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                 01/19/2018 10:00 PM  
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05/03/2007 10:41 AM ID: 62185 Permalink   

Power Station Under Threat from Dog-Sized Concrete-Eating Rats


A hydroelectric power station on the River Pica which supplies power to Montenegro is under threat from an army of rats reputed to be the size of small dogs. Authorities are attempting to come up with a plan to combat the invasion.

Local workers are terrified of the animals. "There are thousands of them and they have eaten through all the cables inside the dam walls and are burrowing lots of holes inside it. We are afraid the dam might collapse..." one said.

None of the workers will go in the station as it is at the moment. "It's like something out of a James Herbert book, they are even eating through concrete," a spokesperson said.

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  by: Gogevandire   05/03/2007 10:58 AM     
Like a nightmare to me.scary.
  by: captainJane     05/03/2007 11:55 AM     
Lions that can tunnel into dams? That doesn't make me feel any better.
  by: ixuzus     05/03/2007 12:06 PM     
Well I was going to suggest they use cats, but didnt think they'd be winning many fights with dog sized rats.
  by: Gogevandire   05/03/2007 12:18 PM     
Ah, I see. You make a good point... Perhaps we just need a bigger kitty
  by: ixuzus     05/03/2007 12:36 PM     
They'll do it.
  by: Gogevandire   05/03/2007 01:04 PM     
the uprising has come! (anyone who gets that is as sad as me! lol!) just wait for the 13th bell toll and our word is doomed!
  by: jack282   05/03/2007 01:29 PM     
Wiki my name....

In that case, they need hellblaster volley guns.
  by: Gogevandire   05/03/2007 01:36 PM     
  Dam rats.  
  by: Svengali   05/03/2007 02:18 PM     
  Reporters and their sizes...  
You know... "Rats the size of small dogs." Why not just say "Rats the size of cats."

So... ladies, remember when a reporter tells you "It's the size of a ruler!" He really means a 3 inch ruler.
  by: Dark_Stang   05/03/2007 03:00 PM     
  @ gogevandire  
so empire scum dont see much ornate cathedral's being carved and it seems to me there is more corruption now than there was then! so listen for the 13 screaming bell chimes human your reign is nearly up! lol!
  by: jack282   05/03/2007 04:54 PM     
  Makes me think  
of those crazy creatures on 'The Princess Bride'. Wouldn't want to come up face to face with those things without 'Old Painless' from Predator. Varmint shootin' Yahoooo!!!
  by: crosimoto     05/03/2007 05:25 PM     
  Holy Jesus.  
Dog sized rats? Maybe I should use that for my upcoming horror manuscript.
  by: RockingRobbee   05/03/2007 05:45 PM     
  by: caution2     05/03/2007 06:51 PM     
  dog size rodent  
  by: kuhl   05/03/2007 07:05 PM     
wheres my .22?????
  by: RyanB     05/03/2007 07:32 PM     
  by: dook   05/03/2007 07:54 PM     
  the R.O.U.S's  
have left the fire swamp and are taking over the rest of the countryside!
run, wesley, run!!!

  by: warchylde010176   05/03/2007 08:00 PM     
  All I could think of reading this is...  
The ticks Dog-Rat named Speak.
  by: tellgar     05/03/2007 08:16 PM     
my father has seen a rat the size of a puppy dog, i think, well big and this seems to be from global warming. We use poison and i remember hearing the big one making noises cause it eat the poison, was interesting to hear it suffer but also inhumane too, but i dont like rats so the poison was used.

Global warming is bringing weird invasions indeed, especially when it is nature's way of saying, "you idiots"
  by: unitybeing   05/04/2007 01:35 AM     
  Giant Rat don't know if this pic is from the actual location

  by: 5t3v3   05/04/2007 10:54 PM     
I've been visiting this site since 2001 and until recently it's always been to read a good assessment of the news.. HOWEVER lately it's become just to search for articles that Unitybeing comments on... AND THIS one takes the cake so far. LOL thanks, you're cracking me up in your broken English...

  by: foreu2envy   05/04/2007 11:06 PM     
I thought that the source was not an allowable source? Did I get that wrong?

  by: RAD     05/06/2007 12:52 PM     
Firstly, the source is IOL, not ananova. Secondly Ananova is an allowable source and has been since August last year.
  by: ixuzus     05/06/2007 01:51 PM     
  They're MUTANT  
nuclear Rats. It is a power station afterall
  by: Zmethod     05/11/2007 10:09 AM     
Hrm... do you think they were accompanied by mutant turtles? perhaps in their teenage years?
  by: Svengali   05/11/2007 02:45 PM     
  With ninja training?  
  by: Gogevandire   05/11/2007 02:52 PM     
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