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                 01/18/2018 08:38 PM  
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05/08/2007 06:13 AM ID: 62271 Permalink   

Legendary King Herod Tomb Discovered


The tomb of the legendary builder of ancient Jerusalem and the Holy Land, King Herod, has been found in the Judean Desert on top, believe it or not, of a flattened hill called Herodium - where his palace once stood.

Hebrew University had hoped to announce their findings on Tuesday at a pre-arranged press conference but a newspaper, the Haaretz, published them early on their website late Monday night.

Archaeologist Ehud Netzer found the tomb he has searched for since 1972.

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Must have been a pretty good feeling for Netzer, finding it after 35 years...
  by: gimboid   05/08/2007 09:37 AM     
  Good Story  
I am out of touch over the weekends so it was great to get back and find this story.
  by: captainJane     05/08/2007 10:56 AM     
  @ access  
you should write more... excellent find!
  by: DarkAngelJG     05/08/2007 01:19 PM     
  another source with picture:  
  by: DarkAngelJG     05/08/2007 02:19 PM     
  Well done  
good story
  by: barryriley   05/08/2007 02:20 PM     
Was reading this, then ended up on

is there a typo on the page or did he die 4 years before trying to kill Jesus?!
  by: weener   05/08/2007 02:55 PM     
He tried to kill Jesus.
  by: Dark_Stang   05/08/2007 04:27 PM     
Well, "BC" doesn't actually stand for "Before Christ", heh.
  by: Dayron   05/08/2007 05:15 PM     
  Clear up some confusion  
BC is not 'Before Chist" it's before Common Era (BCE). Christ, according to earliest suppositions, was born about 7 (I thikn wikipedia says 8 BC). The Christian Bible talks about Mary ,Joseph & Baby Jesus 'hiding out' for a bit until Herod was dead.
  by: crosimoto     05/08/2007 05:16 PM     
  I wonder  
If this tomb will yield any info as to some of the things he's proposed to have done. i.e. having all infants 2 and under slaughtered in an effort to thwart the Jewish prophecies of a messiah.
  by: crosimoto     05/08/2007 05:23 PM     
  Great article!  
Good job!
  by: reehaw     05/08/2007 06:42 PM     
  Uh. BC is Before Christ  
That's why people don't use it anymore. But there is controversy over CE and BCE anyway since they use the same epoch.
  by: Fratley   05/08/2007 07:04 PM     
  change it!  
lets change it to BW,

this year is 22AW
  by: weener   05/09/2007 02:55 PM     
  Trust Not Israel  
chances are 85% that this news is a latest lie in the web of Israeli lies aiming at confiscating more lands from the Palestinians.
Israelis are trying hard to fabricate any justification to make their presence in Palestine "Based on Historical Grounds" - not merely militarist grounds - as is now.
King Herod - or whatever - is just another piece to add to all this crab aiming at claiming a right to destroy Muslim & Christian monuments in Israeli, for the sake of finding more bones underground.
any true researcher who knows abcs knows this constant concern about Israelis ..
this is just a hoax .. no science involved.. for any of u who suspects thers might be science involved, just return to all other similar hoaxes by Israelis.. they're in hundreds
it's not that I'm a anti-semitist .. I can't be .. for I'm a semitist myself .. but I only believe true jewish people .. not at all the zionists..
  by: amirrima   05/09/2007 03:49 PM     
Dear amirrima,

While the evidence is only circumstantial at this point for Herod’s tomb it sure seems to fit the bill. If you claim to be Jewish then why did you incorrectly call yourself a "semitist" in saying "I'm a semitist myself". You would have said I'm a "Semite" if you were truly Jewish. Let's face it you are anti-Semitic.
  by: jd56412   05/10/2007 01:19 AM     
Furthermore amirrima,

