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                 02/17/2018 10:04 PM  
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05/04/2001 12:01 PM ID: 6146 Permalink   

Camelot refuse to pay out on lost lottery ticket.


Camelot, the UK's national lottery operator, has rejected requests from the Culture Secretary, Mr Chris Smith, to pay a £3 million jackpot to a couple who claim to have lost the winning ticket.

The couple, who come from Watford in Hertfordshire, lost their chance to claim the prize because they failed to meet the 30 day deadline. They apparently did not realize they had won until 6 months after the draw.

Camelot have stated that to pay out on a request of this nature would, in fact, undermine the lottery's rules and also damage its reputation.

The unclaimed prize will go to good causes determined by Camelot.

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  i can see  
that you have tried not to copy the article.
but dont you think its a bit VERY close to the original.
If you look at the last sentence, you really should have changed it a little!
  by: Ludmila     05/04/2001 12:09 PM     
  True enough  
But a little plagarism never hurt anyone .. and time is of the essence ! Unfortunately I don't have alot of time to change whats already worded particularly well. Anyway .. thanks for the comments (I'll try harder enxt time !)
  by: Browchay   05/04/2001 12:14 PM     
someone will change it a little.
and if you dont try harder next time ill give you VERY VERY VERY bad ratings.

have a sunny day!!!!!!!!!!!
  by: Ludmila     05/04/2001 12:19 PM     
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