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                 02/18/2018 07:40 AM  
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04/13/2007 05:09 PM ID: 61792 Permalink   

N Dakota Bans RFID Chip Implants


Governor John Hoeven of North Dakota signs a law banning forced chip implants on humans. Gov. Hoeven stated the laws objective: "We need to strike a balance as we continue to develop this technology between what it can do and our civil liberties, our right to privacy," .

He continued outlining the publics concerns that "Ultimately, with RFID tagging systems, corporations will be able to monitor everything we buy, everywhere we go and, perhaps as these technologies develop, everything we say."

North Dakota is the second State to pass a ban on RFID tracking chips, following Wisconsin. Other states are considering similar legislation, as the public becomes more aware. Many see the use of this technology as going too far into their lives.

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  I don't like it  
However... I think people who have convicted of committing certain crimes should definitely be tagged.
  by: Dark_Stang   04/13/2007 05:48 PM     
Amen to that Dark_Stang
  by: dook   04/13/2007 06:05 PM     
For some reason I get this vision of "The Running Man" where people have to wear these collars that can blow up if you cross a certain invisible fence. =) YEAH TECHNOLOGY!!!
  by: thegreatgonzo     04/13/2007 06:42 PM     
  Me personally  
I could care less...I do things the way I want to do them regardless of a chip in me. I'm not saying that I go around committing crimes or anything so it's not like I really care. But people who have been convicted of crimes should have them...
  by: ImportFanaticR34   04/13/2007 06:42 PM     
  I am amazed  
at how anxious some people are to jump off a cliff. Which crimes? Where do we draw the line? What is going to stop those in power from eventually requiring everyone to be “chipped”. You fools do not deserve freedom. You are digging your own grave. It’s all about precedence, getting your foot in the door. When you deprive one person of their humanity, you deprive all of us of our humanity. I choose to keep mine. I applaud North Dakota and Governor John Hoeven for their sensibility, foresight and wisdom. It’s nice to see someone in power that doesn’t have their head up their pooter. I can see the day coming when machines have more rights than humans and I will fight it to the death.
  by: Valkyrie123     04/13/2007 06:56 PM     
  with a german accent  
  by: warchylde010176   04/13/2007 07:20 PM     
  check this out  
this is bush's plan
"Free expression of opinion
Freedom of the press
Right of assembly and association
Right to privacy of postal and electronic communications
Protection against unlawful searches and seizures
Individual property rights
States' right of self-government "
unfortunatly it is word for word from article 48 of the weimar constitution written and enacted by adolf hilter
  by: warchylde010176   04/13/2007 07:29 PM     
  Not even your papers please.  
The doors to certain places will quite literaly be closed to you from birth.
  by: GogeVandire   04/13/2007 07:34 PM     
  Even scarier...  
Who would've ever thought of North Dakota as a technology center?

NDSU is one of the major RFID research centers in the US. Why?
  by: Zpravodajec     04/13/2007 07:41 PM     
  ndsu is there because  
it's a widely unpopulated area where they can conduct electronic and enviornmental experiments with a buffer zone. same for groom lake, only we got hip to that, but there are alot of places the g'ment uses. hell, hanger 18 was supposed to be at wright-pat afb, and that story still won't settle because of the underhanded tactics used to discredit it. just wait, we'll be hearing about all kinds of crap real soon.
  by: warchylde010176   04/13/2007 07:47 PM     
  ndsu is there because  
the community is educating it's population, same with any other city with a university. Fargo is the largest city in North Dakota, combined with Moorhead, MN on the other side of the river, the community has a population of appx. 150K. The largest program at NDSU is probably agriculture and horticulture.

Alien Technology has a huge manufacturing plant in Fargo, because it is a cheap location and has a large population of honest hard working Americans.

Not everything is a government conspiracy.

I still do not like the tracking capabilities of RFID chips though.

Good on ND.
  by: Norman   04/13/2007 08:22 PM     
  your movements already recorded, an I can prove it  
You movements are already recorded anyway.Here's the proof:

Several convictions to have been secured to crimes based on triangulations of mobile phones. Cases in the past are available on google where runaways were tracked by cell signals to the phones they carried.