Why would you title your comment "Trust Not Israel"? and why would you be opposed to Isreal laying claim to what already belongs to them?
  by: jd56412   05/10/2007 01:46 AM     
  out of context jd56412  
you ask totally out-of-context questions.
what being a semite or semitist got to do with Israel being what it's?
I only mentioned semitism at the end of my comment. pls, look at the core, don't get us buged into stupid details.
but if u insist: semitist is not semite. refere to your dictionary and look it up. this is not what I'm talking about at all..
  by: amirrima   05/11/2007 01:52 PM     
  further more jd56412  
I think it's my right to oppose what I deem "not right" even it was Israel .. I know most of good people do so ..
your question about this issue is out of context also..
judging from your question I think you still have so many answer that you havven't figured out for ur self .. you seem to be no more than 10 years of old.. or you pretend to be..
  by: amirrima   05/11/2007 01:57 PM     
10-year old jd56412 .. if I was a semite, would u think that I must be true and honest?
then, if I were anti-semitic would u think I must be lying?
then u r only judging ideas by from whom they come from .. not on their own reasoning ..
this is called "chauvinism" .. or "ethnic dogmatism".. here's two new terms for you to study, besides anti-semitism.. still I think you're still struggling with the childish complicated term of anti-decay..
do u think it's any different from anti-semitic?
if I called you a decayed person, would that be more or less of semite?
can you tell the difference?
I wish you didn't start the name-calling game by calling me anti-semitic. you're merely trying to terrorize me from criticizing Israel.
you're no better than a terrorist - but on the words level.
horray, it's only two steps more, and you can be a real terrorist .. blood and all .. as long as you stick with the ideas you expressed here .. I think you'll never miss your way to being a real terrorist ..
jd56412 ..
you need to rethink your whole method of thinking and calling names at people, you don't know .. your next step.. is to shoot bullets .. bravo.
try to read and think and respect others .. if not for your own sake .. then do it for the sake of keeping another potential terrorist out of the world .. potentially YOU..
  by: amirrima   05/11/2007 02:19 PM     
I'm not saying that you don't have a legitimate gripe (other's may). But looking at your profile, you seem to be new here. I'm just saying...get used to having your point of view attacked, substantially or otherwise. Some here know how to logically dismantle an argument and still come off as 'helpful', others come raging trhough like bulls in a china shop. In other words....toughen up.
  by: crosimoto     05/11/2007 02:29 PM     
  further more amirrima  
I'm a right winged anti-abortionist, evangelical, dogmatic theocrat, ultra conservative, bible-thumpin' exclusionary, literal creationist bigot.....with the kung fu grip. But I'm cool with it.
  by: crosimoto     05/11/2007 02:36 PM     
Do you have any evidence that Israel has destroyed any historic or religious buildings?
  by: Gogevandire   05/11/2007 02:48 PM     
  @ Gogevandire  
off course there're hundreds of evidences that Israel keeps on destroying historic and religious buildings .. and more importantly destroying poor peoples houses .. namely Palestinian peole ..
that happens all the time .. turn on your T.V. and you'll watch it for yourself .. if u care about evidence ..
still, judging by your other comments, I know that even if you find thousands of evidence about the wrongdoings Israel does to the world all the time .. you'll just not believe but what you want to believe about Israel.
  by: amirrima   05/14/2007 02:16 PM     
  @ crosimoto  
I'm trying to learn to be cool ..
but you must confess that it hurts when someone lables you negatively from the first lines he throughs at you. and what makes it raging is that he thinks he is COOL.
sometimes cool is not enough..
you must be logical and reasonable ..
  by: amirrima   05/14/2007 02:19 PM     
Good points, I understand. I use SN as practice. You gotta admit, except for the mud slinging, many here offer broad insight to a variety of issues. And I'm not saying don't defend yourself. The more time you spend here, the better you'll be at it. But the feelings about how idiotic some can be can poison you, and there you need to be careful. Realize that you were never here to change them in the first place, you're here to share insight, some are and will remain blind ...and pissed off about it.
  by: crosimoto     05/14/2007 02:29 PM     
Nice deflection, I didnt ask about the bulldozing of suicide bombers homes, I asked about the destruction of holy sites.
I'm fairly certain its quite opposite, becuase part of Isreals founding legal documents say they will care for all holy sites, and I've seen no evidence of them destroying them.
  by: Gogevandire   05/14/2007 02:50 PM     
  @ Gogevandire  
if u legalize the use of bulldozing what you term "suicide bombers homes"..
then it's merely a logical step further to use the same method "bulldozing" to holy site that you term aren't worth as "holy" but can be deemed as "of terrorist roots" .. you just change the lables .. and that's exactly what Israeli politics is all about .. the lands of Palestinians are confiscated .. just because they can alter the labling from "stealing" and "confiscating" to "securing the Israelis" ..
but of course you shouldn't bother your head with seeing how this works with Israeli .. just as long as you're happy about it and gaining out of it as additions to your own land .. or that of your brethern..
  by: amirrima   05/15/2007 02:44 PM     
  @ Gogevandire  
talk about deflection..
isn't a smart deflection to care about the bones of someone who died long ago .. but in the same time you cause more bones of living people to be buried underground ..
I guess the jewish people after about 1000 years can still search in Palestine for bones of people they slaughtered and confiscated their lands .. and then maybe they'll feel the real drama of the crimes they caused the Palestinian people .. but only after 1000 years .. that if they managed to restore their feelings of being humans .. not merely zionists
  by: amirrima   05/15/2007 02:57 PM     
Its quite simple

