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                 02/25/2018 06:51 AM  
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04/11/2007 04:33 PM ID: 61726 Permalink   

Women Shocked Over Menstruation Form


Women in India have expressed shock and outrage over a new form that requires female civil servants to provide details of their menstrual cycles.

According to the form, women must write a "detailed menstrual history and history of LMP [last menstrual period] including date of last confinement [maternity leave]."

"I am completely shocked!" said Sharwari Gokhale, environment secretary in western Maharashtra state. "I have absolutely no words to describe how I feel and I have no intention of telling them anything about my personal life."

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If so many women would quit using this as an excuse to be rude and moody, they wouldnt need it.

Though I must admit, thats just friggin disgusting.
  by: DesertRebel   04/11/2007 05:32 PM     
  First kissing  
now PMS?
What is India trying to prove?
  by: Jediman3     04/11/2007 05:39 PM     
Those damn hormonal fluctuations are all their fault and are just a convenient excuse..
  by: StarShadow     04/11/2007 05:40 PM     
Those damn Indians are trying to out do the US in civil rights abuse. We can take’em. We’ll bring back slavery, install a ruling class of the rich and elite, make lists to ban people we don’t like from flying, make more lists of where people can live and ban everything the poor enjoy. Oh wait, we already did all that. These Indians are out of their league, they can’t even compete. PMS, who are they trying to kid, amateurs.
  by: Valkyrie123     04/11/2007 06:00 PM     
  @DesertRebel and StarShadow  
Excuse for what? Did you even read the article?
  by: reehaw     04/11/2007 06:02 PM     
"If so many women would quit using this as an excuse to be rude and moody, they wouldnt need it."

I'm guessing your hand gets a whole lot of love, doesn't it?
  by: Volkova_Nova     04/11/2007 07:19 PM     
  I guess..  
I'm going to have to start putting in '/sarcasm' tags..
  by: StarShadow     04/11/2007 07:24 PM     
I'm guessing your hand gets a whole lot of love, doesn't it?

All I can say is high five on that one Volkova *still laughing here*

And as for the women get over having to list a LMP and last pregnancy I don't see a problem for medical but for work screw that. NO reason for my boss to know if I am on my menses or no. I can be a b*tch any day of the week PMS just makes me super B*tch.

Oh and Desert.. check out PMDD it is a real thing buddy, remember that when your finally let go of Rosie and get a real girl.
  by: TaraB     04/11/2007 07:31 PM     
first you're bashing women. now you're bashing masturbation? is nothing sacred to you people?
  by: ManilaRyce     04/11/2007 07:33 PM     
potential murder suspect, any one who's been married knows that. hell it might do society a world of good to register moodswinging psychpaths from time to time.
  by: warchylde010176   04/11/2007 07:57 PM     
I'm kinda with Rebel on this one. I do believe a lot of women use this as an excuse to be bitchy. I've had quite a many bad days, as have all of you, but I've managed to not take it out on other people. Yet, when some women are pms'ing, all bets are off and they assume no responsibility for their actions. (None of you fine women would ever be like that, I'm sure)

On a really strange side note, I think I suffer from male PMS. I live with 3 women and every single month, I can tell exactly when everyone else is PMS'ing. Not because everyone's being horrificly bitchy (although, that's always a treat) but because I, myself, am overly irritable. Eh, maybe I'm just crazy.
  by: Svengali   04/11/2007 07:59 PM     
Yeah, some women might abuse the whole PMS thing when they actualy don't suffer from PMDD [which is not regular PMS] but a very large number of women DO suffer from PMDD and men thing it's just an excuse, it is not. It is a real thing and it is very frustrating and shaming for women because we CANNOT control our hormones, believe me, if I were in control I would definitely want to have a good time but it's something that we can do nothing about and it causes you to feel extremely uncomfortable and moody, its something that I believe men will never, ever understand as hard as we try to explain it.
  by: the_one   04/11/2007 10:57 PM     
it's called "living with women"
i've been there. i can sympathize.
  by: warchylde010176   04/11/2007 10:59 PM     
  @ the one  
medication, medication, medication!
  by: warchylde010176   04/11/2007 11:00 PM     
"it's called 'living with women'
i've been there. i can sympathize."