What is more interesting is that these convictions were secured by phone records that placed them in the area. This means all cell positions are recorded.

Suppose you're a law enforcement officer, teacher, or even the salaryman of a prestigeous company, and they said: "all new employees have to be tagged as a policy". Would you accept the tagging to further your career?

As yourself that question over a beer - take your time.
  by: redstain   04/13/2007 09:02 PM     
That is just the tip of the cell phone iceberg. If they know your number they can actually turn your phone on and listen to the conversation in the room without you knowing it. I refuse to own a cell phone. Take a lesson from Ayman Al-Zawahiri.

More and more I think Ted Kaczynski was right.
  by: Valkyrie123     04/13/2007 09:19 PM     
that is correct, i just switched off my samsung e250 cause i could hear the mobile tracking interference as i used my workstation. They do and your FBI & CIA is known to hacking into any cellphones etc i dont mind being tracked, as long as there is a sensible process in doing it and in the records, where abuse cant be done.

This chips with be constant tracking, i feel sorry for America if you guys accept this. I think Cellphone tracking is enough, with the proper protocols and rights, with the evidence to conclude that it is needed, e.g. the people that have been proven as rapists, murders and what not, are seen in official conclution to have a bad intent. If they spy on an innocent human being, that doesnt fit into their 'normal' category - then this with be against human rights and democracy.
  by: unitybeing   04/13/2007 09:24 PM     
  The Crimes  
When I posted that I was mainly thinking about sex offenders and people with a history of assault.
  by: Dark_Stang   04/13/2007 11:22 PM     
  Don't see a practical use for them at the moment.  
Those chips could definately be used for evil and honestly, I cannot imagine a terrible lot of good they could create at the moment.

I'm against anything that prolongs a sentence unfairly. It is no better than cutting off someones hand who has stolen, except worse. You steal, your are black marked in the system as a criminal, you cannot shop in non designated stores, nor be out in public after 10:00, etc... Everyone has dirty laundry. But lets be fair, repeat criminals of the worst of the worst crimes have no mercy in my book.
  by: seniorgato     04/13/2007 11:57 PM     
  Planning ahead...  
RFID, pet tracking, Cell phone GPS, The "V" chip...all pieces of the pipeline fully intended to move towards complete monitoring. The REAL ID program they are trying to force on us is another step. The V chip is a sophisticated multi usage IC chip, mandated into all TV sets.The circuitry is completely compatible with recording you in your home. Whatcha doin' in front of your TV? New versions of the chip have already been proposed.

Hillary Clinton Wants a V-Chip in Your I-Pod

ALL cells phones sold in the US were mandated to have the GPS tracking in them since 1999.

Do we really need ONstar?
  by: machiavelli     04/13/2007 11:58 PM     
  there we go again with boogeymen  
I'm on another thread discussing this thread about this.

You can't get the people to pull their pants down for every social injustice and wave the "else the BadGuys win" when we complain.

What you do with SexCriminals is up to you. But if this leads to breach in civil liberties, you can bet in a decade it will be used again to justify:

spies > political activists > dissenters > libertarians > liberals

Martin Niemöller
  by: redstain   04/14/2007 12:19 AM     
Nice to see someone has a clue. Some people just don’t get how the system works. Can anyone here remember the last time that a “right” that had previously been taken away was given back by our government? Anything of any real importance? You have to be kinda old to remember that far back. It’s a one way street, they just keep taking, never giving anything back. Soon the mighty oak will have been whittled down to a toothpick.
  by: Valkyrie123     04/14/2007 06:25 AM     
  privacy a must fight  
if you do not fight for freedom and perserve be taken from you.the world to be if no one speaks out.....
  by: flukemol   04/14/2007 02:12 PM     
It's like the American Dream.
It can only be seen when you are asleep.
  by: White Albino   04/14/2007 11:39 PM     
  some cellphones can't be tracked  
Certain pre-paid phones just piggyback off of the first tower they connect to. Since they constantly hop between providers, no effective triangulation can be used nor can tapping be put in place. Only CERTAIN pre-paid providers/phones though. I have one such phone. If you want to know more, talk to your local drug dealer.
  by: maverick7h     04/18/2007 11:46 AM     
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