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                 07/04/2015 03:38 PM  
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04/12/2007 09:18 PM ID: 61770 Permalink   

Diabetics Cured with Stem Cells


For the first time in human trials, stem cell therapy has cured Type 1 diabetes. 15 newly diagnosed Type 1 diabetes patients underwent immune suppression therapy and were then given transfusion of stem cells from their own blood.

The infusion worked on 93% of the patients and some have been freed of their dependence on synthetic insulin for three years with no mortality. Dr. Voltarelli’s team first removed stem cells from their patient’s blood.

They then treated patients with chemotherapy to wipe out the white blood cells in the body and then re-injected the stem cells to help rebuild the immune system. Only 1 of the 15 patients has had to resume insulin injections.

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  It's immoral I tells ya.  
Curing disease and all.
  by: Ec5618   04/12/2007 09:49 PM     
  This is AWESOME!!  
Great find Valkrie!!!
  by: thegreatgonzo     04/12/2007 10:27 PM     
  Excellent news  
but it is honey moon period... i don't want to sound negative but it is not really a cure unless it works on diabetics not recently affected, reverses diabetes and keeps it that way.
step in the right direction though!
  by: DarkAngelJG     04/13/2007 01:10 AM     
  Good news.  
Is anyone familiar with diabetes though? Isn't type 2 the most common and difficult to control? I'm gonna have to read up about the differences and why type 1 was chosen for the study.
  by: luc1ddr3am     04/13/2007 01:36 AM     
ooooo the source is bootifull :-)
  by: luc1ddr3am     04/13/2007 01:38 AM     
  In other news  
the stocks of insulin producing pharmaceutical companies fell slightly -- Bush begins planning an executive order to ban all stem cell research.
  by: erasedgod   04/13/2007 02:46 AM     
  Did anyone else  
read dianetics cured by stem cells?
  by: Gogevandire   04/13/2007 12:00 PM     
I'm diabetic myself and it looks like good news to me. It's good to find more uses for the stem cells we already have. These were cells taken from the persons own blood. The immune system treatment seems harsh but hell, if it works..... These cells don't carry the same problems that fetal cells do. With those you have to find a genetic match to the person and then you'd be on immune supressing drugs for some time. It's like getting any transplant. The body tries to kill it if it isn't your exact match. i've heard comments that fetal stem cells have never been used to cure anything and i'd like to know for sure, anybody got a story link where they were actually successfully used? I'm against fetal cells myself but I think it's a bit early to just toss the idea aside. Personally I think the earliest embryonic state is fine with me and that's when they are taken. It's not like they deliver a baby and then rip out it's liver. Gotta leave the catholic conception thing where it belongs. There simply is a time before it becomes human but. BUT. it aint till the moment of birth as some have suggested.
  by: Shikiko   04/13/2007 01:35 PM     
good starting point:

  by: DarkAngelJG     04/13/2007 03:35 PM     
No, but I did just read a story about a Tranny alarm clock that was being fought by the Danes.

Don't you just love selective reading.
  by: Valkyrie123     04/13/2007 04:30 PM     
  thats a good one nt  
  by: Gogevandire   04/13/2007 04:41 PM     
  Absolutely Amazing  
Kudos to science!
  by: seniorgato     04/13/2007 06:16 PM     
  Type of diabetes  
Type I mellitus is the juvenile diabetes and is arguably the more dangerous out of the 2 mellitus because the cells that create insulin are actually destroyed. In type 2 the body creates a resistance to the insulin itself which is a gradual process.

There is also types known as insipidus that is caused by either a central problem (brain) or nephritic. This makes you piss a lot because your body doesn't produce ADH or doesn't respond to it, respectively.
  by: kuhl   04/15/2007 03:00 AM     
Hahaha! Wilford Brimley.
  by: Volkova_Nova     04/15/2007 03:34 AM     
  The reason  
why type 1 was chosen is because type 1 is an autoimmune disorder, unlike type 2 which can happen [amongst other reasons] because of lifestyle factors such as obesity.

Darkangel, you got a point, it could very well be the honeymoon period since there is no set time as to how long a honeymoon period lasts, but it could also be that this treatment is working, the thing here is, their pancreas has been restored to its original state, and as long as antibodies against pancreatic cells are not being produced anymore these people will keep producing insulin, so, just like every other treatment for every other disease, it will be a cure for some, but not for others, which still satisfies me.
  by: the_one   04/16/2007 10:56 PM     
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