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                 02/23/2018 01:41 AM  
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05/01/2007 02:08 PM ID: 62145 Permalink   

30 Animal Rights Extremists Arrested


At least 15 men and 17 women have been held in a variety of places across England in connection with criminal activities in the name of animal rights.

700 police officers were dispatched in the early morning to arrest the 32 people. There were also raids in the Netherlands and Belgium.

At one of the locations raided, an animal welfare facility, it was reported to have been said that the police tactics were "heavy handed" and that they had nothing to hide.

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  rights not wrights n/t  
  by: lauriesman     05/01/2007 02:17 PM     
The last word of the first paragraph should be 'rights', not 'wrights'.

The third paragraph doesn't make sense either.
  by: gimboid   05/01/2007 02:19 PM     
That third paragraph is impressive.

On a more relevant note, its about time these people were arrested. They just use animal rights as an excuse to cause trouble (sometimes with serious consequences).
  by: Captainrave   05/01/2007 03:15 PM     
The green scare spreads...
  by: obesevegan   05/01/2007 03:17 PM     
  my bad on the spelling lol!  
i was reporting in hurry because my boss was in the office so laugh away! i did! also can anyoen fix the typos please?
  by: jack282   05/01/2007 03:17 PM     
Maybe you should read about what laws they have broken before you pass comment.

The UK Serious Organised Crime and Police Act effectively makes lawful protest illegal.

These people face years in prison for using a megaphone to "cause alarm and distress" sometimes which a non animal rights activist would not even be arrested for.

I happen to know personally 3 of the individuals who were arrested and I can tell you that they have done nothing more than protest with a megaphone.
  by: obesevegan   05/01/2007 03:20 PM     
  Heavy handed  
No kidding - 700 people for 30 arrests!? And why couldn't they just arrest them in the normal manner, instead of "raids"?
  by: my2cents   05/01/2007 03:42 PM     
  Fixed typos...  
  by: Lurker     05/01/2007 03:51 PM     
  Animal rights activists in the UK  
set fire to houses when people are sleeping in them.
Throw bricks through windows ect ect ect.

They've dug up deceased family members and stolen the remains.

They've threatend to set fire to the house of anyone who even speaks to the owners of a research lab.

Need I say more?
  by: Gogevandire   05/01/2007 03:59 PM     
  Damn hippies.  
Animal rights activists; it's what's for dinner.
  by: _undead   05/01/2007 04:19 PM     
Yes, you could supply some sources of people setting fire to houses with people in? and the proof that the remains of Gladys Hammonds remains were stolen by animal rights activists?

Maybe your sources will come from the same sites that say all Muslims are terrorists or anyone who doesn't own a gun is a communist?

I dare anyone to look through the media bullshit to the truth.
  by: obesevegan   05/01/2007 04:30 PM     
I would like to add that no-one has ever been killed in the name of animal rights, but 6 people in the UK have been killed related during protests by the same people who abuse animals for profit.
  by: obesevegan   05/01/2007 04:33 PM     
I couldn't tell if you were being sarcastic or if you really think that.

"Yes, you could supply some sources of people setting fire to houses with people in?"

" would like to add that no-one has ever been killed in the name of animal rights"

Well here are some sources. I don't know if they will hold up to the scrutiny of conspiracy theories or not though.

  by: Ryanb     05/01/2007 04:59 PM     
  Last link  
is broken sorry. Here is the story:

Animal Liberation Front bomber faces jail after admitting arson bids

· Police hail conviction of anti-vivisection extremist
· Investigation into 'seven or eight' similar offences

Esther Addley
Friday August 18, 2006
The Guardian

A man described as the Animal Liberation Front's top bomber is facing jail after admitting he carried out explosive attacks on the homes of a number of people with connections to a pharmaceutical research laboratory.
Donald Currie, 40, pleaded guilty at Reading crown court to four charges of arson, one of attempted arson, and two counts of possessing explosives with the intent of carrying out further explosions. He will be sentenced on September 28.

A senior source at Thames Valley police said later yesterday: "It is our belief that Currie was the main active bomber for the Animal Liberation Front. We consider his arrest and conviction to be a significant event."
The court heard Currie had been arrested on March 26 in Caversham, Reading, after trying to bomb a car belonging to the husband of Caroline Brooks, director of a courier firm that has worked for Britain's biggest testing laboratory, Huntingdon Life Sciences (HLS). The laboratory and its suppliers have been the subject of a sustained campaign by animal rights activists opposed to their activities.

While running from the scene Currie abandoned a second device in the garden of a nearby home, before being arrested by police. The explosives were a crude mixture of sodium chlorate, a commonly available weedkiller, and sucrose, which combine to make a volatile explosive. Neither of the packages detonated.