Post a link to a place where Isreal has purposefully destroyed a religious site, or accept you spoke incorrectly, you can even claim you meant peoples houses.
  by: Gogevandire   05/15/2007 02:58 PM     
  @ Gogevandire  
to tell you the truth ..
after saying such criticism about zionists I can't help but feel afraid..
zionists are known for slaughters, assasinations and confiscations of rights and lands ..
the whole world tries to avoid them because they know the consequences of crossing with them.. that's why the whole world finds it easier to shut out the pains of Palestinians than merely to argue with zionists..
zionists just want it so much .. that nothing on earth can stop them .. not even their own fine religion .. or human ethics or human feelings .. it's like they've lost all this during the "holocaust" .. it must be a terrible experience to survivie the holocaust .. but it must also have a dear price .. namely, losing sympathy for other people's pain..
maybe it's something psychological .. we need more studies about this matter .. but I don't know for sure ..
but surely there're capable researchers who can investigate this matter .. I guess some honest jews are doing it themselves now .. at the post-zionist era.
  by: amirrima   05/15/2007 03:08 PM     
I'm trying to think of a different word than irrelevent.
  by: Gogevandire   05/15/2007 03:24 PM     
  @ Gogevandire  
well try .. RELEVANT ..
you'll find it matches the case perfectly.
u know why? because the only reason u commented from the start was because of ur prior stance towards Israel and all that it represents ..
and maybe the only reason I bothered to comment was also that same reason ..
then, it must be relevant .. whether u call it "irrelevant" or not..
it's so much relevant .. to a horrible degree .. that u can't even find a better word.
  by: amirrima   05/16/2007 01:48 PM     
  @ Gogevandire  
remeber.. we were also engaged in a dialogue about Israel some while ago..
then how in the world can u even try to find a different word..
I hate to say that this must be the same practice the Israelis utilize to not bother themselves with the lives and lands they confiscate..
they must think that all this is irrelevant ..
let me ask u .. what's more relevant than "rights" .. "peace".. lives and propreties?
I'm not lying at all when I say .. I used to be pro-Israel .. but than was when I was so young (under 30) .. I swear I was .. but when I got matured and after I knew understood that the world is not merely what our T.V. news decieve us to believe it is .. then I realized that my stance towards Israel must change ..
I hope the same to you too and to anyone with reason and soul..
  by: amirrima   05/16/2007 01:58 PM     
As far as I'm aware I've never spoken to you before this.

I asked you for evidence that Isreal destroys holy site.

Life liberty and happiness are not relevent to this discussion.

I dont care either way, I was simply asking you to back up a statement, which you have failed to do, you have instead gone along the Isreal is bad so telling a lie about them is ok route.
I couldnt care less whether or not Israel exterminates the palestinians or the surrounding nations do it to Israel, not really anything to do with me.
  by: Gogevandire   05/16/2007 02:05 PM     
  @ Gogevandire  
tell me: what is an evidence to you?
do u think I'm keping one piece of evidence inside my drawer .. or do u urself have any other evidence kept in ur drawer?
I think I can't show it to u to make u believe..
it's not a matter of SHOWING u the evidence ..
it's a matter of proving the crime..
and if I can prove to u that Israel is not at all what it claims to be .. then that works as evidence .. as integrity plays an important part in it all - for me at least.
so when u ask about an evidence .. I tell u that this is what I have been giving u right from the start .. but u still can't see it as thus .. then we're at odds in proving what is an evidence .. but still
this doesn't prove that ur requirements are "right" or even mine.
for me or u might be just playing dumb.
still, it also doens't prove that I or u have a case ..
ur definition of an evidence isn't at all clear .. so what's an evidence for me is not for u .. and this can't be settled ..
I'm pretty sure we talked about Israel before .. it's so strange that u forgot ..
it's irrelevant thus .. bye
  by: amirrima   05/16/2007 04:37 PM     
  a link  
to a news story maybe?