I'm guessing you haven't 'been there' - or anywhere near there - in quite some time.
  by: Volkova_Nova     04/11/2007 11:09 PM     
  Natural phenomenon  
As a natural condition, women also have to help deal with it themselves. The article is not about PMS. many employee census data sheets carry a lot of questions for group health insurance premium quotes. I know I have had to process them before. Our laws are different but the US underwriters can pretty much ask whatever they want under the guise of "pre existing condition". certain answers flag the applicants for further data required. Male or female. Depending on the usage of the data, this could be quite reasonable. If one wants to blow it out of proportion it can be spun many ways. If everybody remembers how much info they have already given in the aggregate, they would probably be shocked. Ever try to get FMLA? At least three tiers of info there. Don't forget...someone asked for this from c, who got it from a, and cced b, who forwarded it to W....who lost it. :)

Now onto the sub topic:
After managing a staff that included 30 odd women, I let them rotate their workspaces at their discretion, based on the "discernable latent hostility" that was evident. "S" was crabby...let her off the phones...."T" can work in back today. etc. Fully acknowledged as an impact to the business, and dealt with as best as could be expected. Of course this cannot be done everywhere, and we also could not accomodate eveyone, but it was an attempt at an improvement. As long as "the excuse" is matter of factly dealt with as professionals, I don't see the problem. Women however, cannot have it both ways. "Uncontrollable hormones" is a defense that could fall into the hands of he opposite sex,....say the overly amorous?.....Think about it.

Talk amongst yourselves....
  by: machiavelli     04/11/2007 11:48 PM     
Even in this blog. You are being harvested. Watch the ads by google box on the left of the screen as you change topics....more data mining from your queries and input.
  by: machiavelli     04/12/2007 12:10 AM     
""Uncontrollable hormones" is a defense that could fall into the hands of he opposite sex,....say the overly amorous?.....Think about it."

Hang on a minute. Are you actually comparing a woman saying that her menstrual cycle makes her irritable to a man saying that "hormones" made him rape? Are you f*cking serious?

The hormonal changes the occur during menstruation effect every woman differently, but they're all real.

Your perverse little scenario sounds more like some sick revenge fantasy.


Most women don't use their periods as an "excuse" for anything. Hell, it's none of your business when we have it and would rather keep it to ourselves. For those of us going through turbulence, we're not asking for much. Just five to seven days a month, we'd like you to be aware of the fact that some of us have a storm of hormones rage through us. I don't think that's too much to ask. If you find it to be such an imposition, I'll tell you what *doesn't* help - making some flip, careless remark about your rape fantasies.
  by: Volkova_Nova     04/12/2007 12:12 AM     
  I don't think he was talking about rape..  
But then, I could have read that wrong..

However, I completely agree that women hardly ever use it as an excuse. In fact, in my own experience, I prefer not to have someone know I've got my period, or am about to have it - I keep it to myself - however, I live with three guys and if I'm seeming particularly tired/irritable, they're the first ones to say "Ahh, that time of the month, eh?". I never mention it, unless it's to a very good (female) friend and I'm just generally complaining about my state of health/apologising for my lack of energy.

Cause, let's face it guys, during your menstral cycle you go through all sorts of changes. I myself have started actively taking notice of my moods and energy levels, and noticing it coincides with what stage of my cycle I'm at. If you've ever been around a pregnant woman, or a woman who's on the pill, you understand how hormones can effect a woman. And at the end of the day, all our bodies are made up of chemicals, which means to "get over" the side effects of hormone fluctuations, we need to have extreme control over the hormones/chemicals we produce, which, if you've ever tried it, is incredibly difficult to do.

I'm not entirely sure why they were asking these questions, and while I don't think it's necessarily needed (or appropriate, for that matter), I also don't think the women filing out the forms had any reason to be "offended". Provided they aren't being treated unfairly as a result of their answers, this shouldn't be made an issue.
  by: ETT   04/12/2007 12:51 AM     
Women are crazy. Hormones or not. Very unpredictable.