On September 7 last year, Currie attacked the home of Paul Blackburn, the corporate controller of the drugs giant GlaxoSmithKline, which has links to HLS. That device exploded on the porch of Mr Blackburn's home in Beaconsfield, Bucks, while his wife and daughter were inside.

Currie, unemployed and of no fixed abode, denied involvement in an arson attack on a warehouse in Williton, Somerset, in April 2005, in which the warehouse of a firm manufacturing transportation devices was seriously damaged. The judge ordered that this offence should lie on file.

The police source said that in addition to attacks Currie admitted, "there are another eight or nine that in our opinion are of a very similar nature. The investigation is ongoing into those." Thames Valley police were working alongside six other forces - Hertfordshire, Sussex, Leicestershire, Dorset, Surrey and Northamptonshire - in this investigation.

Following Currie's arrest in March, the Animal Liberation Front claimed responsibility for the Reading attack, posting a notice on its website which read: "Caroline Brooks is a legitimate target for people working to end the appalling suffering of animals at the hands of Huntingdon Life Sciences." She was also targeted two years ago, when acid was poured over her cars. PDP Courier Services, of which Mrs Brooks is the director, specialises in transporting pharmaceutical products. She was unavailable for comment yesterday.

The ALF lists Currie among 25 people, 11 of them in Britain, who are currently in prison and who it says "have made a huge selfless sacrifice for animals". However, police believe his affiliation to the ALF may have been loose. The source said he was "very committed, willing to be martyred for the cause." Officers were still hunting other people in connection with the attacks, he said.

In 2004, Currie was among seven individuals and organisations named by HLS in a £200,000 costs order, in which the company attempted to recoup the cost of obtaining injunctions against them.

The laboratory has been a target of animal extremists since the 1990s; early attacks on workers and their properties evolved to include the firm's suppliers, and even investors in suppliers. In May, hundreds of GSK investors were sent letters threatening that they would be targeted if they did not sell shares in the firm. Last year a nursery offering services to HLS employees was also threatened.

In addition, ALF extremists have targeted firms associated with construction of a new research laboratory at Oxford University. At least five contractors have now pulled out of the project.

Four people were jailed in May for stealing the body of Gladys Hammond from a Staffordshire graveyard, in an attempt to blackmail her son-in-law, who owned a guinea pig breeding farm. The remains were recovered and reinterred, but the family is no longer involved in the firm.

Figures released last month by the Association of the British Pharmaceutical Industry show attacks on scientists by animal rights extremists have fallen. In the first six months of 2006, 15 incidents were recorded at private homes, compared with 32 in the same period last year.

  by: Ryanb     05/01/2007 05:03 PM     
I know we all like being on the 'animal activists are morons' bandwagon (f@ck PETA), but these types of 'raids' tend to be more about the appearance of doing something rather than about actually doing something. Let's play a game. Out of the 30 arrested, how many do you think will actually be charged with anything more than misdemeanors. How many will be charged at all?
  by: bane39   05/01/2007 05:06 PM     
Thanks dude.
  by: Gogevandire   05/01/2007 05:07 PM     
PETA People Eating Tasty Animals -YUM
  by: ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh   05/01/2007 05:38 PM     
Not exactly model citizens, they sound more like terrorist cells or gangs.

  by: MomentOfClarity     05/01/2007 06:13 PM     
Who wants a bet that obesevegan was somehow involved? I hate terrorists.
  by: Captainrave   05/01/2007 09:56 PM     
I hope you never play a version of Texas Hold'em with Rynab , he called, and said ALL IN and don't forget, the old saying, "watch what you wish for, you might get it" ! LOL
  by: old man   05/02/2007 12:29 AM     
  And their ring leader is one cute...  
troublemaker Delly Doolittle.

So beautiful, yet so misguided.
  by: Zmethod     05/02/2007 02:10 AM     
  Instead of cruel animal testing...  
they should test stuff on animal rights extremists. I'd pay to see that

  by: Zmethod     05/02/2007 02:35 AM     
  why test on Animals?  
why test on Animals?
when you can test on Arabs or Americans.

Bomb them for Fluffy

  by: veya_victaous     05/02/2007 08:24 AM     
Ok point taken, there are people out there who are extremists. But by definition they are not animal rights activists. Neither are they members of the Animal Liberation Front. Animal Rights activists consider all life to be equal and see humans as animals as well.

Back to the original point, the people who were arrested during these raids have NOT been arrested for anything other than activities relating to extremism, they have been arrested for protesting against an industry where the government has a vested interest and they are being crucified for it.