That might count
  by: Gogevandire   05/16/2007 05:34 PM     
  here's one link of thousands  
Perilous Times

FEATURE-Israel excavation work near shrine fans Muslim ire*

29 Jan 2007 17:42:29 GMT
Source: Reuters

By Jonathan Saul

JERUSALEM, Jan 29 (Reuters) - Israeli excavations near Jerusalem's most
sensitive shrine have sparked fury among Muslims who fear such works
endanger its foundations, but officials involved say they will not
damage the holy site.

Israeli authorities are involved in a few excavation projects near
al-Haram al-Sharif, the site of the Dome of the Rock and al-Aqsa Mosque
where the biblical Jewish Temples once stood. The Western Wall --
Judaism's holiest site -- overlooks the shrine in the Israeli-annexed
old city of Jerusalem.

In the past, Israeli work in the area has triggered violent protests.
The opening of an archaeological tunnel near al-Haram al-Sharif
triggered Palestinian anger in 1996. Sixty-one Arabs and 15 Israeli
soldiers were killed in clashes.

On Monday, Palestinian militants who claimed responsibility for a
suicide bombing in the Israeli resort of Eilat, which killed three
people, said it was a response to Israeli attempts to "defile" al-Aqsa

In the latest work in the area, Israel unveiled earlier this month an
archaeological site near the Western Wall where there are plans to build
a new heritage centre.

The Waqf, the Islamic Trust which administers al-Haram al-Sharif, says
the work has weakened structures in the area.

But Arieh Banner, an official with Israel's Western Wall Heritage
Foundation, a government-created body which runs the site, said there
was no chance it would cause damage.

"The site is at least 60 metres from the Wall," he said. "Everything is
being done and planned with engineers."

Al Aqsa Brigades spokesman Abu Qusai accused Israel of carrying out
building work underneath the mosque as well as continued archaeological
digging in the area, which could undermine the foundations of the mosque.

"The attack was in response to the continued Israeli aggression and the
attempts to defile the al-Aqsa mosque," Abu Qusai said. The militants
added the Eilat attack was just the beginning of operations "in defence
of al-Aqsa".

Israeli government spokeswoman Miri Eisin said in response: "Palestinian
terror organisations never lack a reason to attack innocent civilians
wherever they can. This is why we are always on guard against their

Shmuel Rabinowitz, Rabbi of the Western Wall and Jewish holy sites in
Israel, said there were no plans to excavate under al-Haram al-Sharif,
known to Jews as Temple Mount.

"There is no such plan as this. There has not been any such plan," he
told Reuters. "Any work that is being done is far away from the Temple
Mount. There is no doubt about that."


Israel captured East Jerusalem in the 1967 Middle East war and later
annexed it, a step that has not been recognised internationally.
Palestinians want the eastern part of the city as the capital of a
future state.

In recent days there has growing Muslim anger at reports of a plan by
Jews to build a synagogue near to al-Aqsa Mosque.

Last week the Organisation of the Islamic Conference, the world's
largest Muslim body, warned of "dire consequences" of such a move. But
Israeli officials said they were renovating an existing synagogue and
had no plans to build a new one.

"We are not speaking about a new synagogue, but the renovation of a
synagogue which was established before 1967 and one which is far away
from the Temple Mount," Rabinowitz said.

Archaeologists also recently began excavation work on a new plan to
build a bridge for visitors to reach al-Haram al-Sharif from the Western
Wall, which has also caused controversy.

The bridge, which would touch part of the Western Wall, is intended to
replace a temporary wooden one built after a 2004 earthquake damaged the
foundations of an existing ramp.

Yuval Baruch, Jerusalem district archaeologist, said initial excavation
work was only just beginning and all precautions were being taken to
ensure no damage to the area.

Due to its sensitivity, the project is under the coordination of Israeli
Prime Minister Ehud Olmert's office.

"Everyone is aware that the Western Wall, the Temple Mount, any
construction, any excavations are sensitive issues," said Eisin. "It is
being taken care of to avoid events like we had in 1996 with the opening
of the tunnel."

(Additional reporting by Nidal al-Mughrabi in Gaza)

I hope reuters is good enough for u!!

  by: amirrima   05/19/2007 02:56 PM     
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