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                 04/24/2014 06:31 PM  
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04/03/2007 10:13 PM ID: 61506 Permalink   

Violent Games Don't Affect Stable Personalities


According to a study done by Ars Technica, it has been found that children with stable personalities are not affected by violent video games.

Ars Technica tested 110 boys and 15 girls with an average age of 14.6 years old. All of the candidates were familiar with the game Quake II. After being given personality tests, the children were allowed to play Quake II for 20 minutes each.

Out of all the children, 77 remained unchanged while 22 developed anger issues. It was found that kids with stable personalities were in the majority of the 77. Kids with emotional states were mostly in the 22.

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  Quake II?  
Wasn't that like 12 years ago?
And I must agree.. I love games like GTA and other first-person shooters, but when it comes to real life I can't even kill a bug.
  by: FadedRoses   04/03/2007 10:26 PM     
  Once again...  
It all comes down to parenting (or the lack there of)
  by: Jon_Hall     04/03/2007 10:27 PM     
They probably picked Quake II because they wanted to choose something a lot of people know how to play.
  by: Jon_Hall     04/03/2007 10:28 PM     
That's a pretty vague and dismissive claim to make based on this article! There could be any number of reasons why these children have different emotional states -it could be environmental, diet related, biological/hereditary - the possibilities are too broad to simply blame the parents.
  by: lauriesman     04/04/2007 12:27 AM     
Agreed... A,W,S,D, Space, Enter, and [ and ] I believe..
  by: CaveHermit   04/04/2007 12:33 AM     
  I've got an emotional stability test  
Check it out, this is genius:

You let a bunch of kids play a violent video game. Then you measure their behavior. The ones who act like maniacs are emotionally unstable!
  by: l´anglais     04/04/2007 12:34 AM     
  oh god...  
I hate soft science..
  by: luc1ddr3am     04/04/2007 01:48 AM     
  Whatever happened to CRAZY?  
People are always looking for a reason or excuse to explain why they do dumb crap. Whatever happened to, "That person was just f-ing crazy."??

I don’t buy this bunk crap about video games causing people to become violent or irrational – at least, not with sane and mentally stable people. Mentally unstable people and those that already harbor violent tendencies are probably more susceptible to be enraged with violent stimuli. But many of these people could be sent over the edge watching a cowboys-and-Indians flick just as quickly as playing a video game.

I’ve been playing FPS games since Doom, and have played nearly all the good ones created since. Even now, I still “kill” about 1,000 people online each week in Unreal Tournament 2004. I’ve never found myself to be any more aggressive after playing vs. before I booted my computer up. I find this game a great stress reliever and it does a lot to force me to think fast. It’s a very fast-paced game and, unless you’re capable of thinking and reacting quickly, you’ll quickly become someone’s favorite victim. There is a lot of violence and gore in the game, so if you're the type that only plays Pac Man or Q-Bert, this game will NOT be for you.

To download a demo version of the baddest FPS, UT 2004 (avail for PC, Mac, or Linux), click the link below. There are MANY Demo servers that support multiplayer modes.

The next version, Unreal Tournament 2007 (aka Unreal Tournament 3), will be released in August. It’ll be THE most technologically advanced game. Period. Check out the trailer (rendered in real-time using the game’s newest Unreal Engine). Awesome.

  by: CArnold     04/04/2007 02:41 AM     
I'd imagine his basis for the claim is mostly founded in the stories of young adults and children who commit crimes which are then blamed on video games.

Before video games, it was comic books... D&D... you know, all that witchcraft.

Let's go back further... Britain, 19th century... at the time they blamed masturbation for the problems in their children.

Honestly, Jon's a lot more correct than you are. Insofar as nature vs. nurture... nature plays a part, but nurture tends to play the larger.

I'm not saying you can blame EVERYTHING on the parents, but the general trend has been the attempts by the elder generation to blame everything BUT themselves for their messed up children...

The first step of fixing a problem is realizing that it's there.

You just may in fact be bad parents. :-)
  by: chrysmevalesco   04/04/2007 03:22 AM     
  Finally, some good news!  
This article is something that those of us that play games have probably known for years, we just never had a study to verify it for us.

Now we do. Children aren't(all) just airheads that repeat everything they see on screen - keeping a fine line between fantasy and reality is a skill that most people do have.

If these lawsuits against video games and the like continue, pretty soon we won't need to distinguish between fantasy and reality, because fantasy will be outlawed. And I can tell you now that I refuse to live in a world full of nothing but reality, because reality is boring.
  by: daniel2508     04/04/2007 01:46 PM     
  There is just no winning with some people.  
Previously, there were comments after comments complaining that video games are being blamed for violence and a range of other things. Now, with this study, they even say "dangerous levels of anger were rarely triggered by gaming" yet this doesn't seem to satisfy many of you.
  by: steiny_33     04/04/2007 02:39 PM     
how can someone develope anger issues after only 20 minutes of playing a game?

  by: m.i.a.elite     04/04/2007 04:17 PM     
That's just the test. If they don't develop anger issues, then they are ok. Some people only need to be exposed to a few moments of violence and they already start to act differently then before they were exposed. They pretty much figure if you can go through 20 minutes of not having any negative changes, then that person is stable. But if you see them change, for example, they start getting angry at the game, you watch their eyes and they seem to be enjoying blowing off peoples' heads, it takes a sharp eye to notice the difference between someone that's just having a good time and someone who's becoming obsessed with killing the fake people on the screen.
  by: Jon_Hall     04/04/2007 04:26 PM     
  Violent Games Don't Affect Stable Personalities  
Well what about the rest of us?
  by: Valkyrie123     04/04/2007 05:11 PM     
Chances are, "they were getting hardcore pwned like a bunch of noobs, fj33r."

On a side note, it pisses me off that people purposely use the word "pwned" and more that they actually say it out loud.
  by: Svengali   04/04/2007 09:58 PM     
  screw loose  
after reading this i finally realise i have multiple personalities that arnt seperate identities
  by: maccheese   04/05/2007 07:49 AM     
We're screwed. Best we can do is go arm ourselves to the teeth and go on a warpath.

  by: The Fox   04/05/2007 05:39 PM     
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