You can laugh all you like at the silly animal rights protesters. But it is your freedom the government are removing.

They are changing the laws to make any protest illegal, so when you decide you give a sh** about an issue and want to take to the streets but instead are imprisoned remember how you laughed while others were silenced.

And which ever arse hole said they should test drugs on animal rights activists, grow up - maybe people who don't support the war in Iraq should be used as human shields?
  by: obesevegan   05/02/2007 02:19 PM     
I by the way hate PeTA more than any meat eater out there. They are amongst the biggest hypocrite animal abusing, human hating bastards out there.
  by: obesevegan   05/02/2007 02:27 PM     
Well, if these people did nothing more than protest legaly, fine.
I hope and trust they will be exonerated, however, most of there kind I've come across have done nothing of the sort.
  by: Gogevandire   05/02/2007 03:17 PM     
How could you possibly come to that conclusion? Most of there kind? What is that suppose to mean? Most animal rights activists are elderly ladies those who partake in regular protest must be around 20% of activists. Those who partake in illegal activities must be less than 1% of the total!

Do you have "experience" of animal rights activists outside of what the media says? Because lets face it they are hardly positive about animal rights.
  by: obesevegan   05/02/2007 03:40 PM     
Those I've known.
  by: Gogevandire   05/02/2007 04:02 PM     
"These people face years in prison for using a megaphone to "cause alarm and distress" sometimes which a non animal rights activist would not even be arrested for."

You are aware that the words being screamed into megaphones are aimed at (for example) Secretaries and contractors working at places like
huntingdon life science threatening to kill them and their families and pleding terror campaigns?

If you say "no i fully support somones right to intimdate, threaten with viloence and terrorise others" then you can DIAF.

my ex-gf was a biologist who worked with animals on diabetes drugs and was threated by these shaven head, jobless, hippie pricks and if it was up to me they'd be locked up for the same amount of time as the july bombers.

gutless craven cowards.
  by: koultunami     05/02/2007 05:43 PM     
Well your comments say it all, you even managed some stereotypes - bravo.

I've seen the British Medical Journals on Diabetes, man it must suck to kill so many thousands of animals and occasionally find cures for them which never work in humans.

The journals all show the same thing "animal models produced no conclusive results". The same misleading diabetes animal research back in 1922 delayed the discovery of insulin for decades - how many lives could have been saved?

Statistically speaking she should spend her time flipping a coin as this would produce better results.

I don't agree with threats at all, I am a peaceful person. But I do however think that protest is important for social change and if your girlfriend wants to do her job she must accept that some people don't agree with what she is doing and will protest against it. - If she doesn't like that maybe she should find another job.
  by: obesevegan   05/02/2007 09:12 PM     
If it didnt work, medical companies wouldnt spend millions if not billions researching it.

You have the right to protest, not threaten, the two are very different.
  by: Gogevandire   05/03/2007 09:43 AM     
Your logic is baffling? Have you ever considered it creates thousands of jobs. Thats like saying fossil fuels MUST be ok because multinationals continue to exploit them...
  by: obesevegan   05/03/2007 10:15 AM     
Your either an idiot, or mentaly retarded, I cant figure out which.

Multinationals exist to maximise shareholder wealth, not to create jobs.

Are you saying fossil fuels dont work?
My motorbike would disagree.

If it was cheaper and more effective to toss a coin, the medical companies would do that, they dont, so logicaly, this way is more cost effective.
  by: Gogevandire   05/03/2007 10:36 AM     
Neither - Thank you...

I would ask that you spend a whole lot of time looking through medical journals and look at the stats pal. THERE ARE NO "CURES" THAT HAVE BEEN DISCOVERED DIRECTLY FROM ANIMAL RESEARCH.

I didnt say fossil fuels dont work - I meant they arent OK to exploit. Multinationals are here to maximise profit in the now and to hell with the global consequences in the future. I am obviously reffering to global warming.

I have researched animal testing a stupid amount, for christ sake New Scientist said that animal tested drugs were the 4th biggest killer world wide.

Animals werent good enough for GlaxoSmithKline when they decided they would test on NY orphans.

Here is a nice quote from George Bernard Shaw. "Those who won't hesitate to vivisect, won't hesitate to lie about it as well."
  by: obesevegan   05/03/2007 10:50 AM     
So WHY do they spend billions doing it?
  by: Gogevandire   05/03/2007 10:57 AM     
I'm confused do you think they don't sell the drugs? They make billions from the sale of the finished drug and future patents.

It doesn't detract from the fact that the process is pointless. Under EU law they must test new chemical formulas on small are large species during clinical trials.

