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                 02/22/2018 11:56 AM  
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05/02/2007 04:38 PM ID: 62168 Permalink   

New Breast Feeding Record


As many as 4,000 Philipine mothers took part in a simultaneous breast feeding event in the capital of Manila. The event is to help promote the benefits of breast feeding.

Only 16% of children between the ages of four and five months are exclusively breast fed. 13% of children are not breast fed at all, because the mothers feel they do not make enough milk.

According to UNICEF, children should be breast fed exclusively for the first 6 months and then continue to be breast fed for the next two years while also receiving regular food. Most Philipine mothers believe baby formula is better.

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  I know  
Its not exactly front page news, but I feel things like this should get attention too. I think breast feeding is very important. (although Im a bit disgusted when women do it right in front of me) It would seem that in a time when everyone is so concerned with eating 'all natural' products, or 'organic foods' they would want to give their babies breast milk. I know when Im at school i always hear these new mothers saying 'did you know that our water has 1ppm of molybedenum in it!!!!! I won't give my child any of that!! I only drink purified water!! We have some of the worst water in the country!!

Christ!!!! People in africa and other poor countries would kill to have the water that comes out of americans tap, but we have this manufactured need where people actually believe our tap water is killing us and all the other crap people believe.....

What this has to do with breast feeding im not exactly sure ??
  by: Ryanb     05/02/2007 04:43 PM     
Flouride is chemical waste.

Putting it in water slowly but surely kills you.
  by: Gogevandire   05/02/2007 04:48 PM     
Which is why you're not supposed to eat toothpaste.
  by: Dark_Stang   05/02/2007 05:01 PM     
except that it actually occurs naturally in water
  by: Syoware   05/02/2007 07:16 PM     
  Of course  
Of course you are not supposed to eat toothpaste. That is why on Mondays I brush my teeth with ice cream and thursdays with mustard.
  by: John E Angel     05/03/2007 12:05 AM     
  Oops sorry  
meant to say brush with ice-cream and mustard flavored toothpaste of which I recently heard about but find hard to believe.
  by: John E Angel     05/03/2007 02:12 AM     
I like how people think flouride in the water is bad for you. Here in Oregon we don't have flouride in the water, and my dad is a dentist and he can tell immediately that a person was not raised in Oregon. How? All he has to do is look at the person's teeth, and people from out of state have far less tooth decay than those that have lived here in Oregon.

By saying we shouldn't have flouride in the water, you might as well not eat shrimp or like any seafood due to mercury. Oh, and if you ever get a cavity, don't bother getting a filling because that has trace amounts of mercury, too.

And yes, you aren't supposed to eat toothpaste but that is probably because it contains a far more concentrated amount that flouride in water. Please, if you want to get the true facts on flouride and all the benefits/negatives, contact your dentist or something and don't research it off the internet, seeing as how anybody can post whatever they want on the internet.

Oh, and I brush my teeth with chocolate because the chocolate stimulates a response to create saliva which kills bacteria.
  by: Nitaro02   05/03/2007 03:36 AM     
  That was alot of mammaries  
Giggity Goo
  by: thunderb3   05/03/2007 02:04 PM     
  It was  
a boobfest.
  by: John E Angel     05/03/2007 03:26 PM     
  I know  
this just shocks people but they are just elements, get over it. Chlorine, Sodium, Calcium, Iron, Copper, Molybedenum, Arsenic (yes even arsenic) flouride, and many other elements including transition metals are all necessary for life. Plants need a Shi* load of magnesium to put in the middle of their of their chlorophyll. Bacteria raised without a nitrogen source will almost always die (with rare exceptions). Organisms without a sulfur source die because methionene and cysteine require sulfur.
Chemistry is Chemistry. Just because something is used in 'CHEMICALS' doesn't mean it is always dangerous.
  by: RyanB     05/03/2007 04:42 PM     
the point is that breast feeding is very important. the chemical composition in breast milk changes over the course of the baby's development in a pseudo-symbiotic relationship with the mother. formulas are trying to imitate it, but there is still a lot unknown about breast milk
  by: Syoware   05/03/2007 04:51 PM     
  Interesting story.  
13% of children are not breast fed at all, because the mothers feel they do not make enough milk.
Believe me if they eat greens they will have no problems with milk the weight on the boobs can be a real problem though. Ouch.

Oops sorry
meant to say brush with ice-cream and mustard flavored toothpaste of which I recently heard about but find hard to believe. Mr.Angel. Ha-ha you are daft. :0)
  by: captainJane     05/04/2007 06:18 PM     
  Breastfeeding is..  
cool to an extent. But there comes a time in every child's life when he's got to stop sucking on the boobies. I was at the food court in the mall the other day and a child (I'll say 3yrs old?) climbed out of his stroller, lifted up his mother's shirt, unhooked her nursing bra and started slurping away. Right in the middle of the food court! Mommy wasn't even phased, I on the other hand almost lost my whopper right then and there. When the kid can speak and chew adult food it's time to lose the boob.
  by: LauraKay31   05/04/2007 06:46 PM     
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