The think with a strange mixture of emotions and logic that defies my reasoning. It makes life worth living. I can tell you that. You just have to know what you are dealing with.
  by: kuhl   04/12/2007 01:09 AM     
i don't know why these guys are pouncing on women for something they can't control. just remember that ManilaRyce still loves you, and i don't mind buying you chocolate or getting my red wings.
  by: ManilaRyce     04/12/2007 01:18 AM     
I get calls from women at all hours of the night, during all possible cycles, I've learned not to interrupt them when they speak and to camly deal with any calamity that may befall them or me... in other words I've got you women figured out & I'm always half asleep
  by: Zmethod     04/12/2007 04:43 AM     
I am a little curious about the form's motives. Perhaps it's a method of intimidation in the workplace?

Related Trivia (Old Wives Tale?)
When a large group of women spend an extended period [no pun] together, for example in a tribe or in a work place; their various menstrual cycles start to sync with each other.

UnRelated Trivia (History)
India had a sad past where - during it's attempts at population control - it conducted a campaign of covert and sometimes unauthorised sterilisations of entire villages.

During routine ops, checkups, teams of doctors would descend systematically on villages and - under the pretext of gyaecological treatment - sterilize the villagers. Whether it was done on male and/or female subjects, I do not recall.
  by: redstain   04/12/2007 05:32 AM     
Looks at your handle and laughs out loud...

I'm kidding relax : P
  by: Zmethod     04/12/2007 05:52 AM     
  And the sexism  
runs rampant.

I have never, ever heard a woman blame her mood on PMS.

What men need to grasp is that the fact they're being an arse has nothing to do with our ovaries. Men use PMS as an excuse far more than women do, and this thread is a fantastic example. Instead of being outraged by a whopping breach of privacy, the first comment may as well say "That'll learn ya for standing up to yourselves when I'm being a big fat loser, you bitching females".
  by: NuttyPrat     04/12/2007 09:47 AM     
oh man that was a good one... still trying not to laugh
  by: chieu   04/12/2007 09:48 AM     
  Woah, hold the phone  
Theres a place where women only compain for 5 days a month?

And your all complaining about it?

I'm not sure I can believe this place exists.

In all seriousness though, I'd demand my form had the box and fill it it, just to screw up the numbers.
  by: Gogevandire   04/12/2007 10:00 AM     
Never? Seriously?
We must be either different generations or different countries.
Hell, I hear this on a monthly basis.
It goes something like this. I'm sitting there minding my own business and one of my roommates decides that I did or did not do something to her liking. Soon after, they decide it's a good idea to yell at me. I continue to sit there, knowing it'll soon pass. Sometimes, a few hours later, sometimes a few days later, I get an apology and a short explanation of how "they're on their period". I'd make a big deal about it, but it's just going to happen again next month. Then again, it's probably best they take it out on me as opposed to each other. There is nothing worse than women who live together "fighting".

Ahh, you share my pain...


Anyway, I do suppose it's a bit overboard to require this type of information for a civil servant. I just don't really see the benefit of it...
  by: Svengali   04/12/2007 02:46 PM     
???? are YOU on the rag?

a. I tried to put this thread back on topic.

b. It was not "my perverse little scenario" but something the NURSES came up with on their own. Yes, that's right NURSES in an OB/GYN practice. My wife is an OB/GYN NURSE as well. I think they would know more about the topic than you. I think maybe you should realize that there is a world beyond your 24 year old bubble; and that although you may convince yourself otherwise with the airs you put on, you have a lot to learn.
My point is that in some instances, women deal with it like adults instead of denying it altogether.

As for rape: where did you get that?
Please look up "amorous". It was partly a humorous jibe, but also relevant as a "hormonal condition". I think my post was a pragmatic and no nonsense view of BOTH topics. You seem to think that everyone that does not share your viewpoint is a perverted lonely guy with a tube of KY. This is exactly the type of behavior that leads observers to suggest some of the issues previously posted.
Please look up rape as well:
I do not apprecate the corellary here as it was definitely not intended, and I think other readers can plainly see that.
Maybe it is YOU who needs to "get there - or anywhere near there".

So what do you have to say on the post that was specific to the article?
...or is shrieking about the irrelevant your thing?
  by: machiavelli     04/12/2007 03:37 PM     
<Q>I'm guessing your hand gets a whole lot of love, doesn't it?</Q>

NO volk, he has a girlfriend and i know her name too. She is called Palmella./j>

<I am still laughing at this>
  by: kinko     04/12/2007 03:55 PM     
this is amazing!
Nutty: some women do use this as an excuse and some suffer badly from it.