Also, the amount of jobs it creates does matter as the Government have put millions into protecting and hiding the facts behind vivisection because it is "good" for the economy.

Money aside, animal tests do not work. They cause the death and maiming of countless humans worldwide.

I think you might well find that a large portion of animal research is funded by major charities & public taxes. So they don't spend millions - they are given millions to use.
  by: obesevegan   05/03/2007 12:14 PM     

"Creating jobs" isnt good for the economy, the UK economy is under siege from the millions of jobs the government created, its not being liberated by them.

If animal tests didnt give any useable information, people wouldnt do it.

Its not that complicated.
  by: Gogevandire   05/03/2007 12:17 PM     
Well pal, you obvious dont want to look past your own nose so I give up.

Do some f**king research then comment PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE!

I have had friends and relatives die from cancers and heart problems, I am pro science I just think (as many many scientists do) that vivisection is fraudulent science.

You should ask questions about any industry that uses orphans to test HIV drugs - but HEY they must be honest for they are a multinational corporation that have only our best interests at heart.
  by: obesevegan   05/03/2007 12:23 PM     
When did I say multinationals have our best interests at heart?

I said the absolute opposite, I said their sole purpose is to maximise shareholder wealth.

If experimenting on animals didnt maximise shareholder wealth, they wouldnt do it.

And I believe that is now you soundly beaten.
  by: Gogevandire   05/03/2007 12:31 PM     
Well done for answering none of my points.

You must have "beaten" so many people before with your witty repartee.
  by: obesevegan   05/03/2007 01:59 PM     
  You had a point?  
The closest to one I found was that charities and the government pay drugs companies to torture animals.

I assumed you were joking, you really believe that?
Is the government controlled by jewish freemasons too?
  by: Gogevandire   05/03/2007 04:25 PM     
Cancer Research UK - 020 7242 0200
British Heart Foundation - 020 7935 0185

Give them a quick phone and ask them if they fund animal experimentation?

How would you like your words served - on a plate of your own stupidity?
  by: obesevegan   05/03/2007 04:38 PM     
So why do they fund it?

Because they're sick and twisted and hate animals?

Or because it provides medical break throughs?

For anyone else reading this, come back in 10 posts, I'll have led him to common sense by then
  by: Gogevandire   05/03/2007 05:01 PM     
Ok, I invite you to find one cure or treatment in humans that was directly discovered because of animal research?

Dr Vernon Coleman offered £500,000 to any scientist who prove any treatment or cure was due to animal research. Needless to say he didnt lose any cash...

You are obviously a very nieve person if you think that this industry doesnt have it secrets. Animal research is a multi million pound industry there is a lot of money to be made - this is why it happens.
  by: obesevegan   05/03/2007 05:06 PM     
You are obviously a very nieve person if you think that this industry doesnt have it secrets. Animal research is a multi million pound industry there is a lot of money to be made - this is why it happens.

Why is it a multi million pound industry?
Why do all these companies keep spending all this money on animal research if it accomplishes nothing?


Companies do things to make money, research costs money, therefore there must be a benefit to doing so.
  by: Gogevandire   05/03/2007 05:16 PM     
You are obviously too much of a lazy tw@ to go and read up on this and I am getting kind of bored of replying to your barrage of ill informed rhetoric.

You win. I was killed by your ignorance bombs.
  by: obesevegan   05/03/2007 05:21 PM     
Might help you lose some weight if you keep all this exercise up...

"Ok, I invite you to find one cure or treatment in humans that was directly discovered because of animal research?"

I ignored this becuase it was stupid, apparently I must explain why.

Name one war that was won directly because of tanks.

There are none, therefore the tank is worthless.

Apply that to your little ditty on animal research...

Now, answer why companies do it and charities pay them to if it accomplishes nothing
  by: Gogevandire   05/03/2007 05:29 PM     
  I wish  
The police and our law would be half as "heavy handed" on the cowards; that abuse animals and use animals like they are nothing to be considered at all.
  by: captainJane     05/03/2007 05:37 PM     
Resorting to personal attacks, that is good - desparate times desparate measures.

Listen, if you arent going to research it then we are at a loss here. Its kind of like when people heckle you in the street whilst doing an information stall then when you attempt to debate or discuss and they shout over you and say "I dont care, lalalala". Dont ask a question if you dont wish to know the answer.
  by: obesevegan   05/03/2007 05:56 PM     
Answer the question then.

Why do charities pay medical companies millions if not billions of £'s to do this animal research, if it doesnt acheive anything?
  by: Gogevandire   05/03/2007 06:00 PM     
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