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                 02/19/2018 01:02 AM  
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04/04/2007 06:29 PM ID: 61528 Permalink   

The Idea of Electric Cars is Back from the Dead


Honda has created a new idea to get rid of using gasoline to fuel cars. The car has been named the FCX, or its full name is Fuel Cell Vehicle.

The FCX has a combination of carbon fiber construction. The car has a smaller fuel cell stack, which turns hydrogen into electricity. This in turn is what operates the FCX's 95kW AC synchronous motor.

As an extra component to this car, the only thing that comes out of the car's tail pipe is H20.

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  new only from Honda  
This is not a new idea to get rid of using gasoline to fuel cars, we've been using it since the 90's...
  by: apc123   04/04/2007 06:56 PM     
You misread what I put in the summary. Honda's new idea is the FCX. The FCX is their idea to get rid of having to use gasoline for fuel. The summary does not say that using electricity to get rid of gasoline fueled cars is Honda's new idea. Read more carefully before you post a comment.
  by: Jon_Hall     04/04/2007 07:10 PM     
  Is this new?  
Hasn't the FCX been around for a little while? I thought there was a handful of them being used in California since 1999 or 2000.

I'm hoping these cars are going to start hitting the market. Even though there's really no place to fill up it would be cool to start seeing these on the road.
  by: toiletbrush   04/04/2007 07:19 PM     
Yes, this is old news. There was an earlier version, this one is just an upgrade.
  by: apc123   04/04/2007 08:12 PM     
So in other words, it never died.
  by: vant   04/04/2007 08:44 PM     
  it never technically died...  
but it died in the since that most people stopped talking about it. this isn't a new story. look at:

That link was in 2005.

That link shows the car first coming out in 1999.
  by: HarmoniousMelody     04/04/2007 09:01 PM     
  My home town here  
is the cold weather test center for most foreign and domestic makes of cars and we just got our first Smart Cars. They are tooling all over town and making lots of heads turn. Most just laugh and think what it would look like if a big SUV hit one. We just had a major blizzard and I doubt they did so well. The snow was deeper than their ground clearance with drifts over 4 feet. We need a redesigned smart car with huge knobby tires, 4 wheel drive and 2 ft of clearance. I still like them and think they would be a great July ride. For those of you that don’t know, we have two seasons here, Winter and July.
  by: Valkyrie123     04/04/2007 09:43 PM     
Thank god! It's about time they started bringing them over here. Has anyone seen the roadster yet? Those are cool little cars. Especially the roadster BRABUS. But we probably won't get those for another few years. The only cars displayed on their America page are the fourtwo's.
  by: toiletbrush   04/04/2007 10:37 PM     
  But of course  
We have to wonder, where does all the electricity come from...
  by: Gogevandire   04/05/2007 11:15 AM     
It's a fuel cell vehicle. You fill up with Hydrogen, not electricity.

The only problem will be finding an efficient way to produce Hydrogen. It does take a considerable amount of electricity to produce Hydrogen. There is an article which describes the use of Zinc for Hydrogen production. Pretty neat stuff.
  by: toiletbrush   04/05/2007 04:29 PM     
Hydrogen cars have been prototyped already - there's a lot of back pressure though from governments that make a killing from oil.

Hydrogen Cars:

BMW Hydrogen 7
GM Hy-wire (incredible car - completely drive-by-wire:
Chrysler — F-Cell
Hyundai - Tucson FCEV
Ford - Focus FCV
Honda - FCX.
Toyota – Toyota Highlander FCHV
Mazda - RX8

  by: p_g_chris   04/05/2007 10:33 PM     
wheres Jonny.
  by: talk2me   04/06/2007 05:24 PM     
From what I've read on Smart, their safety cages are pretty secure. They use the strength of arches to enclose the passengers in a big metal "walnut." However, you can get banged around more in a crash when you're inside a Smart than if you were in a bigger car.
  by: l´anglais     04/07/2007 12:55 AM     
  just switching dependency to another fuel  
If we switch to hydrogen; we are just switching dependency to another fuel that the Federal Government can tax.
Its funny, no one wanted more efficient cars until gas prices started hitting 2 & 3 dollars a gallon. Tell me why; we had hydrogen fuel cell on satellites in the 1970's. This is not new!!!
Why not go with a car that runs on compressed air like they have in Holland? Why not a vehicle on electricity that can be charged from your home? Ohhh...I know....look at your electric bill- no federal tax on that. Thats funny.
Think of this- the government makes 44 cents to every dollar gallon of fuel purchased.
Think of this:
Americans used 8.93 million barrels of gasoline a day in 2003. A barrel holds 42 gallons, so that's roughly 375 million gallons per day. Multiply that by 44 cents and you get $165 million dollars a day that the Federal Government can claim in taxes alone.
If we were to suddenly hit the "easy button", and every American had an electric vehicle- you know why Bush is pushing the hydrogen fuel cell.
Go watch the movie "Who killed the electric car".
  by: everwonder   04/07/2007 05:23 AM     
If that were the reason, the government would just tax electricity...
  by: Gogevandire   04/12/2007 04:07 PM     
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