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                 01/22/2018 09:17 AM  
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03/31/2007 10:08 PM ID: 61440 Permalink   

Ayatollah Ali Khamenei Ordered Capture of British Sailors, Says Iranian Dissident Group


Although the British said they would not comment on the allegation, an Iranian opposition group claims that Iran's supreme leader ordered the recent capture of the 15 British sailors. The group provided no hard evidence to support their claim.

Members of the National Council of Resistance of Iran say that the purpose of the capture was to take attention away from Iran's nuclear program and to apply pressure to the British in the UN security council Iran sanctions deliberations.

The opposition group making the claims -- the MEK -- say they obtained the information from sources within Iran's Islamic Revolutionary Guard. Incidentally, the MEK is listed as a terrorist group by Britain, the U.S. and the E.U.

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  Nice story.  
Lots to debate. Even handed.
  by: redstain   03/31/2007 10:20 PM     
  sooo stupid  
So, he said: "My intuition says there are 15 british soilders on Iranian waters... go go go capture them!!!!" ??? is that what happened??!?!??
  by: apc123   04/01/2007 03:28 AM     
What's up for debate is whether or not the sailors were actually in Iranian waters....
  by: Otto The Bobcat   04/01/2007 03:34 AM     
  Stupid Move  
Wonder who came up with this idea,just hope all this guys do not get hurt in the sickening porn game.
  by: captainJane     04/01/2007 04:30 AM     
  pff Dissident groups  
How can you rely on dissident groups?

If they are dissident groups how can they really know 100% that Khamenei actually said those words if they are not part of his inner circle or group??

More often than not any dissident group that is against what the west is against is usually paid to concoct such claims.

  by: mr-anderson   04/01/2007 04:57 AM     
  Are these the same groups  
are these the same Iranian Dissident Groups that are currently being trained in Pakistan by the CIA to provoke the Iranian gov?? Listen to bbc radio news podcast for friday 30/3/2007 if you're in the dark about that one.
  by: Hugo Chavez     04/01/2007 09:42 AM     
Since information from Iraqi dissidents proved so accurate and reliable...

I'll check out the podcast later Hugo, sounds interesting. It requires CIA training to provoke the Iranian government? I wouldn't have thought it was that hard.
  by: ixuzus     04/01/2007 03:39 PM     
I don't think it'd be all that difficult either. I think the CIA training is just to ensure that it backfires at some future time..
  by: StarShadow     04/01/2007 05:00 PM     
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