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                 02/26/2018 04:08 AM  
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04/24/2007 05:35 PM ID: 62008 Permalink   

School Refused to Take Action Over 6-Year-Old 'Sex Club' Leader


A mother has claimed that she was forced to move her son to another school because the school her son was at refused her requests to take action against a six-year-old who allegedly ran a 'sex club' and had engaged in a sexual act with her son.

The mother alerted the school last year when her son saw the boy putting a pencil up his own backside. The boy has since allegedly got others to do things like play with his private parts to join what he calls his 'sex club.'

The principal has referred the matter to authorities but says the sex club doesn't exist. "He might have [acted in a inappropriate way], sometimes six-year-old boys do that sort of thing. I have nothing to hide here. It is a safe school," she said.

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  I really hope  
somebody takes a long hard fall for this. As reprehensible as his actions may be I would say this very screwed up little 6-year-old may well have been abused. If the school was alerted and did nothing then someone may be about to get a criminal record for failure to report suspected abuse.
  by: ixuzus     04/24/2007 05:38 PM     
  I don't know about that one.  
I wouldn't be *too* quick to jump on "the child must have been abused!" bandwagon on this one. It's a well documented fact that most young children engage in "sex play"... didn't anyone else play "doctor" when they were kids? Now, I can safely say that I never knew anyone who ever stuck a pencil (or any other object) up "there" when they were kids, but it's entirely possible that in our society, where kids are inundated with sexual themes from TV & movies, that it's just something one of them picked up somewhere. Unless one of them really IS "learning" this from an adult, in which case there is a major issue, then I say just chalk it up to children exploring their bodies. While I admit to not reading the source, it seems pretty obvious that the principal has had at least one son...
  by: otaku77302000   04/24/2007 05:56 PM     
  Doctors asnd Nurses Games  
Doctors and Nurses Games had nothing like sticking pencils up bums this does look like a case of abuse to me right now or if the child managed to get into Dads naughty films when he was not looking, I think it should be investigated and not just put to one side.
  by: captainJane     04/24/2007 06:41 PM     
  i agree  
with otaku. it has often been shown in preindustrial societies that this is how children (informally) learn sex ed and the gender roles.
  by: Syoware   04/24/2007 06:45 PM     
Just some info to aide:

Probably not abuse, just one parent who didn't figure out how to tell their kid that private parts are for private play, and another parent who's in complete denial that private parts exist in small children.
  by: LauraKay31   04/24/2007 09:21 PM     
  It is a sign  
as is also Aids and other denials within the pure nature of the matrix. Om. The kid must have been psychologically abused, or also physically to do something like that.

In Eden it was Adam + Eve, so how can we have this wrong but politically accepted ideas? within god's garden. Just because you get a vast number of gays, it doesnt mean that they should have a right to think that love is anal.
  by: unitybeing   04/24/2007 09:26 PM     
  @ unitybeing  
Enough with the religious crap already. Every post you make, no matter the news, there's you with your religion, usually having nothing to do with the subject.

This is a news forum, not friggen church. Not everyone, if not most here, wants to hear about BS religion while reading our news.
  by: Discarded Vet   04/24/2007 09:53 PM     
  Just because...  
...the hole he chose to put a pencil up was his bum does not mean that a) he's physically or mentally abused or b) he's gay. It means it's a hole... he put something in it. Kids do that. Nose picking, playing with their belly buttons, picking their ears, hell, putting their fingers in electrical sockets.

He found his cornhole, it's a discovery thing. I'm sure you (Unitybeing) did the same with your finger (you probably just don't remember it since you were a child. In all actuality he's probably too young to even realize what he's doing, so stating that a 6 year old equates love with the anal penetration is just ridiculous.
  by: LauraKay31   04/24/2007 09:55 PM     
  Parents are responsible.  
Parents may not be to blame (abuse is not proven). But the child obviously lacked any guidance during his formative/experimental period. As parents they should been keeping an eye on their son; should have picked up on this.

PS: was angelina jolie part of this club too?
  by: redstain   04/24/2007 11:44 PM     
  I thought the aticle was about Angelina Jolie  
  by: DarkAngelJG     04/24/2007 11:57 PM     
throwing stones is allowed, not anything else at this kid. So far as I read this article, I see absolutely nothing wrong with what this kid did.

LauraKay has highlighted a point that is very valuable "...the hole he chose to put a pencil up was his bum does not mean that a) he's physically or mentally abused or b) he's gay. It means it's a hole... he put something in it."

Infcat more than not kids will play with their sex organs, not because they sex organs, it is because its theirs and thats it.

A 6 years old forming a Sex Club!! Kamaaaaannnn Give me a break adults.

@Ixuzus: Calling him screwed up at six!! I think, a better review of child behaviour would be a better judgement. He is a normal kid and there is nothing wrong with him. I believe most of the other interpretation of his behaviour is only adults, who have nothing else to do. That is just MHO.
  by: kinko     04/25/2007 02:32 AM     
you know, i was gonna let this one fly as just weird crap , until i read your post.
you are right, this is political, informational, and definately not church.
but appearently you don't know many true christians,
#1 because god is involved with every aspect of our lives, from political to financial, religious to social.
#2 what right do you have to lambast unity for voicing an opinion? you espouse crap rhetoric daily, yet we don't tell you to find god, do we?
#3 if you don't recognize the problem going on with the worlds youth, you're quite possibly one of the reasons for them. ignoring things does not make them go away, and neither does making excuses.
  by: warchylde010176   04/26/2007 07:29 PM     
  Must be the Parents fault  
...Any normal 6 year old knows he should use a jumbo sharpy or the ever popular marksalot.
  by: machiavelli     04/26/2007 07:36 PM     
  @ warchylde010176  
".... you don't know many true christians ...."

Because there aren't many

".... because god is involved with every aspect of our lives ...."

Not to the non-religious. The god referred to in this thread, to the non-religous, is irrelevant in every concept.

".... what right do you have to lambast unity for voicing an opinion ...."

The fact that the religious crap is posted on its own, having nothing to do with threads posted to. I am not the only one to have voiced this opinion about this poster.

".... if you don't recognize the problem going on with the worlds youth ...."

I recognize it deeper, that being, the parents.
  by: Discarded Vet   04/28/2007 09:09 PM     
Actually, yes the parents are to blame, but then, so is society on a larger scale. The saturation of sexual and sexualised content in every aspect of contemporary society is unprecedented.

Yes parents need to take a more active and considered role in bringing up their children, but we - society as a whole - have a shared responsibility in that regard.
  by: lauriesman     05/02/2007 10:03 AM     
go ahead and try to ridicule. they did the same thing to moses, noah and jesus, so to be persectuted in a similar fashion is to be expec ted from people who refuse to believe because of thier own arrogance and pride, convincing themselves god does not exist or that i am wrong because i am strong enough to live in a godless society and retain my faith.
  by: warchylde010176   05/03/2007 06:38 PM     
Certainly not unprecedented. Cultures have been and will continue to be worse throughout history. Ancient Romans, Greeks, French, Indians, Aztec, the English... perversion and violence has been happening for a long time. Part of the problem now is we have a means to keep track of it very openly and efficiently.

Also most cultures when they reach the 'pinnacle' of this sexual perversion and violent tendencies usually die out with quite a bang. This has been true since the beginning of time, Sodom and Gommorah for an example and is why the bible speaks of an Armageddon that is then followed by a 1000 years of peace.

The greater the 'bang' the longer it takes people to forget about it.
  by: kuhl   05/03/2007 06:58 PM     
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