates are seen as 'absolute divine beings'.

Pastafarianism came to the notice of the public when it's prophet, Bobby Henderson, demanded that his teaching be given the same amount of classroom time as Intelligent Design in Kansas classrooms. Since then it has gained many followers.

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  You may take my life  
But you will never take my Pasta!!!

The religious intolerance displayed by this school will not be tolerated by the follows of the FSM
  by: Gogevandire   03/30/2007 02:58 PM     
That is the best story I've seen on ShortNews in a very long time. I wibble my pasta in your general direction.
  by: ZCT     03/30/2007 03:03 PM     
They disallowed a muslim from wearing her veil. So I guess it would remain consistent that the kid would not be able to wear his pirate costume.
  by: Svengali   03/30/2007 03:43 PM     
I assumed the pirate costume was in response to the opposite, oh well.
  by: Gogevandire   03/30/2007 03:52 PM     
"The school, in North Buncombe, North Carolina, remains adamant that their decision to suspend Killian for a day has nothing to do with his religion, and quite a lot to do with his repeated refusal to heed warnings against wearing pirate outfits."

That line just admuses me. I wish I knew someone who insisted that he wear pirate gear at all times.
  by: Svengali   03/30/2007 03:59 PM     
Soon we Pastafarians will rule the world. All hail the great FSM
  by: Lunatic_fringe   03/30/2007 06:09 PM     
  Declining Pirate Populations  
If the increase in global warming is due to a drop in the pirate populations(which of course makes sense because Pirates Are Cool) then it only stands to reason that the solution is to increase the number of the pirates natural prey. i.e. Gallions.

Switching all of our shipping fleets back to sail power also decreases greenhouse gasses. I've heard that greenhouse gasses contribute to global warming some too. So...
  by: vermiciousg     03/30/2007 07:37 PM     
  somebody talk to Robert Hamburger!!!  
If you tell him to tell all ninjas to stop killing pirates, then global warming will come to a halt!
  by: photo_dude44   03/30/2007 09:26 PM     
Gotta love correlation without causation!
  by: kuhl   03/30/2007 09:37 PM     
If that's the case, I'm going to start a religion called Pizzafarian where it is against my religion to not eat pizza within 4 hours of the last time you ate some.
  by: Jon_Hall     03/30/2007 09:51 PM     
Yeah except this religion actually uses logic and reason although it is completely faulty. Come up with a good reason why you need to eat pizza and you might get some followers.
  by: kuhl   03/30/2007 09:58 PM     
this is so funny. i think this religion was started as a joke. people actually believe this? this is so dumb.
  by: HarmoniousMelody     03/30/2007 11:34 PM     
count me out. do you know how bad pizza is for you? every one of your followers and yourself would look like bloated clowns from a circus. just say no to pizza and yes to chicken salad, mmm chicken caesar salads are so good. i don't know about a religion, but i make salads an everyday ritual, so i guess it is my religion. i wouldn't get suspended for it though.
  by: HarmoniousMelody     03/30/2007 11:37 PM     
Wasn't it the movie Dodgeball where one of the characters was dressed like a pirate? Yaaarrr! Pirates rule man! I have extra eyepatches cuz you just never know..
  by: John E Angel     03/31/2007 12:31 AM     
  If anything  
It's a jab by students @ all the rest of the cults around the world. Praise science!

I got the Noodly Appendage wallpaper up, makes me chuckle.
  by: UhThatGuy   03/31/2007 12:44 AM     
Since when did religion ever have to make sense?
  by: splicer   03/31/2007 12:51 AM     
  religion makes sense within its own reality  
Thats where it makes sense.
  by: kuhl   03/31/2007 02:24 AM     
  Kudos to the Kid  
This story is great, schools mandate the quack theory of Intelligent Design and print on all biology books that evolution is not proven, Yet not printing the same text on Intelligent Design Teachings. Some kid dresses like a pirate & gets suspended.
  by: CriticalCone   03/31/2007 02:30 AM     
why not... its as legitimate as any other religion...

you must have faith in the flying spagetti monster and he will be real to you, the flying spagetti monster will not show himself to you because thus you would not need faith and having faith... yada yada etc etc
  by: juleslady     03/31/2007 11:04 PM     
Did you know that there are more calories in a chicken ceaser salad than in a slice of white pizza? Talk about bloated, LOL!
  by: cyphercrash   04/01/2007 12:18 AM     
  The more I read this title  
the more I want to be touched by a Noodly Appendage
  by: Valkyrie123     04/01/2007 03:08 PM     
They probably suspended him for smoking the WACKY WEED!
  by: cavador   04/01/2007 04:08 PM     
  Has anyone noticed...  
...that the great FSM looks a lot like Cthulu?

Just a thought.
  by: vanillaskye   04/02/2007 02:50 AM     
Just kinda dumb. Sorry.
  by: Volkova_Nova     04/02/2007 03:50 AM     
  this is just idiotic....  
i'm sure the school has a dress code that everyone has seen. I know my high school did. It was in the handbook that they gave us which was 10 pages of rules and the rest an assignment book that we had the option of using (i always threw mine in the locker....i wish i didn't now looking back...)

He isn't be discriminated against, and his religion isn't being attacked. His outfit violates school policy. Celebrate your religion outside of school. In fact, it's a shame really that they are even discussion that intellegent crap....because a lot of colleges don't accept classes like that as "credible".

He knows he was in the wrong, he should shut up and keep it moving
  by: hotrock11     04/02/2007 03:51 AM     
at least it will get some clarity over whether or not it is acceptable to allow students breech school uniform rules because of their religion.
  by: jendres     04/02/2007 04:22 AM     
maybe more than 1 slice, but how many people you know eat only 1 slice? most people eat like 3 or 4 slices.

What you say is not true because 1 McDonald's Chicken Caesar salad has 221 calories while one frozen plain cheese pizza has a total of 1,948 calories. The average pizza is divided into 8 slices. So each slice is 1,948 divided by 8 which equals 243.5 calories per slice. So if you eat 3 slices that is 730.5 calories. While the entire salad has a mere 221 calories in total.
  by: HarmoniousMelody     04/02/2007 04:27 PM     
Ca-chow? (I just watched the movie Cars I had to say it) That is way too many carbs. Perhaps I will stop eating pizza. That is just too much. Forget that. Thank you for the information. Why is it that it seems you keep me in check on every thread? Hmm.
  by: Jon_Hall     04/03/2007 03:16 PM     
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