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                 02/17/2018 10:15 PM  
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04/19/2007 09:58 AM ID: 61921 Permalink   

Slippers Banned at Hospital -- Interfered with Equipment


Swedish health officials at the Blekinge Hospital in Karlkrona have banned staff from wearing Crocs slippers after it was discovered the footwear can produce so much static electricity, it can interfere with medical equipment.

The footwear was the culprit of two respiratory machines turning off for no apparent reason. The machines were assisting two premature babies breathe. The Crocs slippers are popular across Sweden, and worn by most health workers.

It was found that the slippers could charge a maximum of 25,000 volts. Hospital spokesperson Bjorn Lofqvist, said: "Everybody generates static electricity. But it usually loses its charge, either by disappearing through one's shoes or elsewhere."

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  I knew it!  
Those stupid shoes are evil!
  by: carmex4thesoul   04/19/2007 01:56 PM     
explains everything. Time to go barefoot!
  by: thedevilsmachine   04/20/2007 12:04 AM     
now maybe my store will stop selling them!

doubt it
  by: Syoware   04/20/2007 05:46 AM     
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