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                 02/23/2018 10:46 PM  
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04/10/2007 04:17 PM ID: 61689 Permalink   

Another Teacher Sex Scandal


Roseville, California - Kelly Christine Spaich is accused of having sexual relations with a 16-year-old former student. She is charged with four crimes, including child molestation.

According to experts, the double standard associated with female perpetrators is unfair. Criminalizing it is somewhat of a recent event. Teenage boys are affected even though they may brag about the encounter.

This case would not be prosecuted in 32 other states where legal age of consent is 16.

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  This gets me  
I hate double standards and this is one of the worst. Even though it has become cliche it is still true, if it were a man in this position there would be hell to pay. However, it is not women who are ensuring this double standard, it is other men. Women (at least from what I have seen) are very unsympathetic towards other women who commit these crimes. Men on the other hand label it as coming of age.
Well there ya have it! I needed to bit*h about something to start my day :)

  by: Ryanb     04/10/2007 04:51 PM     
  Gross, bad, and double standards  
What business did this teacher have with a 16 year old?

If this was a guy he'd go to jail for years...but being she is a she, they will probably get probation.

However I do hate when they victimize the kid. "She had power over him" The same power any girl has over a guys groin region that is. He is not a victim, he is a horny teenager. Plain and simple. He was not victimized he was pleasured.

There is a huge differance between a small child and a high school kid who wants to have sex and would probably be having sex with other girls around this age.

Either way this kid was old enough to know better. It's also retarded how in one state its legal to a point and in others illegal. In one state you'd be a sex criminal and in another you wouldn't be. So much for a fair and balanced justice system. Got to love the consistancy.
  by: shawn1flog   04/10/2007 05:25 PM     
  Word change needed  
Should be affected instead of effected in the middle paragraph.
  by: revin   04/10/2007 05:36 PM     
  Effect vs affect  
I always have trouble with that one! Thanks, unfortunately Im still new at submiting news (been reading short news for years though :) so I don't know how to edit the post
  by: Ryanb     04/10/2007 06:15 PM     
Affected/Effected... Give me a break... He is smilling and braging for banging a Teacher.

Where was this teacher when I was 16. This would have been bringing a smile so as I type this msg.
  by: kinko     04/10/2007 06:21 PM     
  United States?  
Yep Laws differ from State to State... the usual suspects are cult influences so their 'save the children for salvation' or 'Gov. raise our kids for us so we don't take blame' laws.

Teacher should know better, breaking such a bond of trust between student and teacher, hope she feels real ashamed.
  by: UhThatGuy   04/10/2007 06:37 PM     
what defined sex as being un trstworthy?
  by: maccheese   04/10/2007 06:54 PM     
  Fixed typo....  
  by: Lurker     04/10/2007 06:55 PM     
  Plus She's a hottie!  
A little bit of make-up, her hair done up, She'd be a hottie.. (But the pic I see is only a head shot.. she could be plumper.. but.
  by: CaveHermit   04/10/2007 09:21 PM     
  I wish I was born 20 years ago...  
And have those teachers come on to me....
  by: cgasucks   04/10/2007 10:27 PM     
  Ok, let's get this straight  
From article:
"The research shows us these boys really struggle afterward and I think we need to pay attention to that research," Moore added."

Maybe the reason they struggle is because everyone makes such a huge deal out of things like this. Let the punishment fit the crime, which imo was not a crime in the first place.
  by: banshee9898     04/11/2007 02:11 AM     
  lol @ title - "ANOTHER" teacher sex scandal  
and lol @ CaveHermit - "She could be a plumper"
  by: tonyspaghetti   04/11/2007 03:40 AM     
Love the headline.
  by: DesertRebel   04/11/2007 04:21 AM     
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