I find it a stupid excuse and even for those who sufferf from it: mind over body, think before you act! If they can't restrain themselves and really want to bitch they should just go somewhere, spend time alone, take a long walk or do whatever it takes so they dont uneash on someone else.
That's just my opinion and i strongly believe it works even for guys who are bitchy without a reason!!
  by: DarkAngelJG     04/12/2007 04:10 PM     
January 22nd: Slightly bloody with grumpy undertones.
  by: Oook!   04/12/2007 11:44 PM     
  Sry ladies  
but a significant number of you do use the hormones etc as an excuse, despite what you might do individually.

However, I'm willing to acknowledge that it might be justified. Might not, but I'll never know first-hand. Assuming it is tho, is it not possible that the answers to this question were intended to help improve conditions around the workplace, as machiaveli described? I do somewhat understand the issue some of u have with this, but really, what harm can anyone do with this information? They obviously know you suffer from this "condition"; its not like you're revealing any big secret. If they were gonna exclude you over it, they'd just throw out your app as soon as they saw you were a woman. An employer is within their rights to be informed about a medical condition that affects their employees' performance if you ask me. If they use it to improve the employees working conditions, then all the better.

The ones who deny that anything is wrong are usually the ones that make the biggest problems in my experience. Just tell me you're feeling unwell in some way and I'll try to steer clear.. otherwise I'm just gonna think you're a bitch and treat you accordingly.
  by: acg   04/13/2007 12:26 AM     
i see where you are coming from, they should also ask the men how often do they get laid.
research has shown that men's efficiency and motivation are affected by their sex life too.
  by: DarkAngelJG     04/13/2007 12:49 AM     
  now they know...  
Now these women know how we feel when men are required to file masturbation papers. Its a bit personal.
  by: Rip Snorter   04/13/2007 01:07 AM     
hah touché. honestly as weird as that sounds u have a point. Maybe that's why they ask about marital status?

I think I've actually heard that as an excuse from someone being a complete dick to me before. And it worked to get my sympathy a bit lol. I know I'm not happy when I'm not getting any. Not sure if the employer wants to get involved in resolving that though lol.. taking "benefits" a little too far
  by: acg   04/13/2007 01:16 AM     
  @ acg  
you gave me this weird image of an employer giving "extra benefits".
  by: DarkAngelJG     04/13/2007 01:30 AM     
  by: DarkAngelJG     04/14/2007 02:09 AM     
This is the quote you used:

""Uncontrollable hormones" is a defense that could fall into the hands of he opposite sex,....say the overly amorous?.....Think about it."

This is pretty clear in it's intended meaning. Back-pedalling now just makes you look silly.

Am I "on the rag"? Are you serious? What decade are you living in?

Getting called out on your sexist bullsh*t sure struck a nerve. Maybe you'll think twice in the future.
  by: Volkova_Nova     04/14/2007 08:02 AM     
lay off.. ur the only one that thought that.. how do you consider rape to be amorous???
  by: acg   04/14/2007 07:27 PM     
Please learn to read comprehensively.
I don't backpedal not an inch...I know what I meant. You sling sexist remarks at others all through this thread and others.
Are you the only one allowed to attempt humor? You bring up revenge and rape...elements not present in any of my posts. Your retorts to posts are offlimits I see. The only one called out on BS is YOU. You make things up and try to put it on someone else....very childish. NANANANA
I am beginning to enjoy irritating you.
As you are merely entertaining to me.
It would take a little bit more than your delusions of grandeur to "hit a nerve".

Nice try.

  by: machiavelli     04/14/2007 08:51 PM     
  @volkova... and my 2 cents  
it doesn't have to be rape, it can be anything under the broad umbrella of sexual harassment. in Australia under anti-discmination laws if a man whistles at a woman he works with then he can be in trouble for 'making a hostle work place'.

I think it is funny that the sexes are supposably equal when only one in have issues with their hormones so many days every month.

regardless i disagree because of privacy issues, if they make it optional and work out practical solutions that improve the situation for all parties then i dont see a problem
  by: veya_victaous     04/16/2007 09:36 PM     
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