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                 01/16/2018 02:30 PM  
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05/10/2007 09:17 AM ID: 62334 Permalink   

Terror Raids Across England


The widow of one July 7 bomber, Hasina Patel, and her brother, Arshad Patel, are amongst people arrested in unarmed raids. They are currently held in London on suspicion of commissioning, preparing or instigating acts of terrorism.

Ms Patel's representative, Suresh Grover, said he is "shocked and outraged" at the arrests. Seven addresses in the West Midlands and West Yorkshire are also being searched.

The police are currently trying to ascertain who knew and who helped the bombers that killed several people and left more than 750 injured almost 2 years ago in attacks on London.

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  I wonder...  
who will hit a full police state faster, the US or England.
  by: tellgar     05/10/2007 09:19 AM     
Technicaly, the US is a police state government with UK citizens.

I can be arrested by the UK police, on order from the US police, be extraditied without hearing, then held without hearing in the US.

  by: Gogevandire   05/10/2007 09:43 AM     
  Of course...  
both countries are pretty much already police states but I'd say America is much more far gone at the moment. I remember the story a bit back on SN about the government trying to persuade people to not deal with legal companies who are prepared to represent terror suspects. Absolutely f*****g disgraceful!
  by: barryriley   05/10/2007 01:28 PM     
  Strange things...  
Democracy is indeed strange; in less "civilised" countries they stand up for themselves and demand human rights-and governments fall. In the English speaking world it would appear that people like to be directed and controlled for they do little about it. That is not only in the US & UK, there is also Canada & Oz - when was the last time a government in one of these democracies fell mid term from popular discontent? Of course our governments never do the wrong thing - like selling Lordships or bribing Saddam, or losing 3 bill barrels of oil.
  by: yendis   05/10/2007 03:39 PM     
the world is a police state. anyone can be taken from anywhere and held without trial.
  by: ManilaRyce     05/10/2007 04:03 PM     
  UK wins  
I'd say the UK wins hands down. Although the US has some pretty ridiculous laws, the effect on the everyday life of an average citizen is still fairly limited. I mean, most people aren't going to end up in Gitmo. The UK on the other hand has like CCTV cameras all over the place, fingerprints children, etc.

The US cracked down after 9/11 but the UK has been doing it since the IRA days.
  by: bane39   05/10/2007 04:32 PM     
The last Canadian government "fell mid term from popular discontent". :P

There was a motion of no confidence because the ruling party was embroiled in a bunch of corruption scandals. I doubt that most people wanted an election so quickly, because the final Gomery report hadn't been produced yet, but there was discontent. The opposition parties saw an opportunity and jumped on it.
  by: Fratley   05/10/2007 04:38 PM     
CCTV all over the place is right - Britain has 20% of all CCTV cameras in the world (see photo caption)
  by: caution2     05/10/2007 07:24 PM     
  @ Fratley  
There was a motion of no confidence here in Canada but that scandal, is but a fraction of what your president gets away with on a daily basis.

The Iraq war has been going on longer than WW2, if any Nazi like Bush were somehow elected here he would not last a month until Canadians actually steped up and did a damn thing to improve the Country.
  by: CriticalCone   05/10/2007 07:58 PM     
  Police state?  
What crack are you guys smoking... I dont think you want to know what a police state is. Seriously has your PERSONAL lives changed one single bit since 9/11. NO, unless you volunteered for the army.
  by: steme   05/10/2007 08:28 PM     
Of course it appears to make little difference to the individual. The changes are so gradual that they are hardly noticed. You get used to the public servants in uniform demanding to see you "identity" (Poland 1980s')and if you don't have it rushing you off to the nearest nick. Oh! They don't do that! YET! The people who are supposed to be "protecting" the community from "terror" are the greatest terrorists. Governments have always led the way in Murder and deprivation of human rights. How else do you account for the 185 million murders in the 20th Century?
  by: yendis   05/11/2007 02:47 AM     
  If the UK is so oppressive  
How come we still have Chavs?

I mean seriously, they're bleeding the benefit system dry and most haven't contributed anything back to society for their entire lives. Many have no intention of working and others purposely get pregnant so they can jump the queue for their own council houses.

To be perfectly blunt, an oppressive state would probably help the UK for a couple of years. Too many people aren't responsible for their own actions. This includes bad parents who scream "it's not their job" and abusive adolescents preying on the elderly. You ask any elderly person in the UK about the time they could "leave their doors unlocked". Hell bring back National Service! Teach young people responsibility and leadership! The government seems to have made an art form out of closing their eyes and pretending these problems don't exist!

England is an infested rats nest and it's only going to get worse unless the police stop sitting on their asses and do something. My Brother-In-Law is a copper and he tells me it's insane! He spends most of his working life more afraid of political correctness than the drug dealers he's arresting. They rarely deal with the "little things" like vandalism etc because of the amount of paperwork they have to fill in when they bust someone!

There’s too much fundamentally wrong with the UK. Instead of wasting time and resources in a country that doesn’t even want our help, how’s about we sort our own problems before trying to dictate our ideals to the rest of the world!
  by: spacechimp     05/11/2007 05:06 PM     
  @Space Chimp  
Police cant stop criminals, it sounds stupid, but its true.

If someone burgled your home, the police might show up a week later.
If you clocked the burgler round the head and phoned the police, they'd come and arrest you in a few minutes.

There are, every hour of every day, 8 police officers monitoring the BNP, a legaly elected political party of the UK.
Its members are barred from dozens of civil service posistions De Jure and hundreds De Facto.

If thats not a step on the road to dictatorship, what is?

As for Chavs, we have chavs because were on the road to a police state.

The only loyalty they know is a slight allegiance to a gang/tribe structure.
They have no control over the government, so why should they respect it, anyone else is the enemy.

@Steme how about the thousands of people on no fly lists?
Jose Paddilo(or some such) the poor bastard who's been held in secret and tortured for 5 years.

Opposition parties, thats a good one.
Oh, you were serious.
  by: Gogevandire   05/11/2007 05:39 PM     
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